After our weird day spent at the beach which was full of shouting, laughing and pervertedness (him not me) we headed back inside. By now it was dark and the 'rents had gone out for the night so we were home alone. Ewwww we are not going to do anything gross. Geez what kind of girl do you take me for?

I was sitting down in the lounge curled up with my book. The rain and thunder making a racket outside only suited the situation better. I had a hot milo and a doona. Could it be any better? I'd say no. Now where was I up to? I remember I hadn't ever got to finish the part where he is about to confess his undeniable love for the she-witch whom will change into a beauty once they kiss. Ahh perfect...I walked up to her doorstep nervousness coursed throughout my body. How was I supposed to tell her? I couldn't explain what I felt other than pure love. She opened the door and before I knew what I was doing I leant in and....Where did the lights go? Ah shit it was a blackout. I hate the dark. Actually no that's the understatement of the century.... I'm terrified of the dark. It's creepy okay. So sue me.

"BOO!!!" I jumped about a metre in the air and out of my seat only to flop badly on the floor. I was almost to tears. What the fuck? I looked up only to be looking into the crystal blue eyes guessed it Luke. He switched on the table light and I was relieved somewhat but, not for long as anger took over. "Seriously what the hell is wrong with you??? Do you have mental issues because I seriously think you do and should probably see a psychiatrist?" I spoke clearly with a grin threatening my face.

"Ouch. But, I have already spoken to a psychiatrist and he recommended a physc. Ward for the mentally unstable. I kindly declined." He said starting toward me. I backed away only to run into the wall. Damn I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.

"o-oh um well maybe you should reconsider." I playfully pretended to be scared backing into the wall more.

"But, then I wouldn't be able to torment you. That wouldn't be fun now would it?" he pouted at me now millimetres from my face. I stared right into his eyes which was probably a gay idea seeing as I now couldn't turn away. Damn him and his god damn sexy eyes. Just when I wanted an interference our parents entered the house. Thank the lord I will never use your name in vain. Well.......... I'll try. Almost immediately Luke took a step backward leaving a safe distance between us but, not before he looked at me once again with what seemed like pleading eyes.

We ended up watching a movie. A scary one 'Halloween' which was a coinkidink seeing as Halloween was coming up. Luke thought it would freak me out; probably so he could say something cheesy like 'Don't worry babe you can hide in my arms." In which I would reply "in your perverted dreams fuckwit." In which he would then retort "Always." Which would be followed by and awwkkkward moment. But, really all I could say was............sweeet. Bring. It. On. Bitch!!

I awoke around 11:00 on Sunday to an empty bed. SCORE!!! I could stretch! The damn imbecile takes up to whole god damned bed and I'm too damn weak to actually move his freakin heavy body....thank god it's muscle and not fat....otherwise ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

I stretched out and yawned with my nasty morning breath filling my lungs as I breathed in again. I changed into short jean shorts and a comfortable clingy singlet that read "life isn't passing me's trying to run me over" which I thought was appropriate considering my sudden change for the worse. I grabbed a trackie jacket and slung it on unzipped before heading downstairs for brekky.

My nose was attacked by a million different scents at once coming from the kitchen. This happened a lot to me.....except these smells were sweet and exotic not the burning smell I usual get greeted with at home. I continued downstairs and into the kitchen where the smells were stronger. There in the middle of the kitchen armed with the deadliest kitchen appliances....a spatula and saucepan was Luke. He was the culprit? I didn't even know he could cook.

"Morning." I mumbled making my way to the fridge and started to pour out a glass of water.

"Back at ya babe." He responded his full attention on flipping the round pancake in front of him. He caught it perfectly before placing it carefully on a plate and handing it to me.

"Fluke much," I whispered but not quiet enough for him to not hear.

"Well don't you have confidence in me? I can actually cook you know."

"Since when; the last time I remember you cooking was in eighth grade and you put poor Ms. Riley's hair on fire." I amused.

"Fuck you. She had it coming for her. Plus, I learnt anyhow so just eat your damn pancakes." He replied before stuffing a mouthful in his gob.

I cut a small portion of mine, and cautiously put it in my tongue. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I swear they were the best choc chip pancakes I had ever tasted in my life. They were the only ones but that is beside the point. He wasn't supposed to know how to cook, geez he was guy. They were supposed to like take-away and shit like that. My world is totally screwed. We ate in silence and when I had finished I looked up to see him staring at me.

"What?" I asked self-conciously.

"Nothing. It's just..." he trailed off starting to take his and my plate to the sink.

"Just what?" I asked curious.

"You look different. Ahh pretty I guess." He whispered kind of nervously while rubbing the back of his hair. He looked up and smiled.

I smiled back at him. I think that is the nicest thing he has ever said to me. Wow how strange?

Luke smiled one last time before he left to go for his morning run. My smile which had faded a bit grew wider as I realised something. Was Luke just nervous to talk to me?

I slept for quite a lot of the day for reasons I do not know. I guess I was just really tired after my crap sleep the night before which was the cause of some idiot who took up the whole freaking double bed. Stupid idiot.

I wasn't dreaming about anything in particular but, was enjoying the peacefulness of sleep. Boy did it feel good! Luke surprisingly hadn't interrupted or if he had I was deeply asleep. I was grateful though I needed the rest.

Like he was reading my thoughts the devil himself decided to show up at last.

"Wakeup," he whispered in my ear while shaking me gently. I shivered and pretended not to hear pulling the covers up higher.

"Sitara wakeup." He said louder and shook me again. I was completely ignoring him and rolled away from him wrapping the covers, tighter around me.

"Sitara if you don't fucking get up I will have to do something I won't regret." He tried to persuade me. Ha as if that ever worked.

"Fuck off," I mumbled into the covers not giving a shit about what he was going to do. I mean it can't be that bad right? Right?

I left alone in peace once again. Only for about 30 seconds though because the next thing I knew the sheets were torn away from me and a bucket of freezing cold water was replaced over my body.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!?!!!" I exclaimed angrily jumping out the bed shivering furiously.

"You can't say I didn't warn you." Luke answered simply. Oh I swear that boy was wishing for an early death.

"You have 5 seconds to explain what the hell I am doing awake before your precious balls find themselves no longer in your pants." I sounded slowly and clearly so he got the message 'I meant businesses.



"You gotta..."


"Remember you're..."


"My little..."


"Cheer squad."

"What the fuck are you saying?" I walked up to him still soaking wet.

"Well if you gave me some time to explain maybe you would understand." He started but continued when he saw the evil glare I gave him in return "The first game is tonight." He stated.

"Why would I care?"

He looked at me confused "because you're my little supporter."

What was he going on about? Like hell I would ever be his 'little supporter' as he put it.

"In your dreams mate. As if I would ever waste my time watching you run around like an idiot with a ball." Jesus how demented did he think I was?

"Um... are you alright." He looked at me weird before continuing "you kinda have no choice."

"Seriously Luke what the hell are you going on about? Of course I have a choice. I choose no. Comprende?" I really didn't have to go if I didn't freakin well want to.

"You are co-captain of the cheerleading team, which is kinda meant to be there to cheer us on. If you aren't there I'm sure you'll be in shit with everyone."

My eyes widen as it dawned on me that this was our first game practice. How the hell did I forget? I guess I was too caught up with sleeping. Shit I was going to miss it.

"SHIT......shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit." I ran around the room like a chicken with no head gathering all my stuff. I stood in front of the door signalling to Luke for us to go. He just stood there wide-eyed.

"WHAT??" I was getting extremely frustrated.

"How the fuck did you do that?" he questioned still staring at me.

"Do what?" oh my god are we ever going to leave.

"You fast can you fucking run. Jesus what was that like 10 seconds ago I told you. Far out." He said before slowly walking toward the door and me.

I smirked "There's a lot you don't know about me Michaels."

"As if Matthews." He said before we exited the room and headed to the first game of the year.

we decided to take the same car to save fuel and the environment. NOT! Luke practically threw me into the car. And it hurt! Oh well I guess I can live, I mean it is his fault that I can no longer perform my best at the game right. Ha-ha sucks to be him.

We made it to the grounds just ten minutes early. Thanks to Luke's maniac driving. I walked over to the other cheerleaders to start warming up when a very familiar hand slipped around my waist.

"Hey. How's it going?" I asked

"Well you aren't throwing my hand away so I guess it's going good." Ok not the person I was expecting.

I tried to move away from the hand but that didn't work very well. "Oh it's just you Luke. I thought it was Djaq. Oh well tell him I send my love." I said as I tried to yet again escape from his clutches of evil. But he wasn't letting go that easily.

"Oh you're not sending your love to me?" he asked with a smirk on his sexy face….. I have got to stop thinking like every other teenage girl!

"Well there's the fact that I don't feel love for you." I said and laughed when I saw the face that he made.

"Oh you wound me so." He said dramatically as he dropped to the ground and put his hands over his heart. I took that as my queue to flee.

Nicole came walking or should I say strutting… strut like a slut its perfect!!! Hey I am really good at the whole rhyming thing….I mean first it was Luke and puke and now its strut and slut… I should get an award or some shit like that.

"So like I hear that like you and Luke are like a couple." She sneered. I choked. Wait what? What did she say? A couple, please as if I would…………… would I? NO! But she doesn't know that. Hehehe. Time to have some fun of my own. Not that way! You people are sick. Sick I say. Hey it rhymes! Again! Man I'm good!

"Oh yeah we have just had so much fun together. If you know what I mean? Oh did you hear I moved in? We had the whole weekend to ourselves and I just can't wait to cheer my little head off for him." I had to force a smile as the thought came to mind. I was just erasing that as the devil himself came up behind me. Ohhh scary!!! Can you imagine the devil coming up behind you? Disturbing my people, truly disturbing.

As if he was eavesdropping, that little twerp, he put his arm around my waist. What was that like 2 times now? Two times I have had his filthy little hands (I mean I don't know what he does with them) around my clean waist. But, if I wanted to play the part so I could really piss of Nicole (and I wouldn't be doing this unless I realllllllllllllly was going to piss her off) I had to pretend to be attracted to Luke.

So I pulled his hand around my waist so it rested on my stomach and I snuggled into him by wrapping my two hands around his waist. EWWW!! I had to hold in my disgust, but I had to admit he did smell nice for a fuckwit.

He was confused at first by my intimate actions but soon enough his freaking smirk appeared on his freaking face as he…..that's right, tightened his grip on my tiny waist. God was he a pervert or what?

"Hey baby," I cooed at him hoping he would play along, "I was just telling 'Sarah' over here how we had just the best weekend ever. Did we not?" I signalled to him that it was his turn to speak. When he just started gawked at me I nudged him hard.

"Oh ah right... " he said catching along with the smirk still plastered on his face "yeh me and Sitara had a looong weekend. I made her the happiest girl alive. Isn't that right babe?" he smiled evilly at me, still with his hand resting on my stomach.

"You sure did. I will never forget it." I forced through clenched teeth. God this was harder then I thought. Not that Luke was making it any easier. I hate that idiot.

"Shit I'm gonna be late." He cursed loudly looking over to where his teammates had already started warming up, juggling the ball around making the girls giggle like galahs.

"Oh okay," I started but realised I sounded too happy and tried to put on a sad expression. It was hard seeing as I really wanted him to go. "Oh but baby, I'm gonna miss you so much," I got away without sounding too sarcastic, burying my head in his chest. A smile graced my face and I was laughing on the inside.

"I'll see you after." He turned to leave before pausing and turning to face me, "I need my good luck kiss." He gestured toward his cheek.

"Your good luck what?" I exclaimed choking on my saliva. If I hadn't been so shocked I would have been disgusted with myself.

"Kiss. You give it to me before a game or I play really bad." He tried to sound confused my all I saw was smugness. If I didn't kiss him everyone would blame me for their loss.

It was only his cheek but still I felt my face flush. I did not want to kiss him. "Oh um... I will smear my don't want me to do that now do you?" I made a quick excuse.

"I don't mind. You can just reapply." He stated simply. Damn him.

"Well sure, but I was in a hurry to leave as you know and I forgot to brush my teeth. My breath probably stinks." I made a fan gesture in front of my mouth.

He knew all too well that I hadn't forgotten because I am not that gross. "Do you think it matters to me baby?" He stepped closer.

I paused still thinking of something to say. Dammit; he had me and he knew it.

Nicole who had been surprisingly quiet through the whole thing and who I almost forgot was there (surprising since this whole act was for her), finally decided to take her turn in the conversation, "For like a couple you guys seem like tense with the whole like makein out thing. I mean like Stara shouldn't you be like dying to like kiss him right now." She narrowed her eyes. "Unless you like don't really want to." Nice work. I didn't realise I didn't want to kiss him. I mean I was stalling so I could just full make out with him. Yes that was sarcasm. How blonde can she get? Answer: - very.

"Of course I want to kiss him it's just..." I searched my brain for a legitimate excuse. Dammit. Zilch.

"Just like what? Prove to me that you two are like actually like a couple and like kiss him already. That's like the only way you can like prove it." Did she just make a point? Wow. I guess there is a first for everything. This day just keeps proving that, seeing as I was about to have my first kiss. Seeing as it wasn't real I am not counting it as proper one. Well here goes nothing.

I stepped closer to him, I mean I have kissed people on the cheek before but that was probably because I wanted to not because I was pretending to. For some reason Luke felt different as well.

My lips hovered for a second before I finally just gave up and leant in. The only thing was; I didn't feel Luke's cheek. I felt his lips.

I hadn't realised he turned his head just before my lips made contact with his cheek and now my lips were mushed against his. Oh god. My conscience was telling me to pull away now but, I couldn't. It just felt too damn good. I found him kissing me back and I didn't resist one bit.

After a few more moments my brain finally got control over its whacked up issues and told me to pull away.

My breath was jaggery and I took a moment to compose myself. When I looked at him he was completely amused. Shit, I was going to get it when we were back home.

"Good luck," I whispered. I turned around and saw Nicole wide-eyed with her mouth hanging open. Not the most pleasant sight might I add.

"There." I addressed her before making my way toward the other cheerleaders who had arrived by now. I hope she was furious because if she wasn't well I would be. The whole act was to please her and she better be grateful or else.

"Wow what the fuck was that?" Lulu asked astounded by what she just saw. I hadn't realised she was watching. Wait if she had seen it, who else had? I looked toward the crowd that had formed and realised alot of people looking at me. Oh no. They didn't, did they? Everyone had seen.

"Nothing lets go stretch." I am never going to live this down.

Nicole had better be seeing red. In fact she better have horns and a pitchfork.