In Green Catnip Meadows

In Green Catnip Meadows

Here you lie, my little one.

Once you were so beautiful,

Child of the starless night,

Child of my night,

And your eyes my only stars.

Beneath my fingers,

Where once I felt your heartbeat

And the soft murmur of your purr,

Now I just feel skin and bones and pain.

Who could tell a body so small

Could hold such a heart,

A hard so big it could love me,

This foolish, ignorant human?

I wish I could absorb your pain,

And trade your life with mine.

Yet all I can do is just sit here

And hold your paw as you cross over,

In the secret cat place where no human can follow.


Here you are, my dear friend.

I was nothing when you found me,

Just fur and skin and bones,

Crying and wet and hungry.

Others would have kicked me as they passed by,

Or, even worse,

Would have looked the other way.

But, no, you didn't.

You picked me up and stroke my dirty back,

And gave me shelter and food and warmth

And a place in your heart.

You were there for me,

In times good and bad,

And although you are just a human,

I've loved you more than you ever suspected.

And now I'm in pain.

I see the Angel of Death reaching for me,

And I'm scared and I'm hurting.

But it hurts me more to see you cry.

I wish I could jump up and lick your face,

As I did every time you were sad,

But my body fails me.

Forgive me, dear friend for not comforting you,

But my door is now open and I must go.

Remember me as I was,

Silky and slender and happy,

And, my dear human friend,

Please wait for me.

One way or another we will meet again.

It may be in another lifetime,

Or, if your time comes soon,

My Cat-Headed Mother will save a place for you

In her secret Garden,

In Green Catnip Meadows.

For Boogie, Rudy, Betty and all the other ones who have left.

Werecat Silverclaws

Copyright April 2001