I'll blister your lips with my kisses,

Believe it.

You whisper in my ear, gasping,

And say, "don't worry, Love, there's nothing to fear."

The sound of a herald beckons

in the distant west for the sun to come, and so,

We wait under the stars, for someone to show us their scars,

Grow tired, and kiss once more, Oh!

Do you see the way we are? The

Way we show others our scars? The way he touches me

Is slightly different from yours, so revealing,

I want it, to strip me of my battered ego, to rescue

my hopes and dreams from this all-consuming fire.

Let me free! Let me go!

As he comes running to the finish line, stopping short,

to this day, I still don't know why,

Maybe it wasn't worth the prize..

You can't imagine the way it sounded to my mournful ears,

to hear him say, "I don't want you!"

And so, I slunk, ever-drooping into the muck, until you caught me.

I owe you everything..

I'll blister your lips with my kisses, sincerely,

While running fingers down your neck, to be the best you ever had,

Ill try. I'll try. I'll try. I'll try.

I've tried to do everything to you,

It didn't work and it hurt, even to this day..