This Is The End Of Us.

M: We're officially not friends anymore. If you want to know why, ask. I don't care to tell you if you don't care to know.

K: Why? Because I care to fucking know. What did I do to lose you, too?
This is bullshit.

M: First of all, you know that letter I sent to you to give to Laurie? The one with the letter for you, and the one with the tape on it? Yeah, well, me and Laurie though we could trust you with that, but she told me to that the tape was broken when you gave it to her. What the fuck? It fucking said 'For Laurie Only' and you still read it. That's fucking bullshit.
Oh, and you're crazy. You didn't fool anyone with that fake pregnancy shit. Laurie told me about it. What I want to know is, who is so desperate for attention that they fake a fucking baby? Oh, nevermind; I already know.

K: So you're gonna trust Laurie over me, when I've known you longer?
You know what? Whatever. Whatfuckingever. I don't need this shit.

M: Don't pull that shit. You know as well as I do that Laurie doesn't lie about shit like that.
I'm all the way in fucking Texas and you're all the way back in Georgia and I thought I could fucking trust you, but I guess I was wrong.

K: Trust me with what? Your friendship?
Fuck you, Micheal. Fuck you.
Grow some balls and get a life.

M: Fuck you, Katherine.
And how about you get a fucking heart and some psychiatric help.

K: -unread and deleted-