Slavery Diary

Day One

It is 3 am. The overseer woke us from our only rest. We shuffled our feet over to the mess hall. We took off our cloths (sackcloth's) and soaked them in water before we put them on. The food gets worse everyday from stick and straws to mud and water.

We went to the store-room where we pick up our bags and cutlasses. One, two, three balls of cotton. The echoes of the whips and cries "please I'm sorry, I work, give me one more chance" The cries ringing over and over again in my head. The only cool air was moist, from the sweat and heat. The bell rang 3 times meaning that the lady (Lady Brown) has a guest and does not want to see us. As we went to our shack (straw and reeds). My friends lye down on the ground with the others slaves, however when the second bell went meaning we could go back out to work now that the guest had entered the house. But my friend didn't get up.

I screamed at him, but he didn't get up. The whip (cat-o-nine tail) had sliced open his chest. The overseer came and told his men to feed him to the vultures; I could not bear to watch as my very own friend eaten. As I got to work my stomach grumbled. Every muscle in my body ached, the whip slashed on my back and the blood gushed out, so much blood was gone, and the whip had taken away my energy and strength. I could not even stand up. I got continuously whipped by Mark the overseer, so many times that I lost count around 1000. My body was sliced through every possible part of my body.

As the sun went down we all slumped over to the slave quarters. I rubbed my back against the dirt-wall to ease the pain. I slipped straight to the floor. The shack door open earlier than usual time, a bunch of slaves were chucked shack.

6-7 slaves were lying on the floor in pain. By the look of their back not a single scar or whip mark on their backs.