axayashinoceres:Hiya! let me introduce my new story! Like my first story, this will also have lots of chapters until who knows when. I hope this will make the same impact as my debut story.... Here gos nothing!

Look From the Other Side

A decade ago, on this very day, in an unknown place, a legend was born. No one knows the authenticity of this legend, for this story was passed on by word of mouth for generations. In this legend, it is said that there lived a girl of unknown origin. No one has seen this girl, and yet her existence was known, although, the truth is yet to be revealed.

She was supposedly no older than eighteen and no younger than sixteen. She was said to be not of this world but undoubtedly, she was human.

The legend began with a young man who, it seems, is of the same age group as the mysterious girl. It all started on this very day, when the season of the year is the beginning of summer.

The young man was playing ball with his friends, and one of them kicked the ball too far. The ball sailed over the low brick wall, and landed by the old well. The young man's friends urged him to fetch the ball. And he enthusiastically went to the well. As he bended low to grab the ball, he suddenly heard a voice.

The voice was a girl's, and it sounded like it came from the well. He took a peek but no one was there. And yet he was intrigued by the voice, a voice that, for some reason, sounded so lonely.

'She' proceeded to tell him part of her life story. And in the process, he forgot all about the ball, his friends, and lost all sense of time.

A small part of her life story has been told. And to the young man, t felt like an hour of story time. But after crossing back to the other side of the wall, nighttime had already settled. And he didn't know how that could be. But he had no chance o think further on it, because, not long after, his friends came running to him. All of them simultaneously asked the young man questions along the lines of 'Where have you been?', 'What took you so long?', and told him that they've been looking for him for hours all over the place, but couldn't find him.

"Twenty minutes and you weren't back yet," one started.

"-and got a little worried," continued another.

"-so we went to fetch you AND the ball," said the next.

"-but when we went to the old well," and the next.

"-you were no where in sight!" finished the last.

"But that can't be!" exclaimed the young man.


"Because I was there! How could you not have seen me!?" and he proceeded to tell them of his experience.

"It took only an hour, truth be told." And because they were friends, they reluctantly believed him. So they decided to relate this queer experience to the adults. As expected, adults being adults, at first they would not believe. But then they became afraid and forcefully told all not to come near the place ever again.

They feared that the place was cursed by a spirit girl looking for a companion by taking the living's soul. Thus, the legend, the storytelling, began if only, to scare children to be good.

But fortunately, or unfortunately, the story continues….

To Be Continued....

axayashinoceres: There you have it! Well, I hope you liked it. 'coz let's just say I like to make things mysterious. But truthfully, they're mysterious coz even my own story is a mystery to me! hehe...Go me!