A/N: This is a story set in Japan. In a stereotypical Japanese school setting, pretty much. With a thing or two of my own added. Here's some useful notes for the unaware: In Japan, people don't call you by your first name unless they're close to you - family or friends. Most people refer to classmates, and sometimes even friends, by their last names unless they're a more outgoing personality. Honorifics are also used quite often. -san is the most common, and is normally used for people older than you or that you don't know very well, and it is more polite. -kun is used for boys the majority of the time, usually instead of -san when you're in the same age group, though -kun is more friendly, so to speak. A senpai is an upperclassman, and is used quite often by people younger than you in a school setting, sometimes without the name. Miyuki-senpai is an example with a name.

I'll also be writing names in traditional Japanese order, last name first name. So if Takuya is the first name and Sakurai the last, Sakurai Takuya it is.

Now without further ado, the story.

Chapter 1: The Obligatory Glacial Quality (The Beginning)

I'd always remember it the same, that town. I was out of place there. The feeling nagged at me, to leave, go somewhere, anywhere else. Because I didn't belong there.

Even though it was there I'd grown up. Where I'd lived for so long. My age saw a followed rise with the years, and there was the issue, the same issue… When would I leave? How would I? I had direction, you see, even as a kid. I wanted the power to make my own decisions because I just didn't have it. Like a physical grip of it, but there was nothing to even touch. Circumstances wouldn't allow it, and it was his fault, like it always was. My negative memories all carefully related to him, all essentially caused by him. I'd move, he'd stand in my way.

Well, my dreams were like strands of Christmas tinsel to him; just pretty to look at. But taken down shortly after I'd put them up, fleeing with the season.

At one point, these dreams began to fade into something I couldn't reach. Sitting there alone and possibly lonely, in the background of my heart and mind. Like old wallpaper that's been covered by something different and gaudy.

I scoffed to myself. He was in control, or so he thought, and part of me wished I could see the look on his face once he found me gone. The other part just didn't care.

I couldn't understand him, I hated him. And because he kept covering up my dreams, my desires, telling me what to think and feel and where to go, it was safe and even fulfilling to lay the blame on him. It fit perfectly on his shoulders, like it was meant to be.

I dragged my suitcases along, exhaustion already catching up with me as I moved against the unpleasant autumn wind. I'd brought a lot of stuff with me. My boring journey was over and done with, but if I had to choose between being smooshed inside a warm train and fighting the chilly wind, I'd go for the former.

"Here it is."

I plopped my bags down briefly and doubled-checked the address. Yep, this was the place.

I'd have to admit, that guy being my father had it's advantages. I'd already left him, but I could still use his name (which was so grotesquely attached to my own real name) however I pleased.

Kisade Iori; the president of some famous company that he'd founded himself. The Kisade Corporation. With all the names one could think up for a company, a man like my father could do no less than paint himself thick in valour and parade his self-obsession by naming the company after himself.

Anyway, his company was known worldwide, and thanks to that popularity and the wealth that came with, I grew up like an average princess. I was spoiled to no end, but also neglected to the same. I had come to terms with the gist of living by myself. Even if it was hard, anything was better than putting up with that meddling old man for the rest of my life.

Your company is stellar, Dad. I hope it sinks into the ground and rots while it's there. I never asked for riches or a glamorous childhood. For personal tutors or obsessive attentions from everyone except the people that actually mattered. And growing up friendless? Pretty sure I didn't ask for that, either.

I was born sixteen years ago, to a woman named Shirai Megumi. My mother was a good person, exempting her taste in men. But she also had a weakness to Iori that kept her wrapped up in his business, too. A family business, he'd called it. Your heir just ran away, great job.

But, my mother… how could I harbour any bitterness towards her? She was innocent. And when I was much younger than I am now, she fell suddenly ill, eventually passing away to leave me alone with him. It has been two years since. I'd like to say her death was caused by my father's own illness, a case of idiocy, but that would be a lie. The possibility that he'd worsened her condition hadn't escaped my thoughts at all; it was easy to think like that, to blame him. But my mother ultimately died not from the emotional, but the physical.

I'll stop right there before I get too carried away. My family is a mess of a story that I hadn't even planned to tell! My original intent was to tell you about the new school I'd be enrolling in, Kanzaka Gakuen.

I picked it because it was a five-minute walk from my new home, an apartment that wasn't too shabby, if I didn't say so myself. The price was right, and I definitely wasn't looking for anything upending. Anyway, the school! Housing grades one through to twelve, it is gigantic and super busy. I'm looking forward to seeing the cafeteria at lunch time. Maybe it even has more than one.

While I'm telling you this, I'm standing in the principal's office (which was surprisingly easy to locate), waiting to fill out more paperwork. Shirai Miyuki. Age sixteen. Date of birth, eighth month, fifteenth day. Blood type A. Etcetera.

None of it could be called false, except the name Miyuki. If you're terribly interested, I'll tell you my real name is Kisade Suzuka. Shirai was my mother's maiden name, and using it instead of my father's name felt like brushing caked dirt off the front of my clothes. Of course, I made sure the authorities that needed to be informed were, thus my advantages. Might as well drag that guy's name through the mud if I'm given the chance, was what I thought at first, but I really wasn't that kind of person. Right?

After taking the time to fill out the rest of the documents that would cement my enrollment, I took my leave of the principal's office. The principal, by the way, was a pretty decent guy. Although when it comes to male adults my standards aren't exactly high. No thanks to some guy I'm rather ashamed to call my father.

As I exited, I greeted my first friend by walking smack dab into him. We both fell over backwards. I wasn't paying attention, so it was probably my fault, and naturally I was compelled to apologize...

"Watch where you're going!" he snapped, glaring hard at me.

But I could always do it in my head, I figured. The guy was a looker, with his neatly combed red hair and sharp blue eyes, like they were for cutting. Won't just graze you with a look, go for a full-on attack. Except these eyes were sedated by a pair of black-rimmed glasses resting on the bridge of his nose.

I tilted my gaze curiously. He'd ripped his eyes away and started collecting his scattered belongings when I decided to pat him on the shoulder as a friendly gesture.

"I'm new here!" I said with more excitement than I felt, flashing him one of my radiant smiles. "The name's Miyuki and it's a pleasure to meet you!"

I had to admit I was a good actress. This guy probably had no idea my intentions were sidetracked from the friendly goodness I radiated. Because, you know, he was a picture of personified enmity! And I'd gathered that much in the mere thirty seconds I'd known him.

He stared at me for a moment before telling me he was new as well. His anger had pacified visibly, but his tone retained an icy edge he could probably trademark, if he wanted. I offered him a hand, as I had already stood and was now towering over him, but naturally he rejected the offer and he went back to gathering his things. I smirked.

"It's Aoshima Kazure." he stated vapidly. Obviously this conversation wasn't a walk in the park for him. He emphasized his last name as if to make absolutely sure I'd call him by it, and not try to be buddy-buddy with him because I'd only introduced myself using my first name. I laughed to myself.

Of course I had no intention of calling him by his first name. But he seemed like the type of guy that wouldn't call anyone by their first name even if he was paid to do it. A certain gratefulness built strangely inside me, and I knew only giving my first name had been a good idea.

As I watched him go, a thought struck me. Effectively, I re-entered the principal's office and made my request.

Tomorrow was my official first day. I was looking forward to it.

"Class, we have yet another transfer student to introduce to you today. Miyuki-san, come on in."

I saw my new teacher, Matsuoka, beckon me and I was a woman grinning on the inside. It had actually worked. According to my plan, all the teachers would be referring to me as Miyuki, and no one else knew my last name. Why was I doing this, you ask? Simple!

I stole a glance in the direction of Aoshima Kazure, the guy that had just transferred a few days before me, as the principal had said. His expression was glacial as he watched me saunter to the front of the class. Just as planned, right? Hahaha.

I set this plan into motion just to drive him crazy. Sure, it might seem like a weird thing to do, but I'm not exactly your average girl. I thrive off keeping myself entertained, and this opportunity practically threw itself at me.

Though I'm not entirely sure if I'd done anything so terrible as to warrant his ostensible hatred towards me, but hey. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and poor it slowly into the eyes of cantankerous enemies while holding them firmly in place, as I always say.

I stopped in front of Matsuoka's desk, giving a bow and a greeting. My audience was a curious yet friendly one, and without enduring too many questions, I directed myself to an empty desk near Aoshima.

The guy I sat next to was a chipper one. His unkempt auburn hair was layered with thick lengths, and long enough to necessitate his brushing it out of his eyes every so often. I peered at him, increasingly aware that his hair was the most prominent point of interest. I wanted to comb it most fervently, convinced it would look nice in a neater state!

"I'm Sakurai Takuya. We're sure becoming more lively with all the transfer students lately!" he told me with a silly chuckle and an extended hand. I took it and shook. "We're the emptiest class in our grade so it makes sense we'd get all of 'em, though."

What did that make us, the reject class? The leftovers? Something about it, clashing with the overbearing scholastic treatment I was used to, excited me.

I nodded knowingly to Sakurai as I watched the cheery glitter dance in his eyes. Well then, I genuinely liked this guy. But before I could make any further response, the teacher called for the class to quiet down and begin. Second point of interest, I could feel Aoshima's gaze on me from behind. I pushed my lips to one side of my mouth, cupping my hands together on the desk; innocent and sheepish.

I had Sakurai to give me the grand tour of the school, and even when lunch rolled around, he stuck with me. As I'd expected, the cafeteria was nuts, and I was grateful I'd brought my own lunch. It was boring, consisting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple, but it was food all the same. I'd eat this any day compared to the fancy bentos I used to get sent to school with.

Sakurai and I picked a spot to eat outside, and lucky for us, the weather was looking up. There wasn't even a hint of yesterday's fierce winds, or stormy grey skies. This was Kanazawa, a city known for its rainfall in addition to being the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture. I'd come here exactly because I knew no one, literally opening a map of Japan and poking some random location. I could live anywhere, it didn't matter, as long as it was far away and big enough to hide me away from some unfortunate relations.

I turned back to Sakurai.

Although I wasn't initially worried about making friends, it was nice to have met someone so early on. Sakurai was a talkative guy, but in reverse he was really easy to talk to. So, thanks to that I actually ended up spilling my plan to him.

"Aoshima is a rigid, inflexible, mechanical, ossified kinda guy. I thought this might help him to lighten up a bit!" I explained, wondering at my own word choice, but the words had all kind of popped into my head together, like a team.

"Oho, you claim to know him quite well, considering you only met yesterday," Sakurai mulled, clearly amused.

"I know people like him, and they're great to mess with," I bit into my apple, surprised I was actually telling him that. And saying it like that.

"For sure. He's new too, what better way to enjoy school life than being picked on by another new kid!"

I stared at him, blank and frozen, wondering why on earth he was agreeing with me.

"Picking on him? Hey now, that strays a little from my intentions. I'm only messing with him," I corrected.

I did realize they were pretty much the same thing, but whatever. The latter made me sound less bully-esque. I stood suddenly, receiving a curious glance from Sakurai.

"What do you suppose Aoshima is doing for lunch? We should invite him to hang out with us! Tee-hee," I suggested, adding a wink to overdo it.

Sakurai was the kind of guy that just complied. Perfect for a minion! I mean, a friend! Speaking of friends, I was starting to wonder if Sakurai actually had any here. Was that a question better left unasked?

Anyway, the school was huge and we would've been down on luck locating Aoshima before lunch was over. So I did what anyone as clever as me would've been inclined to do. I paged him over the PA, handy little system, using the excuse that it was some sort of emergency. At least Sakurai thought that was pretty funny.

When Aoshima arrived at the scene (it didn't take very long!), Sakurai and I plastered on serious expressions in front of the teachers, (as I fought the urge to tell him we'd just received word that his pet goldfish died) and led him outside to the pretty much secluded area where we were having lunch.

"What's this all about?" Aoshima demanded, his tone laced with annoyance, his expression almost tempestuous.

We seated him and I smacked my hand to the ground. "That isn't the issue right now! The problem we're dealing with is a friendship crisis!" I said it so dramatically I surprised even myself.

Aoshima gave me an perturbed look, and Sakurai, one of astonishment.

I leaned towards Aoshima, getting right into his face. "Listen, Aoshima. We are both new students at this school, and in this fresh and unknown environment you have a pre-emptive strike. If you don't carefully plan your actions and properly consider your words, you could scar the remainder of your school life! A life without friends isn't a pretty scab to pick off!"

Sakurai guffawed and I quickly punched him in the arm hard enough to shut him up. He responded with a pitiful whimper as Aoshima glowered at me almost wildly. Taken aback for a short moment, I collected myself and lifted a finger.

"If you'll let me, I can cleanse the darkness of your personality." I said with a straight face, but I'll admit I nearly burst out laughing. Sakurai sat there grinning next to me.

"You..." Aoshima was giving me a strange look as he seemed to fight with the obvious fact he didn't want to call me Miyuki, but he didn't know my last name. "What's your full name, anyway?"


"Oh, sorry! I didn't tell you. My full name is Miyuki Miyuki. My parents were a little strange, y'see."

I received a full blown narrowing of the eyes to which I responded with a cute little smile. Fed up, Aoshima's tolerance had evidently run dry. He got up and left.

I shook my head subtly, hiding my amusement. Speaking of disagreeable?

A/N: Hello! Welcome to the revised version of Racing Fate, and I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. There's a couple notable changes, the main one being Miyuki's real name has been changed from Kano to Suzuka. Since my other story, Jagged Dusk, goes hand-in-hand with this one, I decided to repost it with the changes that had been a long time coming.

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