A/N- Okay! DJ is back!!! This here is an old/new story that i decided to continue and post. It's something that I wrote my senior year of high school in a writing class. It's written in play-form because I felt that I needed to change my style up a bit. Well, R&R hope ya like. o.-

*staring at the body* w-what? How…

Nilah: *walks in* Saion, what did you do?

Saion: I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I really didn't.

Nilah: it's okay. Just go shower.

Saion: *shaking* no. I didn't do it. He made me…

*Nilah pulls Saion away from the bloody mess to the bathroom. She runs the shower water, then leaves Saion alone. Saion looks at his reflection in the mirror. He's covered in blood. His red hair is stained darker in spots*

Saion: why did you do it?

Voice: because, didn't you wish them dead?

Saion: I didn't want them to die.

Voice: you wanted it more than you know. Since you wished it, I listened and granted.

Saion: no! I didn't do that! You shouldn't have done that!

*Punches the mirror, cutting his hand, then panics and flees out of the window. Nilah goes into the bathroom to see what's taking Saion so long and sees the shattered mirror and open window*

Nilah: *calling out the window* Saion! Saion where are you? *starts to cry*

*Saion finally stops running. When he does, he sees that he's in a wooded area. He's feeling his way through and comes to a clearing. The moon is reflected in a small lake. Saion looks in the lake to se his reflection, but finds someone else's*

Saion: who are you?

Reflection: I am you.

Saion: no you're not.

Reflection: am so. I am just the other part of you.

Saion: do you have a name?

Reflection: it is Noir.

Saion: Noir? Isn't that French for black?

Noir: yes, because I am the blackness in your heart. I am your dark side.

Saion: so I am light?

Noir: you are correct…in a sense.

Saion: *confused* in a sense?

Noir: yes. You are more so a twilight of sorts.

Saion: *still lost* twilight? Of sorts?

Noir: *chuckles* yes. You aren't completely good, and you never were. But it's not because of me.

Saion: then from what?

Noir: you've just always been slightly dark. Darker than most really.

*Saion and Noir continue their conversation when Nilah comes up. She sees him talking to himself in the water and cries more. She walks over to him and places her arm around his shoulder*

Nilah: Saion, baby, who are you talking to?

Saion: Noir.

Nilah: *stares at him* no one's here.

Saion: *points to water* right there. My reflection that's not me. Nilah, Noir is right there.

Nilah: oh Saion, you need help. It's getting worse.

Saion: I don't have a condition! He's real!

Noir: no one will believe you Sai.

Saion: *pointing to the water frantically* did you hear that? He spoke! Nilah, tell me you heard him speak!

*Nilah shakes her head and stands up. Saion is on the verge of tears*

Nilah: come on Saion. Let's go home.

Saion: no! He's here and you won't believe me! When you take me home, you're gonna set up a day for the asylum to send people to pick me up. I'm not going home and I'm not going there!

Nilah: I'm not sending you there.

Saion: yes you are! I know it!

Noir: you want me to handle her for you?

Saion: no! Shut up! Both of you shut up!

Nilah: come on. Let's go home.

*Saion starts fighting against Nilah. She grabs Saion's arm and drags him back home. Once there, Saion begins to lash out. He starts to break everything in his way*

Nilah: Saion, stop it! Please calm down!

Saion: no! I'm not calming down because I'm not getting sent to that place!

*inside Saion's mind, Noir is laughing. He's laughing at the fact that Nilah thinks Saion's crazy. Noir is drinking wine and breaking pictures*

Noir: let me take her out Saion. I can fix this. If I get rid of her, you won't have to go to that place.

Saion: *grabbing his head and shaking it* no! Don't kill her! I won't let you!

*Nilah is staring at him, confused*

Nilah: Saion, at least go lay down.

Saion: just promise you won't call that place.

Nilah: I promise you.

*Saion retreats to his room and lies down. Noir stands before his bed, transparent, laughing. Saion tries to ignore him, but Noir makes that impossible*

Saion: what the hell do you want?

Noir: can't I just have a civilized conversation with you?

Saion: *glares then rolls over* no.

Noir: you know she's going to call them. You're going to leave here tomorrow in a padded truck.

Saion: *covering his ears* shut up.

Noir: you're gonna get a pretty white room with padded walls and a pretty jacket to match.

Saion: *louder* shut up.

Noir: you might get a roommate, but they'd have to be about as crazy as you. If not more.

Saion: *almost screaming* shut up!

Noir: and donf't forget the shock treatments and medicine to make you a mindless zombie drone! *a cynical smile spreads across his face*

Saion: *screaming* SHUT UP!

*Nilah hears him screaming downstairs and puts her head in her hands. She starts to reach for the phone, but stops*

Nilah: poor Saion. I wish I could help.