*The next morning, he finds Saion in front of the television playing games again*

Kaze: your eyes are gonna rot out of your head if you keep that up.

Saion: I've done it for six years now, I have yet to see them bleed, rot, ooze, or drip.

Kaze: *shakes his head* you're a pathetic kid. You know that. *sits next to Saion* hey you know that you have orientation today right?

Saion: *shakes head* uh-uh

Kaze: yea. And someone who's familiar with this place is supposed to show you around. So I was figuring that I could take you.

Saion: would you?

Kaze: well duh! I only just presented my idea!

Saion: *throws a pillow at Kaze* don't make me beat you up Kaze. *laughs*

Kaze: *laughing* whatever.

Saion: you think I couldn't beat you up?

Kaze: *grabs Saion's arms behind his back* I bet you couldn't.

*Kaze and Saion start to play fight each other. They are laughing and throwing pillows at each other. They start tackling each other and rolling around the room. After a while, they stop and start laughing. When they do stop, Saion is sitting on top of Kaze. They stop laughing and look at each other, then blush*

Kaze: well this is awkward.

Saion: just a little bit. I mean, not that much.

Kaze: *laughs nervously* well I can say that you're the first kid to get along with me this well.

Saion: *laughs nervously as well* yea… I can say the same.

Kaze: um…well how about you go take your shower and change so I can take you on this orientation?

Saion: sure.

*Saion gets up and grabs a towel and a change of clothes then goes to take his shower. Kaze sits down on the bed and smiles, thinking to himself. He goes to look in the mirror and sees Noir standing there*

Kaze: Noir?

Noir: *smiling* the one and only. Although you did steal my face.

Kaze: but how am I seeing you?

Noir: only those who truly believe I exist, and can get close enough to Saion to put a smile on his face and in his heart, can see me.

Kaze: so you're saying I'll be able to see you and talk to you now?

Noir: that's right.

Kaze: wow…now I have a new voice to talk to. *laughs a little*

Noir: yea, but I'm a kinder voice. I mean, I have good intentions now.

Kaze: why is that?

Noir: because I have someone who is looking out for my Saion just as much as me, and I'm trying to be good now. I mean, I kind of have no say in the matter.

Kaze: why do you say that?

Noir: because you messed me up. By making Saion completely happy, you made me good. Not like I find it a bad thing…now at least.

Kaze: I made you good just by taking care of Saion? That's strange.

Noir: to say the least. I never knew this was my weakness, but it is. I had this happen to me only once before, but that was way back when.

Kaze: but you've only known Saion for a few years haven't you?

Noir: yes I have. But I haven't known this world since Saion.

Kaze: what do you mean?

Noir: I mean that I lived before Saion. I had a life before him. A real one. I was a physical being, not just one planted in someone's mind.

Kaze: so you had a real existence, but you died. How did you die?

Noir: that's a long story that I'd rather not get into right now.

*the water in the bathroom shuts off and Noir gets ready to go*

Noir: just one thing before I leave.

Kaze: yes?

Noir: I want you to know that Saion really thinks you're a great person. Already he feels that you're someone he can let his guards down for. And I can't thank you enough for that.

Kaze: really?

Noir: really. Keep doing whatever it is you're doing to make him happy. soon enough he won't need me anymore and I can live happily again.

Kaze: what do you mean?

Noir: *disappearing* I'll tell you some other time when we're alone. For now, I must go. Take care of yourself and my friend.

Kaze: bye.

*Saion comes out of the bathroom and throws his towel on his bed. He stands by the door and waits for Kaze to start showing him around the ward*

Saion: ready when you are.

Kaze: all right, just let me change into my clothes and we can go.

*Kaze opens the closet door and starts throwing his pajamas onto his bed from there. Saion turns his head away from the closet and blushes a little. He's not used to changing in front of people or having them change in front of him. Kaze peeks his head out to ask Saion to hand him something and laughs*

Saion: why are you laughing?

Kaze: because I've never seen anyone react to people changing like that.

Saion: well… I never changed in front of anyone or had them change in front of me. So it's something new.

Kaze: *smiles* oh…well then I guess you've never seen anyone like this then.

*Kaze steps from behind the door with only a pair of jeans on. Saion glances at him, then back to the floor. Kaze laughs more. Noir starts to laugh inside of Saion's mind*

Noir: you are such a prude my dear friend. Why are you reacting like that to a boy? He has exactly what you have.

Saion: it's not that Noir. It's the fact that he's half-naked.

Noir: *laughs* whatever. A lame excuse.

*Kaze smiles to Saion then steps back behind the door*

Kaze: so there's no need in asking if you're a virgin then, huh?

Saion: *laughing a little* funny story…

Kaze: *comes back out from behind the closet door and stares at Saion* what do you mean 'funny story'?

Saion: well…drinking does things to you, you know?

Kaze: no I don't know. Enlighten me.

Saion: *sighs heavily* I just opened Pandora's Box haven't I?

Kaze: yes, now tell me just what happened.

Saion: I was hanging out with my friend…ex-friend, Nilah, at a party. It was a Halloween party that some of her friends from school were having. Well, we were playing a lot of drinking games, or at least I was, and we were all pretty much drunk out of our minds.

Kaze: let me guess…you and Nilah…

Saion: can I finish my story please? Thank you.

Kaze: sorry.

Saion: well, after a while, we were bored of all the normal drinking games, so we decided to play a new one that we sort of made up. Well, we pretty much made a new rule for it.

Kaze: what game was that?

Saion: a game called "suck and blow".

Kaze: oh I know that game. We play it here a lot.

Saion: the guys?

Kaze: no, no, no! We play it when the girls are over, or if we're over there for parties or dances.

Saion: I was about to say.

Kaze: yea, there are only a few people here that aren't into girls like that.

Saion: *nods* well like I was saying though, we were playing suck and blow. But the only thing is, if we dropped the card, us and the other person would have to take shots, but the number was based on how many people were before us.

Kaze: so how do you figure that?

Saion: say there were seven other people playing and I was the fourth person to get the card. If I passed it to you and you dropped it, I would have to drink three shots and you would get four. You get it?

Kaze: I got it.

Saion: yea. Well I was passing it to some other kid and they had dropped it. Now there was like twenty other people playing and I was number nineteen in the group. So I had to take eighteen shots and the kid had nineteen. Now the way we did the shots was weird too, because we got tired of normal shots.

Kaze: so what did you do?

Saion: I'm getting there! What we did was, one of us would take a shot, then we'd take another and pass it to that person next to us. So it made things interesting. Needless to say, I wasn't placed next to a girl when the card was dropped. So everyone was wondering if I would do it. Now I was drunk as hell and he looked so much like a girl I had forgotten his gender, so I did it.

Kaze: oooh! I'm telling what you did!

Saion: shut up before I end the story.

Kaze: sorry.

Saion: so on his nineteenth shot, I was passing it to him and he decided that passing a shot wasn't enough, so he kissed me after he swallowed it. I didn't really panic, but I didn't really get into it either. I really thought nothing of it. Well, the game had ended shortly after we restarted, and it never made it to me. We all decided to go on about our ways, so I sat in the back corner of the living room and drank.

Well, the boy decided to come and sit next to me. I looked at him and smiled a little and he smiled at me, then, well, he put his hand on my leg and started to move it up closer to my zipper. I didn't do anything, because again he looked like a girl. Well, we started kissing again and one thing led to another and we did it in front of everyone, not like anyone paid attention to us anyway.

Kaze: *gaping at a blushing Saion* so your first was a guy?

Saion: *giggles and nods*

Kaze: and here I thought you were a goody-goody.

Saion: that's why I really can't see anyone of the same gender get changed in front of me. It reminds me of that night and it's sort of not a good thing.

Kaze: how?

Saion: too much to get in to.

*Noir whispers to Kaze from the mirror hanging inside of the closet door*

Noir: he gets a little happy if he sees anyone getting changed. If you catch my drift. *raising his eyebrows mischievously*

Kaze: *snickering* I understand.

Saion: who are you talking to?

Kaze: no, I was saying I understand to you. You know, 'I understand why you can't get into it right now'.

Saion: oh.

Noir: *smiling* good cover. You do my face justice.

*Kaze tries to mask a laugh but fails. Saion walks over to the door and looks behind it to see that Kaze had now lost the pants he had on previously. Saion shrieks and throws himself against the wall behind the other side of the door. Noir doubles over in laughter from Saion's reaction. Kaze starts to laugh as well.*

Kaze: hey, it's your fault.

Saion: you should have warned me!

Kaze: sorry my Saion radar was turned off and I didn't know you were coming over here to be like 'no! spare your eyes the sight of my boxers!'

Saion: I think you wanted me to see you like that.

Kaze: I think you wanted to see me like that.

Saion: after I just told you that it causes some issues with me. Yes. That's just it. I was like 'Hey! Maybe if I'm lucky, Kaze will have on less clothes than just a minute ago!' and decided to look!

Kaze: *peeking around the closet door as he puts another pair of jeans on* hey! I don't know what runs through your twisted little head. You could have thought that.

Noir: *still doubled over from all of this* actually, it was something pretty close to that. It was more like 'maybe he's still half-naked'.

Saion: just put some damn clothes on!

Kaze: are you sure that's what you want?

Saion: I'll punch you if you don't put a shirt on!

Kaze: do it.

Saion: put a shirt on!

Kaze: *closes the door and sits on Saion's bed, stretching* ah! I think I'll just stay like this all day. Hell, we're all guys, and some of us walk around like this from time to time. Especially when it's hot out. Yea… I think I like it like this.

Saion: *throwing shirts at him from the closet* put a shirt on! Pick one that you like and put it on! I don't even care if it doesn't match! Put. One. On!

Kaze: *looks at Saion once he runs out of shirts to throw and grabs his arms* why can't you look at me when I'm like this? What's wrong?

Saion: did you not hear me! It reminds me of the party and that's not really the best thing ever!

Kaze: why?

Saion: *his attention turns to the floor as he begins to blush* it just isn't, okay!

Kaze: not good enough. Why?

Saion: *looks straight down, hoping Kaze's eyes will follow, they do* that's why. Happy now?

Kaze: *smiles, still holding onto Sai's arms* well if that isn't just the cutest thing. So it does that to you?

Saion: yes! Now will you put a damn shirt on?

Kaze: nah! I think I like torturing you.

Noir: *watching the story unfold, drinking wine and sitting on Kaze's bed* well, well. Is what I think may happen going to happen? We'll just have to watch and see.

Saion: *throwing a three-year-old's tantrum* please just put a shirt on! That's all I ask. Please, please, please.

Kaze: *pulls Saion closer to him, still glancing downward* but why? It seems that you truly like this.

Saion: *puts his head down in defeat* fine then, whatever. I give up. Just let me go. You win.

Kaze: *pouts and let's go of Sai's arms* well that's not fun. You gave in too fast. *grabs a blue shirt and puts it on* but don't think I'm doing this every day. And once it starts getting warmer, I hope you'll be used to seeing half-naked boys a lot. Because that's all you'll see.

Saion: *sarcastically* joy.

Kaze i knew you'd like that. *smirks and walks out the door* come on. I'm not gonna wait for you to catch up.

Saion: then slow down!

*Noir sits on the bed and sighs, swirling his wine in his glass*

Noir: and here I thought I was going to get a free peep show. Ah well, maybe a later time *stands up and strolls out the door after the boys* maybe I should get our little Saion drunk and see how the story plays out. *laughs quaintly as he follows closely behind the boys*