What was once just a song of comfort in darkness is more than that now. Let this be a light to all of you who have been hurt, stomped upon, told what to believe, and suppressed. You are not alone. We are all humans. We all bleed the same, we all hurt, we all feel lost, even the monster's that have done this to our world. Their crimes are horrible. Sick beyond comprehension. How they believe we are just sheep for them to control and slaughter at will is appalling, but in their totalitarianism and greed... They are more lost than any of those they step upon. So before you close your eyes tonight, lost and broken, know that you are not alone. Know that if I could lighten all your burdens by placing them on my own shoulders, I would in a heartbeat. It is you I fight for. Your freedom. Your pain. Every word is dedicated to your struggles. Whoever you are.

Goodnight, My Lost

Fumbling, blindly!
With the bonds that choke me!
They'll never loosen,
But I'll fight all the same!
Alive just for living!
This can't be right!
The light that strengthens, shouldn't blind us!

So close your eyes!
And see all the doors!
They tried to close on you by fuckin' with your head!
Exhausted disciples,
Fling them open!
Only when you give them up,
Do causes become dead!

Goodnight, my lost!
Sleep well, my pained!
May your dreams remind you of long lost better days!
I'd torch my senses!
To light your way!
I'd endure every agony to make you feel okay!

With hands so broken!
Can we reclaim whats been stolen?
Or will those of hate and malice,
Win yet another day?
Or will the revolution stirring?
Deep inside!
Bash down all the walls that evil's built around us!

Countless lies!
And prayers ignored!
Not a thing on which we can depend!
Robbed of our smiles!
By the arrogant!
Evil's longevitys absurd,
But everything ends!

Goodnight, my lost!
Dream away your pain!
One day you will wake up and be rid of all your pain!
Ignite my senses!
To find your way!
Your heart should be the only thing that you need to obey!
Goodnight, my lost!
May you be saved!
May those that made you suffer be a millionfold repayed!
May you find passage!
To a better place!
May we assure our fallen heroes that they didn't die in vain!
May joy freedom and laughter, never be erased...