It's not all about you

I lost my confidence in the satisfying swirl of the porcelain thrown

An i feed my dignity to the pack of wolves I once considered my friends

I now crawl out of the dessert and wasted

o the self loathing life I secretly lead

No effects dose the punishments have on me

But the hatred is enough

I still think of it

But it's a cheaters way out

I can't be that sobbing-slobbering loss of a person

I'm stronger than that

I'm better

I'm higher

I'm just a faker

I drag what was left of me up to the stage

Where I announce to this world the shell of a person I've become

The hole in which I've sunk

The depths I've tried to go to get me back

I still haven't found Her

The real Olivia I mean

I lost her in the swirl of emotions

But I can't go on

I can't be weak

I can't be gone

I'm here to stay

You believe it more than me

I know I am loved

People tell me that everyday

But where are you when I need you

When I need an ear to hear

Lips to stop my uncontrollably thoughts

Truth is I pushed you out

I shoved you into the silence

I've endure for too long

Even with the chatter around me

I am loss

I give in

Take me away

Break me

Make me better