Chapter 1

"What's going on?"

Fast the blonde beauty dribbled down the court, her eyes searching for her open teammates. The only one open was Jocelyn, so she immediately passed it down to her and headed down the court, looking for the ball and posting up. When it was passed to her she performed her lay up perfectly, only to hear the crowd going wild, screaming and jumping. To Acacia the hard drumming of the many feet against the bleachers was music to her ears, another job well done. That was what it was like to be a varsity player.

"Girls, report to the locker room now!" The coach yelled, trying to hide his happiness with a terrible professional facade.

It was the opposing team's school so they had to hustle to get to the locker rooms, following the few who knew where they were going. Jocelyn being one of them, she was so tough, but in a pretty way, with semi-long brown hair kept in a ponytail, bangs sometimes covering her green eyes, she was very attractive and already had a boyfriend. Acacia was also a very popular beautiful girl, with Neutrogena skin, long dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes, not to mention a smile that could make somebody faint, though she was a sophomore, while Jocelyn was a senior and they barely got to speak except for on the court. They played so well together.

Once they arrived at the locker rooms they all took their seats and removed their shoes, while coach ranted on about how well they did, but what they need to improve on and then left to get them changed. Acacia gave a sigh and stood up stretching.

"Good Job ladies!" She yelled as she let down her hair and took off her shirt, she had a nice fit body, most were attracted.

"Good job to you and Jocelyn, you two play like lovers." Mary smiled as her and the team awed in unison.

"Stop being jealous you guys." Jocelyn gave a slight smirk as she walked towards Acacia, and wrapped an arm around her. "She's my little baller."

"Aww, how sweet." Acacia chuckled, as Jocelyn messed up her hair and walked away.

"Don't you wish you could slam dunk, don't you even say that wouldn't be tight!" Liz spoke, being the tallest one she had a better chance of being able to dunk; she was a blonde, standing about 6'2", also an aspiring model.

"Go ahead and try Liz, I'll be laughing when you fall on your ass." Samoan laughed as she stood up and got her stuff, another forward but not quite as tall, flawless milk chocolate skin and curly black hair.

"Who asked you puffball!" Liz spoke, referring to the nickname they gave her due to her hair, when it was down, it was rather large.

"Yeah well I never liked you anyway." She held up a peace sign while walking out, Liz followed shortly after, followed by the others.

"You still here?" Jocelyn gave a slight smile as she walked to the corner Acacia was in, Jocelyn had her piercing in, a jewel as a matter in fact, a small ways under the right side of her lip.

"Yeah I was just going to leave right now."

"Well you're not going anywhere until I leave." Jocelyn pushed her playfully, followed by Acacia standing up.

"Who said it was o.k. for you to foul me?" Acacia pushed her back, being a bit shorter, she still had an impact.

"Hush shortie." Jocelyn smirked, grabbing Acacia in a head lock. She lost her balance struggling in which ended up in her falling to the ground, while Jocelyn was on top of her.

At first she just laughed it off, and then gazed into Jocelyn's eyes, they were so beautiful, though she didn't know why her stomach felt like in was in locks and her eyes traced along her the brunette's body longingly. She wasn't a lesbian was she? She did have a boyfriend, but the thought of him right now wasn't turning her on in the least, but Jocelyn was. She wished she could get up but she was stuck, all she could do was fake a playful smile and look away. That was until she felt Jocelyn's hand trace along her cheek, and hold her chin, forcing Acacia's gaze to be on her. Jocelyn, gave a smirk, as if she knew what Acacia was thinking, this made her heart skip even faster, was this brunette reading her mind like some psychic? Jocelyn ran her fingers through Acacia's blonde hair while she brought her face closer.

"J-Joc…elyn?" Was all Acacia could mumble out before her lips were pressed against the brunette's.

She couldn't help herself. The Female was so soft and warm, the way her touch made the blonde feel as she caressed her thighs. Acacia found herself wrapping her arms around Jocelyn's neck, deepening the kiss as she closed her eyes. Jocelyn gently let off the kiss, after about a minute or so, and began to nibble on the blonde's neck, pulling the side of her long sleeved shirt down and kissing upon her shoulder. Acacia whimpered, placed her hand on Jocelyn's cheeks, so their lips were pressed against each other's once more. Her slender fingers ran down the brunette's back then her neck. Acacia was beginning to feel hot, and wet. God! She this woman felt so good, Acacia had never felt this way, the way Jocelyn was touching her, it just felt so good! It felt right, but so wrong, she was a cheater, and this was ridiculous. She wanted more, she wanted this feeling to last forever, but she knew it couldn't, it would end soon, but what would happen after?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The hard knocking of the door made Acacia jump, while Jocelyn looked to the door, with a strange look. Acacia could see that she seemed to be disappointed, was it possible that her feeling were returned? No! She wasn't a lesbian! Jocelyn stood up slowly, while Acacia practically jumped to her feet. She placed her hand on her cheeks, they were hot, and she hoped she wasn't still red.

"Hey couch wants you guys to head out to the buses, what are you guys doing that takes so long." Acacia could hear Mary's voice, through the door.

Acacia quickly tried to hold her shirt up, her back turned towards the two. She gazed back over her shoulder to see Jocelyn looking at her straight in the eye, then turn back towards Mary, stepping closer to the opening, Acacia guessed that was so Mary couldn't see her looking so weak and hot, what kind of message would that set?

'Calm down Acacia, time to regain yourself.' She thought to herself as she kept her shirt over her shoulder and picked her bags up. She could hear the door close and watched as Jocelyn got her bags, taking this time to try to make a break from the door, but not wanting to seem like she was running desperately to escape the brunette, though her attempt was in vain.

The brunette had grabbed her hand and turned her back towards the door, holding her waist, she kissed her once more. Honestly Acacia couldn't take anymore, she felt as though she was going to pass out. She didn't know why she felt so weak, she wanted the kiss to end, to get over this feeling, and get back to her life as a normal straight girl. Once the kiss ended Jocelyn walked right pass her and out of the locker room. Acacia stood there, dumbfounded.

Once on the bus she sat down quickly looking out of the window, while Jocelyn sat in the back, talking to the girls. Acacia just wanted to be by herself today, she didn't know why but she still felt weak. Thank goodness the bus ride was short, about 15 minutes, because if she had to hear Jocelyn's voice for one more minute she would just have to get up and walk home. She couldn't stand it, she felt too weak when she heard her voice, thinking about that moment.

Hastily she grabbed her things and stood as the bus came to a halt, then walked out soundly, hugging a few of her very close teammates and shared a gaze towards Jocelyn. She couldn't help but feel weak once more, like her knees were about to give out. What was their next game together going to be like? Oh man, was she even going to be able to maintain speed? What about practice tomorrow? How would she be able to face her boyfriend again? Her body was still shaking from the intensity of the moment, if the banging of the door hadn't happened would they have gone all the way? Thank goodness for Mary.

Slowly she unlocked her car and got in, sticking the key in the ignition and turning it on. As she engine revved she placed her hand on the stick to switch gears, but her sight was caught on Jocelyn as she walked by, her friends had left, and her eyes switched towards Acacia. She could feel her cheeks becoming hot as she looked away, sinking her pearly whites into her bottom lip, sighing she switched gears and backed up, driving out of the school parking lot. The young woman had to try her best not to speed down the street; the thought of what happened was almost too much to bear. Thankfully she had a loving father to greet her when she got home.


"What in the world is this?!" Yelled the brunette male, her father, as he saw a red mark upon the side of her neck. "I thought you were going to a basketball game, what the hell were you girls doing?"

Her father had just come home after Acacia had taken a shower, and dressed herself in a wife beater and baggy pajama pants. She hadn't even noticed the spot until when she was getting dressed, and was hoping her father would overlook it.

"Nothing dad, I did go to the basketball game, I just fell, it's no big deal." Acacia rolled her eyes as she got some orange juice from the refrigerator.

"And it wasn't that idiotic boyfriend of yours?"


"Well I don't believe you but I'll let this one go, since you won the game, but if I see it again me and you are going to have some problems, do you understand me?"

"Yes,sir." Acacia spat out with a nearly sarcastic tone as she ate a bit of her subway sandwich, of course she wasn't hungry, still a bit shaken up.

"Are you ok?" He asked raising an eyebrow as he watched her hands.

"I'm fine, just excited for practice tomorrow." She spoke gazing at him, it was partially true, practice would be short since they won such a great game.

"If you say so, Honey." Her father smiled, showing off his androgynous features, with bright blue eyes much like her and amazingly pure skin, well it was amazing that he had no hair, he said even as a boy he could never grow hair, he had been made fun of endlessly for that trait.

"Well I'm heading off to bed." She gave a slight sigh as she got up and walked away, up the stairs and into her sky blue walls, staring at the ceiling in which her and her father painted white clouds upon when she was just a little girl.

Every time she looked she laughed, remembering the time she fell in the paint bucket and took an hour bath cleaning it up. Not this time, this time the only thing on her mind was going second base with a girl on the basketball team. Turning off the lights she practically jumped in her bad, encasing herself in the covers, her eyes closed. Maybe tomorrow she would forget this whole thing like just a dream.

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