The silence

Is louder than noise

At least

Any noise I have ever heard

Of course, the sounds I hear

Are not ever loud

More of them are softly spoken


Words of praise

An invidious yearning

Of what is not there own

I have climbed this ladder

Higher than any other before me

Each wooden rung

Stinging my palms with

(remorseful screams of those I've crushed)


That are easily torn away

Gone, but never forgotten

I have danced this tightrope


An acrobatic fancy to

All wondering eyes

Eyes that will never see past my


Porcelain surface

Eyes that cannot be seen from so

High up anyways

Yet I know the pain behind the

Fictional irises

I regret the move I am going to make

I have to let my foot slip

Because this balancing game

Has turned my heart to stone

I let myself fall

With a


Surreal face

Though I know there is no one

On the ground

Who wants to catch me