This is a story based around a roleplay I did about a year ago. Don't worry if things seem a bit murky at first, everything will be explained as the story progresses!

The patter of rain against the asphalt played in the background, along with other sounds of the grey city, but nothing had really changed. The skyscrapers were still there, along with the exhaust fumes. It didn't discourage the city goers, for people still walked along the sidewalks under their umbrellas and bicycles darted between the slowly moving traffic.

A young woman who looked to be in her twenties, without an umbrella and clutching a package tightly to her chest, ran for the cover of a nearby pizza shop. Her golden blonde hair, streaked with purple, was already soaked. Once under the cover of the brightly colored canopy, she pushed her hair out of her eyes and examined the package. It was the size of a normal nilla envelope, but about three inches thick. She held the package in front of her, examining it.

"Damn," she murmured, noticing the edges had gotten wet. She rung out her hair and stood for a moment. Glancing into the pizza shop, she started to walk by. She grabbed one of the umbrellas left outside the shop, opened it, and walked off. Her walk seemed almost graceful, but that could easily go unnoticed. All kinds of people lived here, from poor immigrants struggling to make a living, to actors and Broadway stars, to rich and refined businessmen.

She arrived at a hotel within minutes of walking distance. As she entered the lobby the receptionist looked up. He had chocolate brown hair and startlingly green eyes. He looked classically handsome in the formal black pants and starch white shirt, adorned with a golden nametag.

"Ah, Reki. You're back." Although the other hotel staff didn't know, this particular receptionist was a member of the Hunter Organization. Miles made sure there were always rooms available to any passing members. She nodded. "You can have room 116 again, or would you like one on the 5th floor?"

"You know I prefer the ground floor," she replied. He tossed the keys to her and she caught it with the hand not holding the package. She walked down the corridor to her right, made a left, and then another right. She strolled to the end this corridor and swiped the white card attached to the key ring through the lock. The light flickered and turned green, and she pulled the handle.

She gently closed the door behind her and it locked automatically. She sat the package down on the bed and pulled her black hoodie embroidered with a yin-yang over her head. Underneath she was wearing just a black sleeveless shirt. The muscles on her arm were nicely toned, and if anyone had been looking they could have seen a tribal wolf tattooed on her right shoulder. But no one was looking, the blinds were tightly shut and the door locked.