Sugar 'N' Spice
(Laura & Mitch)

Why is he sitting on me?!

Laura could barely sit for laughing- Mitch was sitting on her.

"Mitch-" she gasped, "aren't we supposed to-be-in-the-reverse-positions?" She pretended to try and push him off. He simply laughed.

"Maybee," he said, wiggling his butt, causing Laura to squeal in protest.


"Fine," he said, sighing. He stood up and as soon as Laura worked her way out of the chair, he sat back down. Laura rolled her eyes and began to walk away, but he put a finger in her back pocket and pulled her into his lap. "Better?"

"Much." Laura said, snuggling up to him. He wrapped his arms around her, put his chin on top of her head, and simply held her close to him.


A/N: I wrote this little ficlet for StarryKnight46. She loved it. Now tell me what you think! I also take requests for these- just message me if you want me to write one for you. (The word "ficlet" always makes me laugh.)

November 27, 2008