Another iWar

Chapter Three


December 31st, 2032


DALLAS, TX- Retired Texas Ranger and Secretary of Defense Cordell Walker put a stop to the 2nd droid attack to occur this week.

After maintenance people discovered that the droid was hovering mid-field, Walker showed up in his trademark vehicle and eliminated the droid. No one was injured in the process.

"The Rangers were supposed to be here," he said, after the incident. "I just hope everything is okay."

The droid, which appeared at 2am in the Dallas Cowboy's stadium, is believed to be related to the droid that appeared outside the city earlier in the week, experts said.

According to top strategists of the Huckabee administration, the droids represent the latest series of attacks from deep space communists who seek to threaten the Earth way of life as a result of disappearing resources on their own planet.

The droids started appearing "after President Huckabee launched his trillion dollar space program," said top representatives at NASA, inc.

"Space has its own United Nations," Huckabee said in an interview previously this year. "Of course Earth didn't know about it, because we hadn't shown Space UN that we're capable of entering as a stable planet. But, as soon as Space UN saw that we had our planet together, they reached out to us.

"There's communist and capitalist planets alike in space," Huckabee commented. "A lot of people don't realize that. It's just like Russia during the cold war. The commies like to spy on the capitalists. That's why the drones are here. We have to let 'em know that we aren't going to stand for it."

So far, over a dozen droids have landed in the United States, all of which appeared somewhere in the vicinity of Dallas, Texas.

"No comment." Walker replied.