AUTHOR'S NOTE: I think I made this sound like a song more than a poem. But I hope you like it. This really is weird, Tell me what you really think. (I won't hate you if you totally despise it..) :) Thanks!


He glared,

I stared.

Nothing to do now.

Heart bared,

to much.

Everything I cared.

I feel so useless.

Your so Heartless.

Heartless people can torture without thought.

Heatless people will kill without thought.

The heartless people need the help more.

So please, Help the heartless people more.

Stared down hearts.

Hurting broken ones.

Those mindless hearts.

They're the ones.

Heartless people will do anything.

heartless people will do most anything.

The Heartless people need to be forgiven.

So I hope they've been forgiven.

Heartless people need help more.

The heartless people, oh they need it more than me.

The heartless people need to be free.

So I forgive.

You need to forgive,

The heartless people.

Yeah..... Thanks 4 reading!