Title- The Scent of Blood

Warning- slash, werewolves/vampires, blood drinking, violence, light sexual content.

Rating- t

authors note: one of the main characters, Harry, is deaf and communicates in mix American Sign Language and lip spoke/read English . I will be explaining what he is saying along with the description of what the sign looks like in some cases. If you are interested in seeing the sign, check out www. aslpro .com, from there scroll down and look for "main dictionary" and look for the word. It will then be preformed by an interpreter.

Authors note 2: this story is unbeta'ed, if you spot any problems, please let me know in a comment or note. Thanks! Enjoy!

The hallways of the campus smells of sweat, hormones, sex, and food. It's a welcoming and unwanted scent all in the same. This year will be the year that Robert Wanes will finally finish up his last year of highschool, before continuing onto college classes. His senior year, his prime. This was his year, and nothing could go wrong.

Breathing in the scent of so many humans, Wolves, and sawdust, Robert stepped out of his home room in the wood shop and into the raising sun. he wanted so badly to shift, warming his dark fur in the sunlight, but he had to stay in his human form until gym, the only time Wolves were allowed to shift on campus. As soon as he returned to his room, he would shift and cuddle up with Harry as he scratching his back and tummy.

Robert chuckled slightly, exposing his slightly elongated fangs as he walked over to the picnic table in the center of the small courtyard by the art classes. He was a werewolf, but nothing like the beastly ones in movies. Cuddling with a servant, he thought. Not very fierce and terrifying, Robert. He smiled, smelling the grass and dew as he plopped all of his weight onto the bench. He lazily looked over his classes, licking his lips and sharp fangs as he thought of Harry.

The full moon as just a day away, and Robert was hungry. His mouth watered, skin itched, stomach grumbled, and he was overall tense and irritable. He hadn't fed off Harry in over a week, and if he didn't get a little blood soon, he might repeat last year.

His smile quickly disappeared. Last year, when his werewolf gene came into power, he couldn't control himself. Half way though the year, in the middle of math class, Robert's hunger got the better of him. He shifted into his attack form; human legs, arms and torso, but a large wolf head, hair covering everything, large muscles, paws for feet, sharp claws on his human fingers with matching fangs. The shift was so painful that he couldn't remember anything before waking up in a hospital, strapped to the bed and being feed blood through a tube in his nose. The police report said that he had been screaming in pain, curled in a fetal position on the floor as he shifted. The class ran from the room, locking Rob behind as he tore at the wall, growling and bearing his saliva dripping fangs. The cops took him down by a dart to his torso.

Luckily, Robert was not charged with anything because werewolf rights had evolved in the last few years to allow lenience for the first shift of a new werewolf as long as it caused no bodily harm.

Once released from the hospital, he was sent to a private school specializing in disabled children. Werewolves mixed with the deaf and blind, and vampires attended the evening classes with the physically disabled and mentally challenged. Not everyone that attended Hartfield Academy was disabled in some way; the academics surpassed any surrounding school, and there was also a great football team, meaning along with this "special" young adults, there were also the incredibly brilliant and some stupid jocks got scholarships and came here. So as much as the teachers and faultily tried, the mix of disabled, vampuric, lycanthropic, and athletic teens and children just didn't make for good mix. But as annoying a mix of students it is, He finally learned what it really meant to be a werewolf and how to control it.

Hmm, Robert thought as he sniffed the air. Chocolate, tea, musk, blood, sex, and sweat. A shiver went down his back. Harry's coming. Robert looked up to see Harry with his nose into his class schedule, reading it as he walked, a feat that continued to surprise others because of his "disability." He walked carefully, occasionally looking up to make sure he wouldn't walk into a wall. Finally, he looked up and spotted Robert watching him lovingly. He smiled and jogged the rest of the distance until he plopped himself down beside rob on the bench.

Harry waved happily before hugging Robert quickly and tightly.

"You're surprisingly hyper this morning." Robert raised an eyebrow suggestively as Harry nodded his head and fist at the same time, giving a shit-eating grin. "What have you been up to this morning? Not seeing another Wolf or Bat, are you?"

Harry quickly shook his head, his smile faltering. He pointed to himself, then rounded his left hand, twisting it toward his mouth, while his right hand cupped. He quickly returned his dominate hand to the other, dunking his pointer, middle finger and thumb into the cupped fist as if dunking an invisible tea bag before "drinking" the tea. He repeated before signing quickly.

"Whoa!" Robert waved his hands in Harry's face. "Slow down." Robert pulled the palm of his right hand along the top of his left hand toward his body slowly. Harry sighed happily and signed that he had finally gotten his art class, and drank three too many cups of tea this morning. He paused before lip speaking "I don't want another Wolf. I like you."

Harry was a flamboyant, sweet, and down right a beautiful boy. He had his black hair in a buzz cut that complimented his naturally pale skin, brown eyes that Robert could star at forever, and his deafness only seemed to add to his charm. When Robert meet Harry 6 mouths ago, Robert couldn't understand any of his signing, so Harry would lip-speak, mouthing the words without actually making much of a sound, to him as he signed the words and if he still didn't understand, Harry would write it out. Now, as long as Harry signed slowly, Robert didn't need him to repeat to often; Robert has even picked up a few signs off his own.

Robert and Harry continue to talk about their classes. Harry was also a highschool senior. Thankfully the Academy was a highschool and Jr. College in one, so Harry and Robert didn't have to split. Harry's classes were afternoon to early night classes with the vampires, leaving him a few long breaks between each class. Roberts were in the morning and afternoon, meaning when his vampire roommate was at school, he could finally sleep.

Harry reached up to crease Roberts face with his left hand as he signed "you look tired" with his right. His fingertips ran across Robert's lower lip, pulling it down, revealing his fangs. Harry gave him a knowing look.

"You hungry?" he asked before pulling down the sleeve of his shirt, reveling his pale shoulder. The sight of his bit spot sent a surge to Robert's stomach and other places as well. He licked his fangs, breathing heavy as Harry moved closer, offering himself. The next actions were not conscious thought, but he ran on pour animal instinct.

Robert pulled harry closer to him, resting his dark head on his shoulder as Robert reached out for his shoulder. Robert placed light kisses from his ear to his shoulder joint, causing Harry to whimpered softly, while his hand rubbed over his sides and down his back. Feeding was intimate and erotic for them, and Robert felt his neither regions stir as he licked up and down his bit spot, teasing Harry to bring his blood to the surface. Harry whimpered, breathing rough, clawing at Robert back, waiting and wanting to feel that welcomed pain. When the skin was hot and pink, Robert opened his jaws and started to press his fangs into that sweet flesh.

The sound of whispering caused Roberts ears to perk and his eyes to pop open. Across the courtyard was some of those thickheaded jocks, clad in matching team jackets, pointing at them and talking about them, ruining the intimate feeding time. Not now, Robert thought, growling as he withdrew his mouth from his servants shoulder.

Harry, flushed in the face, caressed Robert's long hair, looking at him with confusion. "What's wrong?" he lip-spoke, bringing a y-shaped hand to his chin and tapping it lightly.

"Don't worry," Robert signed. "I hunger but I feed later." he pointed back to himself and signed that he had another hunger that he wanted to care for in private. Harry smiled sheepishly, snaking a hand down Roberts side and between his legs, earning him a growl from the Wolf. Whether or not the deaf boy knew of the jocks behind his back or not, he reach out and kissed Robert softly, running his fingers thought that chin length brown hair. Tongue kissing around long fangs was not easy but they kissed earnestly until the lights flashed and the warning bell rang.

"I see you later sweetheart." Harry signed as he picked up his backpack from the ground. Just as he was about to walk off , Robert grabbed him by his bite-shoulder, turned him around, and walked him backwards into the wall of the court yard, pressing him into an aggressive kiss. When they spilt, Robert eyes were glowing amber, his fangs at there max length, and his nails began to turn into craws.

"I'll see you after class." he spoke slowly so Harry could read his lips, keeping him pinned to the wall. "My room. 11 tonight. My roommate should be in class, and I want you to myself for a few hours." Robert kissed his servant gently before walking off. His body was shaking with need, his stomach was hurting, and his head was throbbing.

This is going to be a rough day.