I guess I want to say thanks.

I don't really see why I have to, but mom says I gotta. And mom is really scary when she's angry, so I will.

I want to thank Dad, for telling mom she shouldn't "belittle his childhood ego with incessant nagging," or whatever that means. Even though it only makes mom angrier when you say that, Dad, and Sammy usually has to cover my ears whenever mom says something back, I still like that you stand up for me.

But Dad is the only person I want to thank. Because I'm not thankful to anyone else. I don't like that Sammy thinks she has to cover my ears; I'm old enough to know now, I promise! I mean, I haven't wet the bed in years.

I'm not thankful to mom, because this letter is stupid. Especially is making me write some of it to everyone I know, which is stupid because no one has thanked me yet. And I do a lot for people!

Like, mom says I have to thank Mrs. Reese next door for "not pressing vandalism charges" (I'm not sure what that means either) when I ruined her roses with dad's spray paint, but I didn't ruin them! They were all one boring red color, and it was too close to Gracie's hair, which is gross. I'm especially not grateful to Gracie either, because she is stupid.

She calls me a bed-wetting sissy and I call her a cooty-catching booger, but she always tells her mom, who tells my mom, and then I get in trouble! Mom just wants me to be Gracie's best friend like she is for Gracie's mom. But I'll never be best friends with a girl. Kyle and I making the tree house Dad built for boys only, except to my sister Sammy. She can come since she can reach where mom hides the ice cream.

Mom says I also have to be thankful Gracie was ignoring me the day I told her Santa wasn't real. He's not. I have proof. But no one believes me at school, and my teachers keep getting mad at me. Mom says I shouldn't say those things or I won't get anything for Hanukah. She doesn't mean it, but mom had that look that meant I would be in trouble. Sammy thinks it's funny.

I think that's it. Gracie's family is coming over soon and mom is gonna make play with her, which sucks. I invited Kyle to dinner, but his mom got mad at me and said Thanksgiving was for "family time," or something. If it's family time I don't know why Gracie and her mom have to spend it here at my house.

No one knows where Gracie's daddy is, but I wish I could find him so Gracie could spend Thanksgiving with him.

That's all I'm thankful for. But I will be thankful for the puppy I want for Hanukah. So if you're reading this, mom or dad (not Santa because he's not real!), I want a puppy.

Love, Jackson, age 6

I decided I didn't want to write a cutesy romance oneshot for Thanksgiving. In AP english, we were given 40 min to write a thank-you letter for turkey day. but I was feeling creative. xD So I made up Jackson. But since everything I write has to have a minimum of mushy-gushy-ness, I added a little predictable romance for when they're older. :P

Perhaps I'll write a oneshot about him and Gracie for the holidays or just in general, depends on the response this gets. I know the summary is silly. xD Purposefully, this is not the most eloquently written since it's written from a child's POV.

Reviewers are greatly appreciated! :D