It was Monday. Oh, yes, always a fabulous day for those of who loved waking up early after the two days given to get back into the summer rut of sleeping in. And when I say 'those of us' I mean me. My brown, rather mousy hair was a wreck and I was beginning to wonder if my eyes had shrunk in my sleep… oops, no, I just had huge bags underneath my eyes that covered up a good two-thirds of them. Anyways, despite my outward looks being a problem, this Friday was the dreaded day: Prom night! Cue the Dracula music!

I hated Prom. All the way around, I hated it. Speaking of hate, since I was the hated one of the pentagon, that usually meant I'd be stuck going with a nerd… again. Maybe a cute nerd would ask me this time… nah, there was no such thing. It was so bad last year that I had ended up asking a nerd to go with me! Talk about himiliation!

I was too lazy to shower so I just yanked my hair back in a sort of knot/pony tail/bun sort of thing that was more like a wad of hair at the back of my head than any other description. I decided to wear my pajama shirt to school. Hey! It wasn't originally a pajama shirt! It was actually a 'Vote for Pedro' shirt advertising for one of my favorite movies 'Napoleon Dynamite'. With a black skirt underneath that, I was dressed.

I grabbed my book bag and a half a piece of toast on my way out the kitchen door. How I just managed to get half? I didn't want to know…

Just as I reached the end of my driveway, the bus arrived. I hopped on with a small smile to the bus driver. He was one of the few people that were actually nice to me.

"Hey, Madeline," the short, pudgy man greeted me.

"What's up, Mr. White?" I replied with the coolest slang I could manage… yeah, it wasn't that impressive but he never seemed to mind.

He grinned in response in such a way that caused his rolls of cheek fat to bulge up around his eyes. Most people would stare whenever he decided to smile, which wasn't often. It was like they were surprised he had muscles in his face that could make him smile. Well, I couldn't necessarily blame them. It's not like he exactly looked like he used them a lot.

"Just another day," he replied, same as always. I was convinced that was the only response he knew to such a question.

I turned toward the bus full of maniac teenagers and headed down the aisle. Unfortunately, Brendan (pause for a dreamy sigh) didn't take this bus, so there was no point in me struggling to get a seat nearby him. It always made it easier to not complain about where I ended up.

I sat in about the middle of the bus by a Korean girl that absolutely refused to acknowledge my existence. Not like I blamed her. I was ignoring her too. But it did get a little ridiculous when I accidentally dropped my jacket on her lap and she pushed it off like she just dropped some crumbs from her toaster strudel on it. Grumbling and thinking of all sorts of nasty pranks to play on her, I bent and retrieved the fallen clothing.

School at last! Just inside those daunting doors was the man of all men: Brendan. I could just picture his dazzling smile, his gorgeous hair, his-

"Watch it!"

In my wonderful daydreaming I had accidentally run into the boy in front of me.

"Oh, sorry!" I attempted to apologize but he had already shot off towards another girl.

Lo and behold, it was Thor, the lover of the cheerleader nightmare who hates me! It was Shayla he was running towards. Yikes!

I lowered my head and quickened my pace. It was one of those scarce moments where I wished my hair were down to put in my face. I dashed inside and hurried down the hallway. Luckily, neither of them seemed to notice me. Shayla was too busy trying to dart through the crowd and pretend she hadn't seen Thor. The situation almost would've been laughable if it hadn't been for who I saw ahead of me. Like a vision on cloud nine in an adorable vested shirt with black jeans was the man of all men himself: Brendan. Yes, I could hear the angels singing.

Was he…looking at me??? Were those his actual, stunning blue eyes looking at… me? Oh, wait! His lips are moving now! Oh, dear… he was talking to… me!!

"Sorry!" I finally snapped out of it.

He leaned against the pale blue wall beside me.

"That's okay," he chuckled. "Um, Madeline, I just wanted to let you know that… I'm sorry for the way my sister has been treating you… I know she's really mean and it's because of me…"

"Wow," was all I could say. And it wasn't just what I said that made me feel like a dork, it was the way I said it. I allowed the word to be long and drawn out to the extent that you couldn't hear the last letter. So it ended up sounding more like, "Wahhhh…"

"Are you… okay?" His gorgeous blue eyes darkened in concern.

"Yes!" I blurted out, blushing now. I hated it when I blushed too. Red was not my color! "I'm really sorry, Brendan, but… thanks for coming and talking to me!"

"Oh, anytime! You're fun to talk to." He blinked, but it was weird because he only blinked one eye… oh, wait! That was a wink! Was he… flirting with me?

I blushed to an even brighter degree.

"So are you!" I threw back.

"Well… you want to do lunch today?" he finally asked.

Did I just die? I mean, honestly, did Shayla come up behind me and stab me or something because Heaven was the only place something this wonderful could happen! I even found myself pinching my arm to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

Brendan's voice… yep, I was alive!

"Yes!" I tried to cover for my error by pretending I was just scratching an itch. "Lunch would be great!"

"Great! So, I'll see you there?"

"Of course!"

And then… off walked my dream with a small, two-fingered wave goodbye as he walked… no, glided down the hallway.

I could scarcely tear my eyes away until… oh, no! I could just barely see two, scowling eyes like darts of poison aimed at me from across the hallway. Shayla had seen everything… Now I could pretty much count on being in Heaven before lunch today!