Don't believe me

Whenever you say I'm okay/ I'm not

Whenever you see me cry/ I've been caught

Whenever I say I'm not afraid/ I'm lying

Whenever I say I'm sorry/ you don't know how hard I'm trying

I can't tell you the truth/ I don't want you to know

You're not much of a sleuth/ The lies just flow

Don't believe in me/ It'll be my death I know

Don't even look at me/ I need to go

I'm scared every time I wake up/ you won't be there

Every time I screw up/ All I fear is despair

I'm waiting for you to finally get up/ And walk out the door

For when you're finally fed up/ I won't feel you anymore

But for some reason you're still here/ Will you be here tomorrow?

Have think it's our last night together/ I can't face the sorrow

Laughing like I'm happy/ It's not really me

One day I'll show you/ One day you'll see