He was sitting there looking at her as she found herself calming down from what just happened to her. She couldn't gather her breath and she couldn't figure out what really was happening. He watched her as she gathered her breath she starred at him. He waited but found that she needed to be alone. He left the cave and went to find some fire wood out in the woods. He looked around when he heard her soft hysterical cries.

when she finally got control of her cries, he walked in with a bunch of branches and twigs in his hand. He looked over to see she was whipping her cheeks to cover up he tears. He tossed in branches slowly into the fire when he found her starring at him. He looked up with his piercing gaze to see that she wasn't scared as much as she was curios. He knew then that she would be his death. He walked over to a bag that was sitting next to the bed that he had made. She was watching him as he moved. His muscles moved under his skin in the perfect way that could make any woman and man wish to be near him… or be him. His hair was long and black, reaching half way down his shoulder blades. She wanted to reach out and touch his hair to see if it really felt soft as it looked.

He handed something to her and she had to look away from his perfect body to see what it was. She looked at it like it was something foreign. She looked back up to him and gently shook his head.

"If you don't eat anything your body will go into shock." He stated quietly, trying not to worry her in any way. She looked to it again when she looked back up.

"I don't eat meat. I'm I vegetarian." She stated and he looked to his hand. He put it away and crabbed something else. She caught the apple that was thrown her way. She looked at it as if contemplating whether she should have it or not.

"Eat." He said and that made up her mind. She looked into the fire as she slowly chewed at the food in her mouth. Lost in her thoughts she never realized that he was starring at her. She ate without another word.

He went to touch her shoulder, but when he did she shuttered away and looked to him.

"What is your name?" He asked and she contemplated on whether to tell him or not. She decided on only her first name.

"My name is Elizabeth. People call me Bella." She said and saw him smile to her name.

"What a royal name." He complimented and went to the other side of the fire. She watched as he moved so fast she lost track of him. He smiled to her and she had to look away for fear her face would show off the blush to much. She sat there eating the apple when she found curiosity hitting her again.

"What is your name?" She asked and he smiled again.

"My name is James." He said and she made a small laugh to that. He father was a James. He didn't look a think like a James at all. She ate the apple again when she fought back the foggy ness of her thoughts.

"James then, why did you save me?" She asked and saw that it was a touchy subject for him. He looked into her eyes and saw that she knew where to start even without thinking hardly on it.

"You saw what I am." He started as he stood up and slowly, dead slow, toward her.

"And that is why I was asking." She said watching his eyes with such intensity that she wondered why her body didn't tense up like it should have. His eyes where filled with a raw feeling and it made his emerald green turn almost golden. She then saw him kneel in front of her.

"If I told you the answer you surely wouldn't come back." He stated trying to scare her.

"Is it that bad or that good?" She asked and that made him laugh hard. His voice was music to her ears as all other voices seemed to hurt. She then saw his white sharp teeth and it made her skin crawl with anticipation. She like the feeling.

"It would depend on who's point of view." He stated as he moved closer to her. She could feel a blush form on her cheeks and across her nose. Why was she finding this man so attractive. He stopped a few centimeters away and smiled again. She had to resist the sudden urge to jump him. She never felt that way to any one. Why was he do different.

"From my point?" She asked hesitantly.

"Hmmm, it would seem wonderful, pleasant, and heart shattering." He said and that made her heart miss a beat and her voice to hitch in her throat. She could feel the heat increase on her face.

"Why heart shattering?" She asked and wondered if he was telling the truth.

"Heart shattering because you will be so shocked and so confused at the same time." He answered when he couldn't hold back and more. He moved forward locking his lips to hers and felt the excitement jump. She gasped and that allowed his tongue to slip into her mouth. His right hand went around her neck and locked into her hair as his other went to her side to pull her onto his lap as he sat down. She suddenly didn't care that a stranger named James was kissing her in the middle of the woods, in a cave. She grabbed at his chest and moved in the slightest of ways. She suddenly felt his erection threw the fabric of their jeans and she made a whimpering sound. He pulled away to allow her to breath but started to nibble on her neck. Her breath came in hard and staggered as he sucked on her neck.

His hands moved over her shirt as he worked on her neck. She didn't shy away or even flinch. She seemed to move into his hands. When he got to her waist line he pulled off her shirt and her over coat. She gasped at the sudden cold and he found her skin was jumping with electricity. He smiled and moved his hands up her stomach to her breasts. He gently fondled them and found that she was very sensitive there. He worked his nibbles on her neck to the other side as he removed her bra. He suddenly felt her hands on his pants and he had to move them away. He didn't want her to do anything.

He moved her arms around his neck as he went back to what he was doing before. He could smell her so well with the tint of lust that it drove him more insane for her body. He pulled the bra off and slowly started to kiss his way down the newly exposed skin. She gasped at the feeling of his warm fingers drawing lines all over her skin. Electing small fires to burn on her. She wanted her hands to do something but he had stopped her. He could feel her impatient-ness. He smiled against her skin and slipped his finger to her zipper. She wanted out but to do that he had to move her onto his made bed and pull her underwear and pants off fast. She gasped and he was undressed faster.

He was over her as she waited for something to happen but all that she saw was his eyes. Her hand started to move with her even knowing when she suddenly felt his skin under hers. Her hand lead up his chest to his cheek. He moved into it shutting his eyes and feeling with all he could concentrate on just her hand. When he opened his eyes back open she gasped and he knew why. His eyes where looking at her in a different way than before. He smiled down to her and went to her ear.

"You should know this before I do anything that you are now mine. No one else can have you but me." He said and she whimpered in a way she never has before. She wondered were that came from but found that her body was moving with a clouded mind. She pulled him down into a kiss when she was suddenly thrusted into. She threw her head back and made another sound she never thought possible. He slowly started to move in and out of her. Thrusting with all his might to not move faster into the virgin walls that clamped his throbbing dick nearly still. He started to make this growl and she felt her body obey them as if they where an order.

Slowly his thrust started to become harder and faster. She was at a loss for words and could only form sounds shed never heard before. He was growling deeply above her and she opened her eyes to see that he was trying to stay away but get his release into her. She wound her hands around his neck and twined her fingers into his hair. She pulled him down into a kiss and that was all it took. He thrusted faster and un-rhythmical into her. She then felt his sharp wolfish fangs grow out a little. She had to pull away to whimper and moan, while grabbing onto his back for support. He then went down to her neck and her sent became a toxin to him. He couldn't hold back any more. His sharp edged teeth cut threw the skin on her neck and he felt a burning feeling as he clamed her. She cried out as she felt him release into her body. She staggered to catch her breath but found it to hard to find.

When she could breath again he was licking at the wound he had caused her. She was not crying and she was not whining. She was simply trying to remember how to breath. He flipped them over somehow faster than she could understand as she was now on top. Her head rested on his chest as they still gathered their breath. He was the first to steady out and he waited for her. She hissed when she felt a sort of siring pain from where he bit her.

"I'm sorry about that love." He said so seductively into her ear it made it hard for her to think.

"What just happened." She asked and he knew that was going to be her first question.

"How to explain so that you would understand." He stated as if he was thinking. "In lack of a better explanation, you're my mate." He said and watched her face for fear or worry but nothing like that hit her. It was more confusing to her.

"I'm your what?" She asked and he just smiled to her again. He loved the fact that she was unpredictable.

"You are forever bound to me." He said.

"How? Why? Me?" She asked in confusion and that made him laugh again.

"Your sent. For me I can tell by sent, but if you need something a little more than take those sounds you where making. Or the reason why you weren't afraid of me as much as curios about me." He said and it seemed to make sense. But one thing made her brain wonder.

"How did you find me then?" She asked. His smile came back as he started to kiss her forehead and nose.

"It wasn't simple but lucky for me I found you." He said and that didn't answer her question. She started to get a little irritated that she couldn't get some cryptic lingo. He watched as her face became red with anger and it made him harden with in. she felt this and suddenly gasp shutting her eyes. His smile turned crooked and move seductive. "I'll tell you latter." He said as he slowly moved in a circular pattern. She gasped.

"You better tell me." She said in a warning tone that made her sound as if she always got her way. He smiled against her neck and kissed her gently.

"Of course." He said and went to making love to her again.