When she woke up she found that she was in her bed at her house. She groaned and tried to recall what last night was. She couldn't tell if it was a dream or if it was real. She got up and found she was dressed. She walked to the mirror knowing one thing… if she had a bite mark on her neck then the man from last night was real. She slowly opened her door and slowly saw herself appear. She then looked to her neck and saw that his mark was there. Starring back at her as if it was something to be proud of. She covered it up and started to smile looking down. But as she did she was suddenly hit in the head with her other door leading into the hall way. She looked to see her mother. She backed up when her mother looked at her worried.

"Is everything alright honey?" Her mother asked her and she nodded her head, wondering if she could speak.

"Yeah mom. Just woke up early not feeling too comfortable in my clothing." She said and her mother nodded.

"I guess you really where tired last night from getting lost in the woods. Take a shower and relax its only Saturday." Her mother said and left the room for her to do just that. Bella grabbed some clothing to change into and headed for her desk for her bathroom supplies. She went and took a quick shower to find to her horror that she was covered in what looked like love bites everywhere on her. She groaned as she let the water roll off her.

When she got out she decided to go and take a drive down to where she knew her friends where going to be. She looked happily to the truck and found that it was something she really did love. Her mother never understood why she would want a truck instead of an actual car. But he mother never brought it up when she said she wouldn't attract boys that way. Not as many at least. She rolled into the skate park and parked next to a car she knew all too well. Her best friend loved the little red sports car. He barley had enough money to buy it but she wondered how he kept it on the road. She hopped out and was suddenly grabbed into a bear hug. She looked to see Mike.

"Hey there girly. What brings you here?" He asked knowing her well enough to know she wouldn't came to a place like a skate park unless she needed to hang with some people. Manly his girlfriend Sarah. He loved to piss her off that way too.

"Just needed a place to hide away from reality." She said when he laughed.

"Bad day for that my sweat." He said and they both heard Sarah call out to him.

"Hey Sarah!" She yelled and suddenly her voice changed.

"BELL!" She yelled and ran around to hug her as well as her boyfriend. She was sandwiched between them.

"Can't breathe." She said and they pulled away slightly.

"What brings you here? Found yourself a man?" She asked and Bell looked away and Sarah knew. "You did! Tell me all about him." She pulled her to the park where they sat on top of the half pike. Mike went off to skate around. He didn't want to listen to girl gossip. "Tell me. What is he like? How long have you been going out? Why do you look so down about it?" She asked all at once.

"He has long black hair and eyes that are so strong it feels like he can see threw anything. He's tall and muscular. We haven't really gone out as much as well." She said and her friend gasped. "It's not like that. I was out in the woods late and I was about to be attacked by some wild animal. Well I ran and all of a sudden I was falling off the waterfall. He saved me though and well I kind of forgot all about reality because he was so handsome and he was so hypnotic. I look down because when I woke up I was home and it is kind of weird but I don't feel sorry for last night. I don't know when I am going to see him again." She said and watched Sarah look at her with an apologetic look.

"What makes you think he is coming back?" She asked and Bell felt this sinking feeling in her stomach.

"I don't know." She answered earnestly.

"Honey you fell in love with a man you don't know. Did you get his name?" She asked her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder to comfort here.

"James." She said and that was it. She felt tears threaten to slip but she held them in. She suddenly felt something inside her. Like a protective feeling but it wasn't her own. She looked around but found no one.

"That's all you got?" She asked.

"Sorry if I didn't ask him his name as he blew my mind away." She said and she laughed.

"That bad?" She asked.

"No, that good." She said and Sarah laughed. She then looked down to see a man talking to mike. She looked at him when she shook Bell.

"Is that him?" She asked and Bella looked down to mike and gasped.

"How the hell?" She said and suddenly saw him look up to where they were sitting. She blushed and had to look away. How was he there? How did he find her? She thought and suddenly heard her name being called by Mike.

"Bella, Sarah come on down and say hi to James!" He yelled and Sarah gasped.

"Well come on. You get to meet him again." Sarah said when Bell looked to her.

"What am I to say?" She asked and she shook her head.

"I can't help you there. See what he does first and go after that." She said and they both jumped down and walked over to where the two were. Bell looked to James and saw him smile brightly. He then walked up to her and pulled her into a deep kiss. She heard Sarah and Mike gasp. She kissed him back finding it was easy to pick up where she fell asleep last night.

"Good to see you again Bella." He said and watched her blush like mad. He then laughed and smiled to her. She pinched his chest and he looked deep into her eyes.

"You still haven't explained to me." She said and he started to laugh again. "And put me down." She said and he did.

"Well that's one way to make an entrance." Mike said and Sarah laughed.

"So Bell want to tell us who he really is?" She asked her friend and Bella looked to them.

"He's just James. As far as I know. He hasn't told me his last name." She said and looked up to him. He smiled down to her and then looked to her friends.

"James McLaren." He said to them and tightened his grip on her. "Want to tell me why you felt so sad?" He asked her and Sarah gave her a weird look.

"Not really. How did you know I was down?" She asked and he smiled to her again.

"Well now that you have a partner why don't we go bowling?" Came Mike's voice and Sarah agreed. Bella looked to them when she heard James agree. She sighed and knew, no matter what, they were going to take her. She sighed again and looked up to James.

"I'll take Sarah in my car." I said.

"I'll go with James." Mike said and Sarah attached herself onto my arm.

"Come on. I will tell you the way." Sarah said and pulled her away from the boys.

"Why is she so attached to her?" James asked Mike.

"They were going out for a while. But they found out that they just liked to be best friends. Though they do kiss a lot when either of them is feeling down or one of them needs comforting from the other. So what did you drive here in?" He asked curios to see his car.

"It's a McLaren F1, Six speed, manual, v12, two door, sports car." (1) James said and he looked at him strangely.

"Your car is named after you?" He asked as they walked up to it.

"No I just happen to have the same name. Now get in so we can chase after the girls." He said and saw Mike pout in a way.

"So tell me right now." Sarah said to Bella and she tried to focus on the road.

"Tell you what?" She asked and looked slightly over to her.

"That was one hell of an entrance." She repeated Mike's saying.

"Hey you where the one that told me for him to make the first move." She said to Sarah when she heard someone honk at her and saw Mike looking like he was a mad man and James laughing his head off.

"It looks like your boyfriend took mine on a nice ride." She said and started laughing. Bella couldn't help but laugh as well.

"Either way. Like I said I didn't regret last night." Bella said looking serious again.

"You will if you find out that your pregnant cause I don't think he use a thing did he?" She asked and Bella stared at the windshield. She couldn't move. It was a possibility that she could have been pregnant. But she wouldn't know until later.

"Thanks for those worries." Bella said to Sarah and she just laughed.

"Hey if you want I could take it in for you. I wouldn't mind." She said when Bella remembered a little thing about James.

"No that is all right. If I am I will deal and just be a mother earlier than you." She said when she saw Sarah point to turn right into the bowling place. When she got out they watched Mike fly out of the car and run to Sarah for protection from James.

"What did you do to him?" Bella asked when James came up and wrapped his arms around her.

"Nothing really. He doesn't like to drive in something that goes faster than five miles per hour." James said and he then laughed. Bella looked to see him pointing an accusing finger.

"He drives like a maniac." Mike said and Bella had to laugh at that.

"Well let's get going. Should warn you that I am really good at this." James said.

"Couple against couple." Sarah said.

"You're on dog boy. I'm the best at this." Mike said and Bella looked at Mike a little worried. Did he know that he was a werewolf? Did he show him that he was? She looked up to James and saw him smiled sideways.

"Woof." He said and Sarah laughed. She then grabbed her away from James so that they would follow them. When they got in James paid for several games and we all stared at he pulled out Rich Peoples Credit Cards. He smiled down to her and she shook her head. They got their shoes and went to their lane. No one else was really there so they didn't have to worry about playing with someone else. They all knew that it got packed in the small building. Mike and James went first and then Sarah and the Bella. She didn't know why she was even there.

"Can't I sit out? I'm not that good." Bella said when she was handed a ball from Sarah.

"The only way you will learn is if you practice." She said and looked to James pleading.

"You can't be that bad." He said and Mike and Sarah laughed.

"You are so wrong." Bella said and stepped up to the line. She then threw the ball the best she could and hit only one pin before falling into the gutter. She sighed and went to throw the last ball. This time she hit two and turned and took a seat. James was up and she watched him hit a perfect strike. She grumbled under her breath when Sarah laughed.

The game went on like that till it was ended. Mike and Sarah where tied with James. Bella said she wasn't playing so Sarah said she was going to sit this one out. The two boys looked at each other with a new fiery passion that made them almost look sinister.

"Bella you're not having fun." Sarah said and Bella crossed her arms over her chest.

"No I'm not. I can't play this game. I'm not good in any sports." She said and sighed. "Probably was better last night and I didn't have to do anything." She mumbled when they heard James's ball hit the pins with new found strength. He looked back to Bella and she blushed. He heard her but Sarah didn't.

"Go easy on the pins there Fido." She said and Bella had to laugh at that. Her and Mike both called James a dog. She didn't know why but she found it funny none the less.

"Come on Sarah." Bella said and got up. Sarah followed her to the jut box machine. She felt James's eyes on her the whole way there. She pulled out the change she had and saw she had enough for five songs. She slipped them in and looked to see what they had.

The first song was ACDC she shook me all night long. She smiled to that then she picked Katy Perry I kissed a girl. She heard Sarah laugh when she chose the song The Blood Hound Gang, The Bad Touch. Bella laughed to that one and had to say that it would definitely get the guys irked. They chose the second to last song as Madonna, Like a Virgin. They both laughed when they saw that the guys were watching them curiously. The last song they changed to Nightcore, Find My Way to You. They walked back when their first song came on.

James starred at Bella when it came up and she just started to sing along with Sarah, who was also getting looks from Mike. They just ignored them and sang and giggled. They knew what was coming up next but it wouldn't get any reaction like The Bad Touch would. The song ended and suddenly Sarah pulled Bella into a kiss. They heard gasps coming from Mike and a growl sound from James. When the song came on Sarah pulled away and stuck her tongue out at James. They went back to playing and James was slightly angry. Bella watched as he got strikes like nothing and mike was suddenly losing.

They started another game and James was calm till the next song came on. They both started to laugh when suddenly they saw James in front of them. Sarah crossed her arms when Bella seemed to shrink into her seat.

"What's with these songs?" He asked and Sarah just laughed.

"Bella and I here love this song. I chose it by the way." Sarah said and Bella laughed and started to sing quietly along. He looked over to her and saw she was blushing but happy. He then heard Mike yell to him that it was his turn. Sarah laughed and couldn't wait for the next one she pulled Bella up onto the small table.

"Come on Bella. Sing the next song with me." She said and Bella started to laugh.

"I am not so sure about that song." She said and she got both boys to look at them. The song slowly ended and Sarah pretended to hand her a something to sing into. She laughed as Sarah started. Slowly Bella joined in and they started to dance. She was actually having fun in a bowling alley. She didn't care that the whole place was looking at her and her best friend. She could feel that James was starting to feel a little happy himself. She laughed with her friend and slowly the song started to end. When it did she sat down and they saw several men at the machine. They both shared in a laugh when they looked to see that James and Mike couldn't peal their eyes off of them. The next song came on and they relaxed and giggled a lot.

"We play the next game and you two take a break." Sarah said and they shook out of there staring. Bella just smiled up to James when he came over and pulled her up into a deep kiss. Sarah started to laugh when Mike said something about not being able to control himself. He threw the ball and saw he got a gutter. He starred at it when suddenly he realized why. Someone was grabbing him. He looked back to see Sarah.

"You seem to be doing pretty well." She said when she saw he was slowly crumbling. They then heard Bella and James when they saw it get a little too out of hand.

"Hey you two. Break it up." Mike said and James pulled away and heard the small holly shit past her lips.

"I will get you latter." Sarah said and he gave her a quick simple kiss.

"Not complaining here." He said and she handed him his other ball.

"Bella are you still alive over there?" She asked and heard her laugh.

"Yeah… just forgot to breath." She said and Sarah had to laugh. It was James turn to bowl and she watched his back when she found that he had perfect form. "Wonder if it is possible to get private lesions." Bella said and Sarah fallowed her eye sight. She then laughed.

"From him no doubt. Though I will say that there might not be any jut-box music playing during that time. I would hate to see him fucking you and you get strikes. He would be permanently glued to you." She said when they heard James and Mike laughing hysterically. Bella looked to see that they heard her.

"Say it a little louder next time Sarah. I don't think the next country heard you." Bella said and she just had to laugh at her friend.

"Our turn." Sarah said and pulled Bella with her. They sat down with James the victor.

"This is pointless." Bella said as she was first. She dropped her head almost hitting the ball.

"Come on. It's only me." Sarah said.

"You are just as good as Mike and he can kick my ass any day." She said glaring at her.

"True but I lose to him all the time." She said and waited for Bella to through her balls. When she did they heard James getting up. He pulled her back a little while Sarah went.

"Would you like help?" James whispered into her ear.

"Not right now. I wouldn't want Sarah's vision to come true." She muttered and James laughed and went next to her ear. He then started to kiss her neck when he told her to step then threw the ball. He then sat down and she shook her head. "Don't see how that will help." She said and Sarah said it was her turn. She stepped up with the ball and tried what James said. She hit a few more pins then she normally did but no strikes or spares in her future for the day.

When the games finally ended Sarah and Bella where rubbing their stomachs. They were hungry when James said he knew a good place around there. They perked up at the sound of food and they were all for it. Mike and James had to laugh as they saw the same smile on both girls. So they were driving off to the restaurant but this time James had Sarah. Mike didn't want another life and death situation. He clung to Bella and James glared at him. Bella just kissed him quickly and got into her truck when Mike flew in. They fallowed James till they stopped and pulled into a private parking area. She was hesitant but when she came to the guards they told her to just go right on in.

"Well that is a little weird." Mike said and Bella nodded. "I bet he is good at everything he does. So tell me how is he at sex?" He suddenly asked and Bella starred at him until he told her she was about to hit a car. She hit the brakes and saw she was about to hit another van.

"Why the hell you asking me?" She said trying to back up and pulled into a little parking spot nearby. She glared at Mike.

"Please you have been in the "Lord forgive me for I have sinned" mood all day. Does your mother know?" He asked and she shook her head. "Man that's tough on you. Well how is he?" He asked again.

"I can't explain." She said and he laughed.

"Was he that bad?" He asked and she shook her head no. "That good?" He asked and she blushed and nodded. She then heard a knock on her door and she jumped. She grabbed her heart area and saw James. He opened the door and she nearly screamed his head off.

"Don't scare me like that!" She yelled when she was suddenly pulled down from her spot and the keys were taken out.

"You all right?" He asked and kissed her forehead.

"Yeah you just spooked me." She said.

"No. What did he say to you?" He asked and she blushed when James saw Mike's head bend down to his.

"I asked how well you were in bed." He said and he growled to him. He was then pulled by Sarah and he wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back.

"I'm fine. It's a good thing mother can't read my face like they can. She doesn't know yet." She said and he nodded. They then walked around to a small place they didn't see but when they looked at it three of the four of them where suddenly feeling underdressed. "What is that?" Bella said and pointed to the sign. James just smiled and pulled her reluctantly to the doors. Bella looked back to the frozen Mike and Sarah. She mouthed help me and they were right behind her. When they got in a waiter bowed his head and James said 'four' and they were seated. James sat down and watched the three of them gasp around the place. He smiled when Bella looked at him.

"How?" She asked and he waved her to walk to him. She did and was engulfed in his arms.

"I own this place." He said and Sarah and Mike starred at him.

"Rich man watch out." Came Mike's warning. Bella looked up and saw Sarah looking at them with glazed eyes.

"Sarah I will help you." She said and then was glomped by her. James starred at the encounter and wondered what they were talking about.

"Sarah has the tendency to hurt even her friend when it comes to money. You happen to know look like a really big money sign to her. She has always depended on Bella to help her." Mike said sitting across from James. Sarah then pulled away and Bella looked her deep in the eyes.

"I'll be fine." Sarah said and Bella nodded. They took their seats when they finally looked around. Once they did James remembered something that was in the room that suddenly he regretted.

"Don't even think about it." When he saw the girls eyes on the sole object.

"Oh but please?" She said and he looked at her puzzled. "Come on. Why not?" She asked and he had to look away from her yearning eyes.

"I don't need a repeat of the bowling alley songs." He said and heard her sigh.

"But you wouldn't mind a repeat of last night no doubt. So not fare." She whispered and she heard him growl. "Stop that." She said and he pulled her closer so he could whisper into her ear. She just then realized her friends where watching her intently.

"Stop saying it like a bad thing." He whispered. She shrugged him away.

"Well because of that I could be pregnant. Big damper on telling mom about you." She said when a waiter came up. They ordered their drinks and they sat in quiet as they looked through what they wanted to eat. James felt hurt that he hurt Bella in a way and she was really worried. He had to take her mind off of the whole ordeal until he could get her to his house. (Which is more like a fucking mansion? Which you will see! I promise.) He glanced at her and saw her biting her lower lip. He wondered if that was a habit or not.

"Fine, go ahead and use it… but fare warning if I end up jumping you." He said suddenly and he watched her smiled up to her. She pointed to what she wanted and pulled Sarah to the object. It was a karaoke machine. Bella smiled and he heard Mike sigh.

"Are they always like this?" James asked and Mike nodded.

"The only time I really get to spend with Sarah is when I'm at her house. I work as well so even that is limited. It's hard." He said and watched the girls go through the songs. He watched the waiter come back and they ordered the meals. They then heard what song came on. Both boys looked to see that the two girls where facing each other with sad looks on. They were acting. The song Walk away by pink.

"I gave you three years of my life, You always said I'd be your wife, What happened to the days, when Life was simple (So Simple), Everyone knows my name, I haven't changed, I'm the same girl, I was from the start, Everything's rearranged, you came, And changed it and gave me a broken heart, You don't wanna work it out, no, You wanna take the easy route" They started to sing and the guys just starred at them. James felt a very strong emotion coming from Bella as she sang the song she knew so well. Her voice filled his ears and he could hear the sad emotion from her voice. We wanted to get up, run to her, and wrap his arms around her.

"You throw your hands up and walk away, When times get hard you always walk away, You get mad and say you're leavin', Why is it so damn hard for you to talk to me?, When it's so easy for you to walk away." They started and James felt hurt like she was remembering something. He looked at her eyes and they glazed over in memory. He then saw Sarah grab her hand and rub her thumb over her hand. She then smiled. James glanced at Mike and saw he noticed something too.

"So here I am, driving down the street, Lookin' for a sign, when will I meet, The man of my dreams?, When will he come to me?, When will he come to me?, I'm sick of trying, I'm goin' home back, To Philly where I come from, And you can stay here and spend your, Whole life running, But baby I'm, Gonna move on, You don't wanna work it out, no, You wanna take the easy route." James then saw Bella looked to him when she said 'man of my dreams'. He smirked at that and wanted to yell at her that he was. She smiled and continued to sing when she suddenly saw someone walk into the room. She suddenly went shy in her voice but Sarah pulled her attention back to her. He smirked at that.

"You throw your hands up and walk away, When times get hard you always walk away, You get mad and say you're leavin', Why is it so hard for you to talk to me?, When it's so easy for you to walk away." Sarah then glanced at James and suddenly she smiled. He looked back to see Mike with a slight blush and a big smile.

"Tell me something." James said and listened to Bella when he heard the sadness again.

"So there I go, I'm leavin' you alone, What will you do, now all your fears, Came true, You had my heart, you had my soul, You had it all- didn't you, 'Cause I'm sick of tryin' I'm goin' home, Back to Philly where I come from, And you can stay here and spend your , Whole life running, but baby it's , Time to move on, You didn't wanna work it out, no, You just wanted the easy route."

"What is that?" Mike asked and watched James curiously.

"What happened to her?" He said.

"Her story to tell. The only thing I will say is it was before my time." Mike said and the song started to come to an end.

"You throw your hands up and you walked away, When times got hard you always walked away, Well sorry baby but I'm leavin', It was just too hard for you to talk to me, Now's my turn I'm gonna do the same, I'm gonna do the same, I'm gonna walk away, I'm gonna walk away, How does it feel baby?, I'm gonna walk away." They sang and started to pant. He would have to remember to ask Bella latter. He watched as they went to find another song while panting lightly. He smiled and saw that they were planning something. He tried to listen but when he looked to Bella she yelled into the microphone for James to not listen. His ears hurt and he sighed slightly.

"You can hear them?" Mike asked.

"Yeah I have acute hearing. I heard her mumbling back at the bowling alley too." James said truthfully and Mike starred at him shocked. They then heard a song all too familiar and they starred at the girls angrily. "Stop playing that song. Neither one of you are anymore!" James nearly yelled and Mike busted out laughing.

"Bite me James." Bella said.

"Don't tempt me." He said back and she wiggled her but to him but sang along to the song alone because Sarah couldn't stop laughing at Bella. Half way through their food came and the Sarah joined Bella in singing. They watched the waiter blush as he left and they couldn't help the smiles. When the song ended they walked up to their seats and started to talk with their men.

The meal went by without much fuss and James was happy to see Bella enjoying herself. He felt the completed feeling she had when he was with her. He knew he wouldn't leave her alone even if he was told too. When they were leaving Mike strapped himself to Bella and James growled. He complained about the whole life and death threatening car ride with James. Sarah gladly grabbed James arm and Mike became quiet.

"Come on James. I will ride with you." She said and he hinted the playful sound to her voice. He walked to his car and Mike fallowed Bella to her truck.

"That's what you get for being clingy. You should actually be taking the death defying ride and not her." Bella said as they got in.

"Yeah I will make it up to her. She couldn't wait till I jump into her tight little pants." He said getting in as well. They then realized that they didn't know where they were doing. They then heard a honk behind them.

"Fallow me!" Came James and Bella smiled. She started up her truck and they played a little came of car tag as they speed down a highway only a little ways down. Bella watched Mike try to work her broken radio but he gave up a few minutes later. He then stated his ass was vibrating and Bella laughed. He answered his cell phone only to pull it away. It was Sarah and their radio was too loud. Bella looked to see him pull up beside her. She made a hand movement of the radio volume and you could hear her turn it down.

"Yes?" Mike said and heard her yell. He pulled it away and she heard her to say sorry. He put it on speaker.

"We are heading to James house apparently." Sarah said and they heard the song on the radio and then James yelling at it to shut up. Everyone laughed because it was the same song they sang. They couldn't get enough of the song apparently.

"Where the hell does he live?" Mike asked to Bella and she then realized that she didn't know. She was hopping it wasn't the cave.

"She doesn't know. She can't even remember me bringing her home last night." James said and there were two gasps.

"Shut up James." Bella yelled and swerved a little to him. He pulled away and they heard Sarah scream.

"Don't hit us!" She yelled and Bella laughed.

"You may have speed but my car will last longer." Bella said and did it again and Sarah yelled again.

"Enough." James said.

"Come on Bella. Don't get her to excite. I get the outcome of a very short stick." Mike said and they heard Sarah start to cry. Bella looked to her left and kissed her window.

"That's not gonna work Elizabeth." Sarah said and she crouched down into her seat at her full name.

"Now you did it." Mike said.

"Shut up Mike. Not helping me one bit." Bella said.

"Turn on the next exit." James said and then the phone went dead. Bella sighed and he speed off. She didn't fallow but actually slowed down a little bit. James saw this and slowed a little himself. She then felt the worry from him and she sighed.

'Why am I always getting myself into trouble? Now I hurt Sarah and she's not going to talk to me. Worse case she hit on James. Lucky me! I won't have to worry.' She thought when she saw the exit. She took it and found James' car in front of her. They followed him for another thirty minutes till they pulled to a gate. They couldn't see the house because of the forest blocking the sight over the tall wall that stopped anything. He hit a button in his car and they all went in. it was a slow ten minute drive till they finally saw the building. It stood about four floors tall. The building was made of some form of stone that looked like cream. The drove to the front steps the where about twenty or so. Bella gasped at it and saw the arch way and had to focus on stopping. When she got out she starred at it like Sarah did. Mike didn't though and it made her feel like an idiot.

"What do you think?" Bella then heard as arms wrapped around her. She couldn't help the gasp that past her lips as an answer. "This place is yours as well. When you move in once you are ready too." He said and she blushed deeply.

"The cave?" He asked.

"I go there to think." He said and they then saw a butler. He came out and saw that they were going to have some company. He smiled when he saw the girl in his arms. He then waited for everyone to come up the stairs.

"Master you had a phone call from someone named Karla." He said and Bella gasped.

"Thank you. Any mail?" He asked.

"I placed it on your desk sir." He said and she was pulled into the house. Mike and Sarah where right behind them as they all gasped. In front of them was a large foyer and they saw a stair case that split to both sides. Bella watched as the room suddenly started to change and she felt a little light headed. Her knees gave out and she found James was the only thing that was holding her up.

"Are you all right Bella?" He said a little worried.

"Holly cows." She said and she started to pant. James laughed gently and held her until she got her balance back. "You live here?" She asked and he nodded.

"Why do you live in such a large house if you live alone?" Sarah asked and they looked at her.

"My family likes it up here. They come a visit every once and a while." James said and felt Bella stand on her own. He loosened his grip but didn't remove it. He watched as they looked around again when Bella remembered her mother called.

"Why did my mother call here?" She asked and he smiled.

"I told her that I was going to kidnap you for a few hours after you hang out with them." He whispered into her ear. "That's not all we talked about either." He said then looked back to Sarah and Mike. "I have a game room if you would like to check it out?" He said and Mike looked to him in shock. Sarah then laughed and pulled him away when James told them it was upstairs and the last door on the right. She was then pulling him up the stairs. Bella looked up to James and he was smiling down to her with that cricked smile.

"You did that just to get rid of them." Bella said and he nodded and pulled her behind the stairs.

"I wanted some time with you. It that a sin to be with my mate?" He asked and she giggled.

"No I guess not. This house is too big!" She said and that made him laugh gently.

"Come let us see what your mother left for a message. And you can call her telling her that you are all right." He said and she remembered what he said earlier.

"What do you mean that's not all that you two talked about?" She asked and he smiled sideways to her.

"I will tell you after you talk to her." He said and pulled her to a door that led into his office. She starred at him as he sat her in the chair and dialed the number to her house. He handed her the phone and she just stared at him.

"Hello?" Came her mother's voice.

"Hello mother. I am calling to tell you that I am fine and hanging with everyone at James's house." She said and then heard her mother sigh.

"He hasn't done anything to you has he?" She said and that made her looked up to James.

"No nothing has happened. Why are you so worried mother? I can take care of myself." She asked and James smiled.

"Just this time try being more forward and say no. I don't want to her from your boyfriend that you two have had sex. I will talk to you when you get back." She said and hung up the phone. She put the phone back where it was placed before when James watched Bella's physical appearance change.

"You told her that we had sex?" She nearly yelled and he looked to her worried. She looked like she was about to cry from how angry she was.

"I knew you wouldn't have been able to. She told me to use protection before I left your house." He said and that didn't make anything better. Tears started to fall and he went up to her and wrapped his arms around her. "I am sorry." He said not knowing why.

"My mother is never going to look at me the same way. She thinks that I am a sinner know. Mother is very big on the no sex before marriage. What do you think she will do to me?" She said and looked to him. Her crying slowed and he felt really bad now.

"Come on. Let me make you feel better." He said and picked her up to make her stand. He then felt the wolf inside him awaken. She didn't sense any difference from him but when he wouldn't let her go she looked up and saw that his eyes where different.

"James?" She said when he smiled to her seductively. She started to get a little worried but couldn't think of it as she was pulled into a kiss. She kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck when she then realized something was off. "Well you sure as hell are not the James I was expecting." She said and he smiled

"So you can tell the difference?" He said and smiled down to her.

"Yes I can. You like the fact that you are dominate. James just likes pleasure." She said but didn't remove her grip.

"So why are you not afraid?" He asked looking deep into her eyes.

"Because I trust you. What is it that you want?" She asked and he smiled down to her.

"My human half had made you cry. I was merely seeing if I could do a better job. I gave him free range last night in clamming you. Now I think I should see who he chose." He said and she pulled him down into a kiss when she was pulled tighter to him and found instantly that she was being rested on something. A couch. She pulled away gasping for air.

"And if I slept with you what would that make me?" She asked and he laughed at that.

"That would merely make you a lover to both the wolf and the man." He said and she glared up at him.

"You are hiding something from me. You can't lie to me." She said and he laughed again.

"You are very good. I can see why he chose you. I am not lying but nor am I telling the full truth. To officially mate to a werewolf you must have sex with both sides of the person. I would leave a mark on you as he got you longer. It is my final choice in the matter." He said when suddenly he was on the floor and she was straddling his hips.

"What if I don't want to have sex with you right now?" She said and he growled up at her. He then pushed her down and glared into her eyes.

"Well then I would have to take it forcibly." He said and she laughed.

"You couldn't live with the fact that you caused me great pain." She said and then she forced him back down to his disbelief. "And I said right now. If I were to ever have sex with the wolf than he will look like he is. The animal within the human. And besides that I find it more fun to play around than to actually get down and dirty when we first meet." She said.

"Didn't stop you last night." He said pushing her down. She then flipped them back over.

"Last night was different. And trust me he isn't getting the chance to do that any time soon. I need time to heal from that." She said and he laughed hard. His laughter sounded more like barks and she find that funny. She smiled down when she got up and starred down at him. "That and I feel like finding my friends. Never know what they are doing in the game room. Almost a little afraid to find them." She said and he was then instantly up and pulling her to the game room.

"Well then let's find them and kick them out so I can play some more." He said looking back to her.

"What should I call you? You are not the same James I know." She said allowing herself to be pulled away and up the stairs.

"No I am not the same my name is Kin." He said and she looked up to him.

"Gold?" She said and that made him laugh.

"Yes gold. I am surprised you know what that means." He said and stopped in front of the door to the game room. They both then heard screams and what sounded like a game being played. They then heard what seemed like Sarah's voice moaning out Mike's name. She turned around and just walked somewhere down the hall. She didn't stop till there were arms around her waist. She looked back and saw that it was still Kin looking at her.

"Do you want me to make them stop?" He asked and she shook her head no and looked down to the ground finding it very fascinating. "Oh come on. You are not that affected by her are you?" He asked and when he got no answer he started to kiss her neck learning it from James last night that she was very sensitive there. As well as other places. He slowly found that she was relaxing but then he caught the scent of something else from her. He was turning her on. "You better stop me before I continue." He said and she looked back to him.

"I need to lie down and take a nap. I am not feeling so well all of a sudden." She said and he looked to her a little worried. He picked her up bridal style as her arms wrapped around his neck and brought her to his room. He laid her down and he watched as her eyes suddenly fell and she was fast asleep. He looked down to her when he talked to his human half. They both started to worry when he left to go talk to her friends. He had to seem the same though.

Later that night she woke up feeling very alone and a little cold. She opened her eyes and saw that she was really alone in a large open room. No fire going though there was a fire place. She curled back up into the blankets when she suddenly saw lights turn on. She covered her eyes with her hands and the blankets.

"So the sleeping beauty is awake." Came James voice but that remark didn't sound like him.

"Kin or James?" She asked and found her voice a little horse.

"Kin." He said and she sat up letting her eyes adjust to the light.

"Sorry I fell asleep on you." She said and he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I was more worried about your wellbeing. You just suddenly got ill hearing sounds from someone having sex." He said and watched her blush like mad.

"It's complicated." She said and he looked side ways to her.

"How is it?" He asked wondering now.

"Well see I am supper shy when it comes to sex. It was just how I was taught. Hearing or seeing, or even doing makes my practically overload with thoughts and sometimes I faint. What I did last night was somehow something that doesn't bother me. I don't know why you don't bother me when you say you want it." She said and she was suddenly in his arms.

"Well I can tell you why. Because you are my mate. Whether I like to choose someone else or not. Which I don't, because I find you very amusing. And I think you are perfect to have a family with. That is why you are so comfortable with me." He said and she rested her head on his shoulder. She didn't say anything as she compared how his arms felt around her. How his chin rested gently on the top of her head. She sighed heavily.

"Maybe." She said and cuddled closer to him.

"It would be best if you didn't move right now." Kin said and she looked up to him. She blinked at him wondering why when it slowly dawned in her head.

"Oh." She said and he just looked away. Her face blushed like mad and that made him laugh gently.

"Either way I wouldn't be able to do anything tonight. You mother called a little while ago asking if you were all right. I told her you fainted and she understood. I think she thinks you are just hiding here. I should be bringing you home right now." Kin said and that made me smile.

"You know for an all big and mighty werewolf you act a lot like James." She said and that was probably the worst thing she could have said. She should have just left things well a lone but she opened her mouth. She found she was flat on her back with her wrists pinned to either side of her head and Kin was looming over her.

"Now why did you have to go and say that for? Now I have to prove myself to you." He said and she smiled.

"No you don't. I know who you are just by you holding me. You are passionate but love dominance more. You can be sweet but I think it is only to me." She said and he was the one blinking to her. He then started to laugh. He released her wrists and dropped his head next to hers. He stopped laughing and found that the girl in front of him…. He could love.

"You are so weird." He said and she patted his back. He looked up to her and he stared into her eyes. They were happy again and he relaxed. He kissed her but it wasn't like the kisses she was given before. She wrapped her arms around his neck and felt the arms move under her lifting up her body to be next to his, closer. She gasped breaking the kiss for air.

"You really should be heading home. Before I change my mind and keep you up all night again." He said and she smiled while panting.

"I have to get my car. I don't think I can go to school without it." She said and he went down to her neck.

"I can bring it to your house latter. First I am making sure you get to your house." He said and lifted her up. She still had her arms wrapped around his neck so he picked her up bridal style. She blushed again to that and he laughed.

"When can I see you again?" She asked and he smiled and kissed her cheek.

"I think you will see me sooner than you think." He said and she didn't say anything to his cryptic answer. She rested her head on his should and watched as they walked down the stairs. She found that he was very warm and it was comforting. "Don't fall asleep on me now. I still have to drive you home." He said and she giggled and smiled.

"It's a little hard not to. You are very comforting." She said and moved her head into his neck. She couldn't see it but he was smiling a small but the most genuine smile he had. Carrying her to his car, he let her get in. He was quickly to the other side and starting the car. The radio came on and it was a soft slow song. He changed it fast before she could hear what song it really was. He didn't want her to fall asleep on the way back. It would look really bad. She watched as the house retreated in the mirror.

"Do you ever get bored or lonely living in such a big house?" She asked and he looked to her.

"No, I would always remind James that he got the house for you." He said and she starred at him.

"You don't know what I like or the fact that it would be me." She said and he smiled.

"No we didn't but we knew to go big and if wanted or needed we could always move. Closer or farther away. Whatever you would want we can and will get it." He said in the plural now. She starred at him with her mouth slightly open. She had to remember how to close it.

"What if I said I wanted a small house like a small cottage?" She asked. He looked to her and she was suddenly as close as she could be to him with his arm around her shoulder.

"Then you will get a cottage." He said and she shook her head.

"You know that some of it might go to my head, if you spoil me." She said as she felt his body shake with silent laughter.

"I already know that you worry over little things and love even the weirdest of things. I don't think I need to worry about your head swelling up because of me." He said and his fingers stroked her on her arm. "I wanted to tell you that my sister was coming to the house in a couple of weeks. So if you see someone like me running around that is a woman, probably pregnant, don't star at her. She doesn't like it when she is starred at. Unless you are her husband or children." He said and she looked into his eyes. She couldn't tell whether it was kin now or James. She starred at him when he finally looked down and she saw that his eyes seemed to more of a playful person.

"You still kin?" She asked and he smiled wider.

"So you can tell the difference. I thought it would take you longer." He said and kissed her forehead. She starred at him a little more.

"Well I am going to have to get use to that. I can't tell the total difference yet. Will need a little run down of who's who." She said and starred out into the windshield with a small smile on her face.

"Just try to stay awake till we get to your house. I don't think your mother will like it that you come home unconscious again." He said and she smiled. She nodded her head as they got on to the highway. The rest of the ride home was silent but it was comfortable and easy going. She stayed awake as the music played and he stroked her arm.

When they pulled up to her house the little building was light up like a lighthouse on the shore. She could see her mother passing inside the house. When the car turned off the persons shadow was still and they saw the curtain open slightly. Her two floor house was small but fit the two of them perfectly. He took a deep breath.

"You shouldn't be here. It will make it easier that I know you aren't waiting." She said and he smiled when a rather amusing thought came to him.

"I will sneak into your window latter when I bring your car back." He said and she looked to him a little worried. He just smiled to her and kissed her forehead. That didn't help her any as she got out of the car. She waited and watched him take off before she turned back to her house and walked up to the door. When she got to the door it was thrown open and her mother was standing there looking very angry with her. She moved out of the way so she could talk to her inside the house. She walked to her living room knowing that she was going to want to sit down. When she did her mother started with the yelling and the screaming.

First it was that she was lied to and that she was banned from seeing him again. She didn't say anything but bit her lips so that she really didn't say anything. Then she was yelled at for letting him weed his way between them and finally that she wasn't pure any more. That no husband would want her. While her mother grabbed for air she told her that one man was going to marry her and that she couldn't keep her from him. She stood up and went to her room as she heard her mother muttering things to herself. She took a quick shower and got into her bed. Leaving her window open so he could get in easier.