"Step by Step"

Every year Kila's master held an extravagant party complete with dancing, exotic animals and plenty of chances to make an advancement at her master. All of the eldest slave who had learned traditional dancing were instructed to dance in a solo act. Kila had spent every waking moment practicing her dance. She was sure that it would leave the men wanting more. She wasn't worried about the other men, she wanted her master wanting more.

Before the time came for dancing all of the slaves had to serve the guest with food and wine. The women were dressed in beautiful colors and their gem cloths were polished to a glorious shine. They wore traditional jewelry that hinted at every curve. Kila was dressed in a shimmering lilac bra and skirt combo. Her body was oiled and when she walked or danced the glitter in the oils enhanced the allure. She had spent hours bathing in floral scented oils to leave her skin soft and lightly scented. She had heard that soft skin was alluring and suggestive. She prayed it was right.

" Kila, dear fill my goblet, I'm parched" Her master said as he held out his goblet. It was gold with gems surrounding it.

" Yes, my lord" Kila said with a obedient head nod.

" I am eager to see what you have prepared for tonight" Lord Dravis said in a drunken slur.

" I hope that you will be pleased with my choice, I have worked every free moment I have to prepare a pleasing piece" Kila said with a smile. She finished pouring the wine for her master and turned to prepare for her dance. Because she was the most prepared for the dance she was to go last. She watched as her fellow slaves twirled and danced. She knew what she had in store was well worth the wait.

As one of the slaves walked off the platform Kila took her place. With her hands over her head, figures spread wide. She was use to this, to the looks stares she got from the guest as she danced and told a story with her body. The music started a slow interlude. A precursor to the fury of the rhythm to come. Kila swayed and created shapes in the air. Moving her foot from the position in front of her she stepped lightly to the side landing in a slow crouch on the balls of her feet. The music began to speed up and Kila felt the air around her change. She stood slowly and began to sway and move her hip in a rhythm. Soon the music was a flurry of melody and harmony. She let the music move her body. Kila went through the learned steps and motions. It was meant to be a story of lust and of wanting, and deep in the melody was sorrow. She let the music and the dance tell the story. As the music winded down she let the movements be move by the adrenaline flowing through her veins. The song died down and Kila took a position common to the traditional dance the lotus flower, commonly thought of as fertility and love. Known only among the dancers. There was gasps and whispers because Kila was known never to even think of taking a lover.

Claps emanated from around the room and the other dancers soon joined in. Kila took a deep breath and bowed low. She was sure after that performance she would have takers to ask her to join them in their bed that night. She just inwardly prayed one was her master.

She slowly walked off the stage and joined the other dancers. Hug and pats were rewarded for an excellent performance. They were handed simple glass cups with a sweet white wine in them. As a refreshment before they resumed their lives work. Kila carefully sipped her wine and sent a low and careful glance towards her master. His eyes were thoughtful and kind glancing toward her as if taking her in. Finishing her drink she lifted the container of wine and crossed to her masters side.

" If I may speak my lord, I pray that you enjoyed the dance" Kila said in a low and shy voice.

" It was intriguing, to say the least Kila, I think that you accomplished casting a spell on all of my guest. You will be very much wanted tonight." Lord Dravis said in a nonchalant tone. Kila felt her heart sink, yet another night of tumbling with strangers. None of them her master, she felt one step further away from his wedding bed.

" I thank you for the compliment, I welcome the company that I will share to night by your choosing." Kila sighed an looked around, The fabrics of the room was still elegant and beautiful but it seemed even more so tonight. The day before all of the servants were cleaning relentlessly top to bottom. Kila had spent hours sewing the last gems onto her masters garbs. It was an endless task but one, Kila hoped, got her one step closer to him. Kila bowed slowly keeping the container of wine still in her hands. One drop warranted a whip by any of the guest that asked the favor. When she came up again her master was already eagerly flirting with one of the guest servants. Tonight no master could be turned down and no servant is allowed to. Kila turned slowly and gracefully and pour wine for the guest. Condemning herself to having herself goosed and groped by the drunk guest. Many times being dragged ruthlessly into laps and kissed roughly. All the while Kila just remained silent and let it be. She had seen to many of this forms of parties to be ruffled by a few drunks.

" Dravis my good friend, I say you let me borrow your beautifully sinful slave form the night. Her dance put me in such a state, if she is that good on stage i wonder how good she will be in my quarters." A young man said from behind her. Kila knew that voice, it was the voice of one of her old masters relatives. Lord Raven tended to be a lustful man of three hundred and twenty. He demanded much and if a slave couldn't perform to his expectations he would punish them his way. Kila had heard that he was a qualified lover and one that wasn't easily pleased. His punishments were harsh but enjoyable. Kila's pride soared because she knew if she was able to please him and good bit of money would come her way.

" Yes, Yes Raven, if you so wish to make Kila your little mistress for the night then by all means I wish you a nice night" Kila's master said as he came up for air. He had been preoccupied with one of the exotic slaves that had accompanied one of the Lords guest. She was a pretty young thing with short dark blue hair and purple eyes. Kila thought about demons with such unusual features.

Probly some sort of genie or fey

Lord Raven grabbed onto Kila's wrist snapping her out of her thoughts. His eyes were their normal icy blue his hair perfectly placed, its color a dark chocolate brown.

" Tonight my dear you are my own personal fuck, anything you do will be judged and critiqued. Perform well and you will get a little treat." Lord Raven purred softly in Kila's ear. Kila turned and straddled Lord Ravens lap, dipping so her mouth was right by his ear. Reaching out with her tongue she seized his ear lobe and gave it a sinful tug.

" My lord I pray you won't be disappointed" Kila said in a husky tone. She moved her hips erotically and could feel the prize of her work. His erection was evident in his satin pants.

" I am sure that you will perform adequately but if you don't there are punishments" He said as he took possession of Kila's mouth. His tongue dipping in to sample and taste her. Kila could taste his passion, his lust. None of it she wanted, but she would play along to get what she wanted. She would stoop to any level to find herself with her masters mouth on her. His mouth on her breast, and him inside of her. She would learn how to please her master, starting with the pickiest of men, Lord Raven.