Do you remember the days where we all thought guys had cooties? Yeah…those were the good ole' days. Now guys just make life suck. I'm sure you're wondering how I got this crazy, eccentric idea, so let me start from the beginning…

Okay. Picture this. Third grade. Recess. Jeremy Finch decided to chase after my best friend, Ellie, and yank on her hair. Now you know third grade girls are very emotional, so it was most definitely not surprising when she started bawling. The saying goes, 'If a boy likes you, then he's mean to you'. Well, this statement didn't go over too well with me, so I decided that it was payback time. Which is why I went up to the idiotic kid and kicked him as hard as I could in the shins. But yet, unfortunately, he never grew out of that stage of liking Ellie. So I had to put up with him for eight more years before I could actually do anything about it.

Up until eleventh grade, Jeremy had been the dorky loser type who always sat in the corner staring you down. You know the kind I'm talking about. They could easily become stalkers or serial killers. Well, that all changed when he walked in junior year looking totally different. And by different, I mean a huge, drastic change. His acne was gone, contacts in place, Abercrombie and Fitch clothing…the works. He immediately went from being the most ostracized to being the highest on the food chain of a small town highschool. Every girl was eyeing him like a piece of meat, ready to spring for the kill. Every girl except for me. I kept my distance, not wanting to be near the insolent jerk.

Well, I'm sure you're wondering where this story is going. Don't worry, I do have a point. Anyways, Jeremy is now the most popular guy in our little high school, and guess what? He still hasn't grown out of the stage of liking Ellie. I mean, geez, what's it gonna take? Apparently him getting a huge makeover made him top priority on her list because she was suddenly on him like flies on honey.

By then I knew that I had to be wary, very wary. I had to make sure that my best friend did not get her poor, fragile heart broken. But at the time I didn't know that I had to keep my own heart protected. Now we're both just in a huge mess. Sorry. I sorta got off track. Back to the story.

Well, we were sitting at lunch one day, Ellie and I, when all of a sudden, the girls in the cafeteria started their whispering and pointing. Unfortunately, it was in our direction. I groaned, knowing exactly who it was before he even reached us.

"Hey Ellie." A more subtle greeting was saved for the magnificent me of course. "Kate. Nice to see you haven't killed yourself yet." To himself, of course, this statement was reserved. "Though I wish you would just get it over with so the world can live in peace."

You know, at first I actually thought about responding to that, but then I decided against it. You know why? Because no guy is worth the effort. Moving on. So, after the greetings, Jeremy moved on into deeper territory.

"So, Ellie," Completely, ignoring me of course, "I was wondering…would you like to go out Friday night? Go have dinner, then maybe a movie?" He was the epitome of suave. He could say the exact right things to any girl, any time, any place. I just rolled my eyes at his attempts. They would never work on me.

Ellie looked up at him, a definite blush covering her cheeks. I was about to gag at it all, keeping myself from having to watch the clichéd scene in front of me. Unfortunately for me, and my bad luck, I did not have that chance. I had to watch it all unfold in front of my poor, poor eyes, scarring me for life.

My (dumb) best friend meekly nodded, emitting a smile from the guy who I knew was going to break her heart. She waited until he walked away before she squealed, all but jumping up and down in her seat. Before we left, not without the basic arguments of course, I left her with one of my 'oh so wise' sayings, sarcasm profusely evident. 'Don't say I didn't warn you'.

Well, just to protect my best friend, I went up to the guy who started it all and decided to leave him with a threat I would definitely take action upon the first chance I got. "Hey, stupid!" Of course, I wasn't expecting him to turn around at that name, but…whatever. "What do you want Thomas?" Yes, my last name is Thomas. "I just want to tell you something you might want to pay heed to."

"Oh? And what would that be?"

"If you break Ellie's heart, I am going to break your head. And if I can't do that, then I'm going to make sure that every bone in your body is broken so that you can experience the exact pain that she will have to endure. Am I clear?" He gulped, knowing that I was dead on serious. I smirked. Be afraid…be very afraid.

You know what the sorry loser did after I threatened him? He planned on filing a report on me, even going to the extent as to plan to get a restraining order on me (in the near future I presume). After that, I just awaited the day in which I would get my long expected revenge on Jeremy Finch.

Needless to say, when I received a phone call from a very depressed Ellie, I needed no more encouraging to go and beat the guy to a pulp. I mean really, what type of guy decides to go out with what he thought was the girl of his dreams and dumps her a few months later. If it had been a few weeks later, we wouldn't have this problem now would we?

Anywho, and yes, I said anywho, I arrived at the school the next day to find him cowering in a deserted corner in fear. Yeah, I wish. No, he was just hanging out with his usual group of friends acting like nothing whatsoever had happened.

"Hey Finch!" A satisfied smirk planted itself on my safe when I saw all of the color drain from his face at my voice. Sweet, no?

"You remember what I told you." I said it as a statement, not a question. "Be prepared to accept the consequences." His face blanched even more at that comment. The smirk never left my face as I walked away and continued my school day. I was finally going to get my life long revenge on the idiot known as Jeremy Finch soon, very soon.

A plan had already been devised in my head as to what I was going to do to him. He was going to suffer for what he did to Ellie over the years. Oh, he definitely was.

(Jeremy Finch's POV)

I was in for it. I knew I was. How could I of thought that she wouldn't go through with it? I had known her for most of my life now. I knew what she was capable of. I had to get out of it. But how? That is when my oh so unlucky brother stepped through the door on break from college for the next few months. There walked in the perfect plan.

"Hey Dawson." I got a nod in response. The plan easily formulated in my head, a smile forming on my face as I thought of it. There was only one glitch in the perfect plan. I had to figure out when Kate was going to strike.

(Kate's POV)

The soccer game. That would be the perfect opportunity for me to go through with my plan. It was the annual girls vs. guys game. How could it not work? Well let me tell you. The only reason it would not work is if he had devised his own plan that could counter mine. Yeah, like he was actually capable of doing that. Unfortunately, I would later on find otherwise and it would lead to my torturous destruction. Lucky me.