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After I had rushed off to class, my brain started to work, turning thoughts around in my head. And trust me, when my brain starts working it just causes my mouth to start working and, as you probably can figure out, it just causes me to get in a lot of trouble. But once the thoughts started coming, I was helpless to stop them. So I groaned.

"Ms. Thomas? Do you need to go to the nurse?"

"No I'm fi-actually, yes. I do. I'm not feeling too good."

Mr. Hurst wrote me a pass. After I exited the classroom I sighed. This was going to be a long day and a break from class was just what I needed. That's what I thought at least until I saw who was coming down the hallway towards me.

At first I didn't see him. I just heard something hitting the floor. Thinking it was a kid who was just trying to be funny, I ignored it. But as I got closer, I realized that I heard that sound before. Sixth grade. Ellie had broken her leg jumping hurdles so she had had to use a crutch for a few months.

Wide eyed, I tried to turn around so as not be caught but it just didn't quite work out that way. Dawson Finch rounded the corner before I could escape.

"Well look if it isn't Ms. Hot Shot. What are you doing? Trying to escape? I mean you did do this to me."

I groaned for the second time, and most likely many more times that day, as I realized that he was going to be worse than his brother. Apparently when you're not in pain you can actually come up with a plausible witty comment. And unfortunately for me, Dawson Finch here just wasn't in much pain anymore. I could probably fix that…

"Hello? Anyone in there?"

He waved his hand in front of my face. I swatted it away as fast as I could.

"Yes. There is. But I'm about to not be here. So if you'll excuse me."

And with that I tried to make a grand exit fit for television, but he had to just go and ruin it and by blocking my path with the only thing he could: one of his crutches. Raising one eyebrow, I looked pointedly at him.

"If you would like to have only one piece of your body broken, I suggest that you move out of my way."

"Hmm…you see, I would, but seeing as you are annoying me, I don't think I will. Besides, seeing as you did this to me, don't you think that I should get something in return?"

That stopped me dead in my tracks. My mind got me into trouble once again as it started going back to earlier that day when I had made my promise to Ellie. No no no no. I cannot have to do this. Ugh! Unfortunately even I couldn't get out of this one. Once I made a promise to Ellie I kept it.

"Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't. It just depends on the perspective you're viewing the situation from."

"Really now? Because the way I see it is that from whatever view point you're looking from, it's still your fault." He leaned forward to whisper the last bit in my ear, causing me to shift back.

"Okay, first of all, I have a personal bubble, and you're in it. So, if you could, you know, move back, it would be much appreciated."

The arrogant boy just stood there, smirking with a smug expression on his face. "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"No. I just like my personal space."

"I'm making you uncomfortable." He leaned back against the lockers as he made that statement.

"No, you're just in my personal space and I would gladly like to remove you from it. But seeing as I can't, I'm just going to be on my way."

Fate just had it in for me today because I just had to drop my pass to the nurse's office and just had to pick it up.

"Pass to the nurse's office? Well I don't think you need this. You look perfectly healthy to me."

Steeling my glare at him, I said, "Give it back."

"I don't think I will."

Seeing that he was on crutches at the moment, I figured that I could take him. I mean how hard could it be to get back a slip of paper from an injured boy on crutches?

Five minutes later I realized that it could be very hard to get back a slip of paper from an injured boy on crutches.

"Dawson, just give it back."

"Nope. Don't think I will."

"Come on. Please?"

"Did you really just say please?"


"Wow. For a minute there I thought you were actually begging. And for that one minute I was contemplating giving it back. Do it again."


"Fine then. I guess you don't want this pass. I mean, all that will happen without it is that you'll get sent to detention and your perfect record will be messed up. What's so wrong with that?"

A smirk was planted squarely on his face. I froze. He had figured out what I cared most about next to the obvious. School. I had perfect attendance, good grades, never had detention or had been in trouble. Perfect student. I did not want my record marred.

"Give it to me."


I would never bring myself that far down. "No."

"Guess you won't be getting-"

I guess fate didn't have it in for me because in the middle of his sentence, he slipped and fell non too gracefully to the ground.


"Oh, you poor baby. You'll get over it." It was my turn to smirk.

"Oh and look. My pass."

Before he could scramble to get it, I retrieved it from the floor. But before I could go, I turned back to see him on the floor looking helpless. Groaning, I realized that I was going to have to help him. I might be mean but I'm not that mean.

Making sure that my pass was safely stored in my bag, I moved towards him. Offering him my hand, he looked up at me dumbfounded.

"Well do you want help up or not?"

Taking my hand, he pulled himself up. Giving me a curious look, he turned to go back down the hallway. After a few moments though, I heard him call back, "Oh, and be at my house by three. If not I'll have no choice but to tell Ellie that you couldn't keep your promise."

I stood there gawking as he kept on going faster than I thought one could go on crutches. Right before he rounded the corner he winked at me leaving me to storm off towards the nurse's office.