I wandered over to the bar, asked for a NON-alcoholic drink, and looked around for my friends. AS my gaze wandered through the crowd, I kept thinking back to my "mystery man." All I knew about him was that he was tall, had dark hair, and piercing green eyes.

"Andy!" Sam's voice broke through my trance. "Oh my god! Who was that hottie you were dancing with!?"

I couldn't help but smile . "I don't know, Sam. I got nervous, and I couldn't talk, so I turned around for a second because I was embarassed, and then when I turned back around, he was gone."

..."Andy, sometimes you are so lucky."

The girls and I danced until late, and after "mystery man," nothing too eventful happened that night, aside from embarassing myself in public once again by spilling my drink all over me. Twice.

When I got to the apartment, tired and with sore feet, I found y mom sprawled on the couch. She must have been working late. She works for a hospital-and she's got crazy hours. She gets called in all the tmime. But, "how else is she supposed to afford my private school?" she always says. She refuses to let me attend public school because she wants me to get a "good education." Pshh. I looked down at her appreciatively and put a blanket on her.

Then I trudged down the hallway to my room where where I immediately fell asleep.

Ahh...there's just something about summer that keeps you in a happy mood. Sun, green grass, the beach, the whole shebang.

Too bad it was ending in a week.

I sat up in bed thinking about it. No more sleeping in, lounging at home, shopping, swimming...aww...why's it gotta end so soon?! Pout and sigh.

I rolled out of bed and went down the hall to the kitchen. There was a note left on the fridge from my mom:
Thanks for the blanket last night. It was a little chilly. You're such a great daughter. And that's why I'm off to work again. To pay for your lovely education. Costs just keep gettin higher, huh?
Love ya, Mom

Ahww. My mom's great. Since there's only the two of us, we're pretty close. But lately, she's been working a lot. Darn economy increasing the cost of LIFE.

I ate a bowl of cereal, and tehn got showered and dressed for the day.

I wanted to go to Sam's to give her hell for the night before.(I was just going to give her a wake up call, nothing drastic...) Unlike me she drank alcohol, so that makes it even better.

I took the shortcut today, because I didn't want to miss my chance of torturing her. Heh.

When I got up to her room, after sneaking past Conrad, I slammed open the door and yelled, "WAKE UP SUNSHINE!!" with an evil smile on my face.

"I'm already up sweetie."She answered from her closet. Damn! Maybe she didn't drink as much as I thought. "Now come help me pick out an outfit."

"For what?"

"Shopping, of course. School's about to start."

"Oh. Yeah, that's right. Man, I wish it as summer all the time. Wait, were you going to go without me?"

"Summer year-round would get boring. ANd NO. I was going to pick you up once I was ready. But you came barging in and I guess I don't have to worry about that now, huh?"

"Heh...my bad."

"Whatever. Now, pink or green?"

So for the rest of the week, Sam and I basically lounged at the beach the whole time, trying to enjoy the last few days of freedom-I mean summer.