The clock hand turns
As the wind starts to breathe.
I watch the houses burn
Along with the leaves on the trees.

But when does it come to this?
Feeling the hurt but not the pain;
Standing by and then walking away.

The miles lengthen
And the world still runs.
I watch the broken and the shaken.
Do you not know what you have done?

Oh, I know you more than I want to.
Oh, I know you more than you do.

Have you seen the monsters you've created?
Such innocent lives behind murderous guns.
You're just a tad belated
To save yourself from the majestic son.

This life will lead death to you.
This life will be hell for me.
Either way,
We lose everything.

Your torturous lies cut from within.
You shake me, you break me.
But I will not falter, I will never falter.

What a beautiful lie.
What a beautiful life.