A/N: Since this chapter lack details, I went back to revised certain parts. I wanted to break a lot of short sentences with more descriptions. I hope you like it.

It was the mid of February across the busy street of Shinjuku, Tokyo. The cold weather kept people bundled in coat and scarf. Everyone went about their daily business. Along the street sat a vintage cafe called White Rainbow that was known for delicious pastries, cakes, snacks, various tea and coffee. The owner proudly enjoys cooking, not because of money, but cook because to take away your problems. The inside was decor with creamy yellow trimmed silver curtains draped across the window. Each dark gold booth had the usual cafe decor. The wall painted nature green.

The moon shined over the cafe, on the inside sat a few enjoying the food and drink. On the end, two girls on break, dressed in white blouse and short black ruffles skirt. "He's so sexy," Miyu said, her brown eyes sparkling while she started drooling over the guy sitting in the corner. "Tori, he's looking in our direction!" she squealed.

"Tori," Miyu called. She had pretty white-peach skin, along with her straight; long dark brown hair over her oval shaped face. She distracted her studious friend about guys.

Tori moved her light brownish-golden hair from her heart shaped forehead, and beige creamy skin. Miyu kept calling her name as she sat there finishing her homework. "What?" Tori turned her head and rolled her eyes, unable to believe her friend was acting crazy over another guy. "Who are you staring at this time?" she asked, looking at her love-struck friend.

"The handsome guy over there in the corner who looks hot and mysterious," Miyu replied, smiling.

Why do I bother to ask? Tori sighed. Every week it was another guy Miyu suddenly found fascinating.

"Don't be like that, Tori." Miyu observed the disappointing expression on Tori's face.

"If you're interested, then go ahead and talk to him." Tori turned back to her homework.

"All right." Miyu grabbed Tori hand and dragged her over to where the guy sat.

"Miyu, wait—don't drag me into meeting new people." Tori complained, trying to stop her friend. A few customers glance at her and Miyu before going on with their meal. Tori already knew Miyu wanted to set her on a date. She disliked her friend arrangement to place her on a date with guys she never met. Some of the dates ended because the guys were pushy, flirty, etc.

"Oh, don't be such a chicken, Tori." Miyu smiled and continued pulling her friend over. They walked over to the very end of the cafe. The guy glanced from the corner of his eyes, paying attention toward two lively girls that were heading toward him. He placed the materials he was reading on the table beside his coffee.

"Miyu," Tori said angrily.

Miyu completely ignored Tori plead, wishing her luck as she encourage her friend. She twirled around to beam at the guy. "Hey, is it all right if we sit here?" Miyu asked brightly.

"I don't mind." He smiled as he looked at the two girls.

"Thanks." Miyu smiled.

"I need to go finish doing my homework," Tori said, moving strands of her brown hair from her eyes.

"Come on, Tori—it wouldn't hurt talking to him." Miyu pulled her down into the booth.

"So your name's Tori? You have a beautiful name." He placed a bookmark on the page he was reading before closing the book.

"I don't care," Tori said, disliking the guy before he could flirt with her.

"I find that hard to acknowledge because no girl has ever resisted my charm." He smiled deeply.

"No offense, but I'm not like other girls wanting a handsome guy attention," Tori replied as she gave him a death glare.

"I see." He looked surprised at the obvious tone of her voice.

"Tori, quit being rude," Miyu chided. "Sorry—she's not always like this."

"I understand." He grinned. "Where are my manners? My name is Rei and may I ask your name?"

"My name is Miyu, and as you know, this is my friend Tori," Miyu said as he took her hand and gently blew a kiss. "You can be my number one guy." She smiled heavenly and started twirling around her hair. Tori withdrew her hand the moment Rei tried the same trick that caught her friend. She twitched her eyes with I dare you expression over her face. Rei surprised and curious Tori didn't fall under his spell.

"I'm not about to fall for any tricks of your," Tori spoke glancing at her still love-stuck friend. She wanted to gag at Miyu acting completely dreamy over a stranger. I don't understand her taste in guys. I don't know what Miyu sees in this, he's cute, but there is something strange about him…or maybe I'm over reacting.

She studied his appearance. Rei wore a black, long-sleeved custom-fit polo and midnight-black jeans, which matched his tall and lean creamy white body. His mysterious silver eyes almost changed grayish-silver, and his long black hair was tied into a ponytail.

"You're oddly quiet," Rei said, looking at Tori. "Are you thinking about something?"

"I'm thinking of reasons not to be interest in you," Tori said coldly. "I didn't want to talk with you, but my friend insisted."

"I see," he said.

"Tori, don't act so unfriendly." Miyu stared at her.

"Fine—so, what are you reading?" Tori asked.

"I'm reading a collection of Robert Frost's poetry," Rei replied noticing the lack of attention Tori was paying to him.

"Tori a big fan of poetry, and I love poetry to understand the emotions," Miyu said, acting more dazzled over him.

"Miyu, stop lying," Tori muttered, wanting to slap sense into her friend for acting crazy over a guy. Even though, it wasn't the first time Tori seen Miyu behave this way. She believes her friend mind play a fairytale over every gorgeous, hot guy she encountered. Tori gaze at Rei as her mind noted five things she dislikes about him. 1. He's a flirt. 2. He keeps grabbing my attention of liking him. 3. He gives off a bad vibe over his smile. 4. He made my friend more enthusiastic over hot guys. 5. He won't stop glaring at me.

"Yes, is something wrong?" Rei asked, placing his hands over his chin. Tori quickly darted her eyes on the wall. "You shouldn't judge a book by it cover." Rei chuckled softly, finalizing she wanted to retract him like two similar magnet. He conclued, I see. The girl in front of me simply doesn't fall head over heels as her friend. He stared at both girls.

What did he mean just a moment ago? He thought I was judging him. It doesn't matter anyway. Tori couldn't take being around her mushy friend or irregular guy. She plotted an excuse to get away. "Yeah... well... I really need to finish doing my homework," Tori started while standing up. "So, I'll leave you two alone." She waved.

"I see. Well, you two have a good evening. Goodbye, Tori." Rei smiled while standing up as he caught her off guard by taking her right hand and kissed it.

How did he do that? I wanted to get away, but he caught my intension of leaving. This took Tori by surprise and led to a bit of confusion. "Okay..." Her papaya eyes widened, and she found herself blushing.

It seems I did get her attention. He continued smiling as he left the cafe.

"Aww... Tori, do you like him?" Miyu asked, looking surprised at the guy's action.

"No!!! I don't even know the guy. He started flirting with me when I was least interested in him. Then he suddenly kisses my hand before leaving," Tori said angrily. "Miyu, stop trying to put me on ludicrous blind dates. I'm hardly interested in some of the guys you choose."

"Sometime a person completely opposite will be attracts," Miyu hinted. "Okay. Tori, how do you ever expect to fall in love if you let your negativity get in the way?"

"I'm not looking for love now, Miyu!" Tori shouted as she grabbed her homework, heading for the employee room. She sat down, opened her journal, and wrote. The moment I look at him, I got a strange feeling. I felt danger was heading in my direction, but I'm choosing to ignore that theory. Maybe, but I could tell my life was changing more.

7:20 p.m. Tori finished cleaning the table and mopping the floor.

"Tori," Mr. Kura called, who was in his late thirties. The owner of White Rainbow Café had short black hair and blue eyes.

"Yes?" Tori asked.

"Can you take out the trash?"

"Sure," Tori answered as she picked up the trash beside the back door and headed towards the dumpster. Suddenly, a black cat jumped in front of her.

"Stupid cat," Tori muttered as she placed the trash inside the dumpster before she kicked an empty soda can. She stopped rolling the can feeling the cold wind blow through her. "It's really cold." She placed her arms around herself before something zoomed past her eyes. Tori stopped, turning around and seeing no one was there. "Hello, is someone there?" Tori slowly stepped back, hearing someone chuckle, causing her heartbeat to increase. "I'm not afraid of you."

"Why are you shaking?" he whispered. Tori jumped from the voice and felt another blast of cold wind.

"Huh?" Tori continued shivering before she felt someone's arms drape around her waist.

"Hey. Where are you off to in such a hurry?" he asked. Tori gazed up, and it was the guy she spoke to earlier, holding her closely against him. "You're the girl I talked to earlier," Rei said surprised.

"What's your problem? Let me go!" Tori shouted, struggling to remove his tight grip from around her waist. He quickly clasped his hand over her mouth. Hearing her incessant muttering, he immediately leaned down to bite her neck. Tori's eyes widen in shock from the pain, fear over came her mind. She desperately fought to get him away. Tori squirms her arms to move away, yet Rei pulled her closer. Go to sleep, He whispers in her mind.

She felt her eyes become heavy, as her mind sink into darkness without her knowledge. It's hurt. Am I going to die? I can't die at seventeen when there's so much I want to accomplish. My life can't end...She breathe, her body sunk deeper in the nausea darkness that made her feel light. Soon, Tori relaxed as everything turned black. He lifted his head, staring at the unconscious girl laying in his arms. He walked toward the building Tori worked at, and he slowly laid her down before disappearing.

It was 8:50p.m. when Miyu's older brother arrived at White Rainbow Cafe. "Hey, sis, are you and Tori ready?" Kai asked as his straight dark brown hair with red streaks swept across his brown eyes.

"No, I can't seem to find Tori," Miyu replied.

"When was the last time you saw her?" Kai asked.

"I remember Tori heading out to the dumpster," Miyu replied as Mr. Kura came out from his office. "Mr. Kura, have you seen Tori?"

"No—that's strange, she should've came back by now," Mr. Kura replied.

"You don't think..." Miyu turned around and headed out the door before yelling, "Hurry up, Kai!"

"Miyu, what's the matter?" Kai followed his sister out of the cafe. "I'm coming." He grabbed a flashlight from his jeep.

"Do you see her?" Miyu asked, worried. "I'm really worried because I tried setting up with a guy and she wasn't happy."

Kai sighed and scanned the flashlight around before noticing a figure on the ground. He moved closer and noticed it was Tori, lying unconscious.

"Tori!" Miyu exclaimed, rushing to aid her friend.

"Come on, Miyu. Let's get her inside." Kai took off his jacket, placing it around Tori as he carried her back inside the cafe.

"Tori, Tori, Tori," Mr. Kura called. "Tori, Tori, wake up. Come on, wake up. Tori, wake up…"

Everything in my head feels so fuzzy, but I can hear someone calling me. Tori slowly opened her eyes, noticing Mr. Kura, Miyu, and Kai hovering over her, wearing worried expressions. She found herself lying over the couch in the employee office. Tori suddenly remember the weird guy named Rei had attacked her. The thoughts cross her mind from his strange attack.

"Thank goodness," Miyu sighed.

"Tori, what were you thinking?" Mr. Kura asked. "What happened to you out there?"

Tori rubbed her throbbing head. "I'm not sure. I recall taking out the trash, and then everything went black…" Tori gasped as she felt around her neck, finding two small marks.

"Tori, are you okay?" Mr. Kura asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. Okay, sorry if I worried everyone." She said nervously.

"Well, if you're sure," he said. Tori nodded her head, not really wanting to speak about what had happened to her. "Tori, why don't you go on home?" Mr. Kura suggested.

"No, I'll be okay. Besides, I still have to finish my shift," she protested.

"Don't worry about it—I'll find someone else to help me. Besides, you're in no condition to work after what had just happened to you." He patted her head.

"Mr. Kura's right, Tori—you should take it easy," Miyu said, helping Tori to her feet.

"Okay..." Tori replied.

"I'll be out in my car," Kai said, walking out of the café.

Miyu nodded while she looked back at Tori. "Come on—let's hurry up and change before Kai leaves us." Tori smiled a little, and they headed back to the employee room.

I can't remember much, but I could tell that guy was strange. He couldn't have been a vampire. No, I refuse to believe stuff that Kameyo shows in novel is true. Tori finished changing back into her school uniform. Vampires do not exist! It's just a supernatural myth.

Miyu glanced at Tori and found the deep expression upon her face. "Tori, are you sure you're all right?"

"Yeah, I'm just tired." Tori placed her bag on shoulder and heard Miyu's brother blowing the car horn.

"We're coming!" Miyu shouted as she grabbed her bag. "Ready?" Tori nodded her head.

Kai sat there in his car listening to "Alumina" by Nightmare. He looked up when Miyu and Tori got inside the car. "It's about time," Kai said placing the car in drive and heading down the road.

"Tori, don't mind Kai," Miyu said.

"Oh, thank you for the ride," Tori said.

"No problem." Kai returned the smile before they arrived at the apartment complex where Tori lived.

"Thanks, Miyu and Kai. Bye." Tori got out of the jeep.

"Hold on," Miyu said as she got out of the car. "Kai, get out the car and walk Tori to her door."

"You two don't have to do that," Tori said.

"Don't worry about it, Tori," Miyu insisted. The three were silent as they walked towards Tori's apartment, door #201.

"Well, thanks for walking me to my door." Tori waved before unlocking her door. "I'll see you later," Tori said as she walked inside her and closed her door.

Tori's apartment was small but big enough for her. The wall was paint a pastel yellow, matching the orange couch and brown coffee table. The kitchen was of medium size, with a dining table surround by four chairs. Tori turned on the light switch and slumped against the door, still getting the chill from the guy she had met. What's wrong with me? Never before in my life have I been so afraid. She stood up and headed towards the kitchen. "That guy has got a lot of nerve, pulling a cheap ass shot on me." She fixed something to eat before heading to bed.

Tori woke up from the sunlight peeking through her room. She heard her alarm ringing, grabbed the alarm clock, and noticed it was 7:15 a.m. "No—I'm going to be late!" Tori yelled jumping out of bed and changing into her school uniform. She cleaned her apartment, grabbed the trash, and placed her shoes before heading out the door. "No time for breakfast—I have to hurry if I'm going to make the 7:30 a.m. train." Tori held her pink-white-and golden flowers tote bag as she ran towards the train station. Tori arrived at the train station and heard her stomach growl loudly.

"Tori!" a shoulder-length, pink-peach-haired girl called. Tori turned around and noticed her best friend Kameyo Hana running towards her.

"Hey, Kameyo." Tori smiled as they got aboard the next train.

"How's your job going?" Kameyo asked.

"It's going well—although I met this strange guy at work yesterday," Tori replied.

"Really?" Kameyo questioned, her light green eyes seeming surprised.

"I don't know, but I kept getting a strange feeling about him," said Tori.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"There was something about him I couldn't quite figure out."

"Maybe you have a crush on him. Was he cute or something?"

"Yeah right," Tori said as she crossed her arms. "I guess he was cute, but I'm not the type to fall straight on my head for flattering appearance," Tori mumbled.

"Oh, I see." Kameyo smiled kindly. Tori nodded her head as her stomach once again growled loudly. "I figured you would forget to eat breakfast." She handed a bag of snacks to Tori.

"Yippee! Thanks, Kameyo, you're a life saver." Tori hugged her friend.

"No problem—I stopped by my dad's convenience store and brought a couple things. Enjoy," Kameyo said.

"All right." Tori finished eating her breakfast before they got off at the next stop while another crowd walked onto the train.

"Say, Tori, what are you doing this weekend?" Kameyo asked as they walked to school.

"I really don't know," Tori mumbled.

"Guess what? There's a new ice cream shop that opened downtown. I heard the shop had a bunch of new flavors," Kameyo said.

"That sound awesome. I love to check it out." Tori replied, hearing a bunch of girls screaming like idiots. She looked over to her side and noticed her other best friend, Yuuta, being surround by a bunch of popular girls. "Uh… it's Yuuta's fan girls."

"I feel bad for Yuuta—he's always surround by all those popular girls every day," Kameyo said.

Tori nodded in agreement. "Yeah—it sucks that he's popular, but I hate it when those girls surround him like their next prey," Tori said before calling his name. "YUUTA!" She waved towards her friend.

Yuuta had looked up from the crazy popular girls as he noticed Tori and Kameyo. "Thanks goodness," Yuuta said, moving past the popular girls and heading over towards Tori and Kameyo. Yuuta Murata gave a warm and unique personality. Match his tall appearance with medium, shaggy, golden-bleach hair, and his light blue eyes kind. Although, he never mined the popularity, he just enjoys hanging out with Tori and Kameyo because they treated him like a normal guy. He was a carefree and sympathetic student who lived with his grandmother.

"Morning," Both of the girls smiled.

"Good morning, I'm glad both of you showed up. Those popular girls can get out of control," Yuuta said, hearing the bell ring.

"Nothing accepts a bunch of groupies. They see anything pretty and cute and suddenly go crazy over it," Tori sarcastically replied.

"Tori, that's mean," Kameyo said.

"It's true, Kameyo," Tori replied. "How can you stand all that attention?"

Yuuta sighed. "I'm used to it—although it can be very annoying hearing a bunch of girls screaming in your ears."

Like I said, groupies, Tori sighed.

"So Tori, how's work going?" Yuuta asked.

"I have to work a couple shifts of job to earn some extra cash," Tori replied, noticing the concerned expressions on her friends' faces. "What? It's fine. I'm just a hard worker, so as long that's good I'm happy?" Tori smiled widely.

Oh Tori. Yuuta gazed at the cloudy skies before looking back at Tori. I wish I knew what was bothering her, but every time I ask, she smiles like nothing is wrong.

"We better get to class—the bell already rang," Kameyo said noticing the teacher was coming. She went ahead while Tori and Yuuta stared at each other.

The awkward tension between the two made both speak and apologize the same time. "Tori, I know everything is kind of tough in your life," Yuuta said rubbing his fingers between his hairs. "Just promise me you won't overdo everything."

"Okay," Tori said as they headed to class.

"Tori, would you like to see a movie this weekend?" Yuuta asked. "If you're not busy."

"Um, sure," Tori replied as they headed inside the classroom.

"Hurry up and take your seat. Class is about to start," Hyde-sensei said as he placed his books across the desk. He walked over to the chalkboard, he wrote the Literature assignment on the board. Before he headed over back to his desk and took out his role book. He checked the roster to see no one was absence.

"Tori, how come you didn't tell Yuuta?" asked Kameyo. Tori looked to her side at Kameyo; she pulled a notebook and pencil from her bag.

"Tell him what?" Tori turned around and noticed Yuuta was chatting with a classmate.

"About what happened at work yesterday?"

"Not a chance! If I had told Yuuta, he would be more worried about me." Tori looked down at her mother's locket. "It bad enough he feels I shouldn't live alone. I can't tell Yuuta, it'll worry him even more. So promise me you won't tell anyone, even Yuuta," Tori said softly.

"Oh, okay—if you're sure, then I won't tell Yuuta or anyone else." Kameyo smiled. She and the rest of class settle down, everyone listen to Hyde-sensei explain

"Thanks." Tori smiled before looking out the window. I'll deal with everything on my own. I don't want to become a burden to others, so I work hard to pay for my tuition, rent, living expenses, etc. I won't want to bring anyone down with my problems. After classes were over, Tori headed towards work.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of town sat an old beige Victorian house, there lived the odd guy who had bitten Tori. Rei sat on the couch, a half-unbuttoned dress shirt on his torso. How did it end up like this? She wasn't mesmerized by my charms or tactics to fall under my hypnotic glare. The worst part is I completely forgot to erase her memory of me when I'd bitten her. He grumbled. I got carried away and let a human girl know I'm a vampire. I can't have her running around free. He stood up. I guess I have no choice…