Chapter 11: The Lullaby for Tonight

A/N: I really lost track on how long it took me to finish this chapter. Though, I'm hoping to put more progress on updating more.

On the walk home, Rei felt the warm radiance from holding Tori's hand. Rather pleased on the idea she wanted him to stay over for a movie. A little surprised on the request but wanted the moment with her. Although, Rei enjoy the walk with Tori, his mind couldn't get over the danger he picked up in the forest. It's a good thing I chose to leave, right away. I don't care about the bravery she'll tell me. I simply can't have Tori get hurt anymore. She probably battle with Devin since I know Tori wasn't the kind of girl to give up. Rei glimpsed at her. I promised I wouldn't place Tori in any harm way. But, I'm attracted to her stubborn and cute personality.

His thoughts were interrupted from the jingling of keys, Tori held in her hand at the same time waving at him. "Hello, Rei. Are you still here?" she bright fully asked, wondering if he was in another universe. Before unlocking her door, she heard Rei simply answer yes to her question. Switching the light on, Tori nodded from his usual reaction, waiting for him to come inside.

She entered the living room, dropping her tote bag near the couch. Turning around to see Rei hadn't followed her, quickly she paced at the door, slightly relief to see him. "What's wrong, Rei?" She heard him sighed like he was bother yet refuse to show. "Oh no, please don't tell me I said something rude." She gathers something was off when Rei step away from her door. Either he resisted or force away from setting foot inside her place.

"Tori stop believing you said a ridiculous notion." He declared, crossing his arms immediately and sigh.. "I wouldn't feel right if I didn't ask permission to be invited. Last time, I had force myself in your home and now I want the invitation official."

Tori looked at him strange, rather shock to hear such a response. She started giggling. "You're so weird, Rei. I had no idea vampires had modest guidelines. Are you sure I didn't say anything bad?"

"No," Rei lightly chuckled and grinned, "I'm odd but you have strange habits as well. Well most vampires don't have guidelines, but I do." he asked, "May, I come in?"

"Sure and I'm not weird." Tori simply expressed, rolling her eyes, not believing she had bizarre habits than him. "What kind of rules do you usual have?"

"Thank you," Rei replied, walking inside before he closed the door. He stood in front of her and slightly ruffled her hair. Tori angrily glared at him for his action. "Calm down, Tori. I'm only joking. Besides, I really should've told you about inviting me into your place. The last time I came here the visitation was temporality since I didn't have your permission." He popped on the couch, thinking about her question. "I had numerous rules, however the mostly important one to me. I don't go killing for unnecessary reasons."

"Okay." Tori nodded walking into the kitchen and she implied loudly. "I understand you wanted my permission, yet when we first met I wouldn't have invited you. I'm still glad you ask though you should've done that in the first place. Instead of breaking into my apartment like a criminal..." Tori added sarcastic the same time she heard Rei scoffed on her comment, disliking she was right. Opening a cabinet above the counter, she searched through boxes of foods. Tori placed a bag inside the microwave, pressing the popcorn button as the microwave lit up inside. She casually walked back into the living room and sat next to him. "Did you want anything?"

"No, I'm fine." Rei replied. "Thanks for asking. What movie are we watching?"

"It's called A Walk to Remember." Tori answered, placing the DVD into the player. "Are you sure about not wanting anything?" She hesitated looking at wall before part of her thought she shouldn't ask a ridiculous question. If Rei wanted blood, he simply gone and find someone without acknowledging me.

Rei simply glanced in her eyes, a little uncertain about giving a response. He pressed through his neat trimmed hair. "Why?"

"I was just wondering since you had come to see me in the daylight. I only expected you to visit at night. The deal with you struggling to in the sun made it my fault. Rei, I realized it's not a big deal, would you blame me for worrying." Tori quietly said, twirling her finger around in circles.

Rei exhaled, standing in front of her and set his hands across her shoulders. "Oh Tori, you really are considering to persuade my mind." He leaned closer; Tori stiffen her body unsure when she would feel the exact moment. The warmness of his breath tickle her skin, Rei only glance at her reaction. He heard her blood pacing throughout her body; he paused rather than wanting the chance to take her little offer. Thoughtfully, Rei only declined when he wrapped Tori in his embrace.

A small gasp escapes her lips, Tori confusedly on the sudden closure. She felt the rush of warmness flood her face causing her to blush crazy. "I shouldn't have said..." Tori stopped when Rei hushed her.

"Tori relax already. Surely, I realize you're worried. Did you actually think I would allow myself to take your blood, again? I had fed before I even visit you at the hospital." Rei softly said, resting his head over her shoulder. While he gave a faint frown over his face, reminiscing over the fact love was the strangest and unexpected into a vampire's life before he stopped. "I hear love make you do crazy thing, so I came after looking for you to apologize for everything. Before I realized my old ex-friend had intention of revenge to hurt me and anyone close." Rei formed a grin across his lips and said, "I don't care if I made myself go in the daylight; my reason was my own term. Also, I appreciate the kind gesture, but I'm keeping my promise. Tori, I won't allow myself take your blood nor will I allow myself to let anyone hurt you."

The microwave ring into their ears but neither chose to move. Tori only widen her eyes, speechless when before Rei had broken many of thoughts she never shown when everything was overwhelming. "Um, okay. I probably over thought the situation because after all it your choice." she paused. "Rei, I'm really happy you found me. I consider being a dream since I never thought love existed with all my hardship. Despite everything that went down, I'm glad you didn't leave." Tori quickly said her heart bump like crazy.

"Tori, I'm glad as well." Rei answered releasing his hold. "Why don't you start the movie you wanted to show?"

"Oh right," Tori said nervously. She hopped off the couch into the kitchen, pouring the popcorn into a bowl. She came back into the living room and clicked start on the remote. After seeing a bunch of commercials, the movie had finally started displaying.

After sometime, Rei spent an hour and half in a suspended state while keeping aware of his surroundings. Tori grabbed a bunch of popcorn with one hand, the other wiped few tears scattered from her eyes. Since the movie made her become intrigue, giving that it the ending was going to be sad. At least she didn't choose Titanic. He watched the rest of the film. The movie was nearly finished upon Rei hearing a sniff yawn from her lips. He knew she must've been tired, the clock read it was already midnight. "Why don't you head to bed? I know you probably have school."

"Yeah..." Tori said, trailing off. "I guess I'll see you, tomorrow."

He gave a little smile, "I won't leave until you fall asleep." He leaned into the couch, while Tori headed around the corner before she came back with a Hello Kitty lime green short sleeves over black pants before sitting closer to her boyfriend. "Well, you finally got use to my close presence." Rei laughed, noticing the puzzled look from her. "In the beginning, you hated my figure being around which caused you to say, a lot on your mind. That made you change the previous thoughts about me." He informed.

Tori rolled her eyes and pouted, crossing her arms at his ridiculous assumption. She decided not to punch him since last time her hand was sore from his solid body. Though, she would have given it a shot with him not beside her. "The reason I changed my mind is because I had no idea on my reaction. Every time, I kept speaking my mind, you saw through my anger. It became irritating I'd to put more effort into speaking from my heart."

"I had no idea that my words affect you," he deeply grin and teased, "Although, I'm not surprised because you're completely stubborn."

Ignoring his last sentence about her being stubborn, Tori wanted to know why Rei had cut his long hair. She actually thought his new hairstyle made him appeared more into modern time. "So...why did you cut your hair? I find your new hair style refreshing. It's like you tried something different but at the same time being your usual self."

"I suppose," Rei answered. "The main reason is because of you. Love isn't exactly my nature since I never connected with anyone, plus the thought of someone understanding my real form isn't the best decision. I thought if I got another chance being with you would turned into a miracle. I needed a new style that would go with me. The experience being in love is new though I wanted take every opportunity knowing more about you." He swept strands of hair away from his eyes. "How's your arm, now?"

Tori looked away, embarrassment written over her face. Surprised, she influences his time when she found it hard dropping her guard around others. Slightly glancing at her bandage arm, and replied. "Oh, it doesn't hurt like before yet its sore whenever I moved around. The doctor said it'd take a while to heal. But, it's okay." she reassure giving a small smile, scooting off the couch and grabbed the container of apple slices and juice box from the fridge. Punching the straw through, she munched on the apple; thinking about so much of her life was changing. "Actually, I have been meaning to ask you something."

"That's good to here." He replied upon a relief and in his eyes gaze a serious jolted nearly startled Tori. "I'm still worry since I already know you'll find a way over doing everything; not to mention your attempt on punching me would fail because I'd stop you in seconds if I didn't want you to get hurt." Rei remarked with a playful grin. "Now, what did you want to ask me? Go ahead," he suggested.

"You really know how to hurt a girl pride; I guess you can't blame me for trying." Tori retorted staring at the apple slices on the table. "It's about when you compel a person." she paused. Aware of Rei had been roaming her face after the question. "I have no idea why I'm asking this random question. But, I recognize this outcome when Devin tried bewitching me. I was still my normal self. I thought my humor and smart mouth had thrown you off, however; nothing happen with Devin. Why?" Tori completely unaware of the length between her and Rei had shortened.

Rei stared at her while holding her hand against his own. His eyes never left on her the confuse thoughts in her mind. Tori determine to hear his answer. Remembering, the countless time he compel others. "The process of someone following a vampire order is simple but risky the same time. The idea of glamour humans affect them physical, mentally, and emotional. A lot of vampires don't take caution on their actions. I give my best not to hurt anyone but I don't favor my consequences." He explained, clearing his throat.

"Oh okay, I suppose that would make sense. I probably shouldn't have asked the stupid question." She mumbled realizing how close he gotten near her.

"No, I actually don't mind you being honestly. Tori don't agonize over pointless vampire's tricks. This is my fault involving you to get harm." He observed the anxiety written over her face hadn't disappeared and continued talking. "You're lucky... I had no idea I would meet a fascinating girl without a single time falling under my charms. Tori, I'm grateful to meet you. It ironic I can read your mind, but I can't control. Sometime it work out in the end, yet I'm relief you never fell under my charms. I actually enjoy the challenge of winning you over." Rei clearly admitted.

Once again, Tori rolled her eyes upon his way of justify she was denied the chance falling under his charms. "Yeah, I never made the challenge to begin, yet I'm happy despite the unusual love." She proudly told at the same time. "Are you sure this is okay?"

He chuckled wrapping an arm over her shoulders as he brought her closer. "Tori love is always unusual. Even so, I understand you're worry but trust me. It's easier having you honest despite your bad lying." Rei said, wanting her to calm down by lighting the mood. "You're cuter this way. I realize it seen bizarre yet believe me, you're fine."

Tori gave a second thought over his opinion and oblivious she must of have a lot of luck upon the struggle in her life. "Okay. I'd panicked throughout the battle with Devin as I fought my best. I felt relief inside my mind when you came to my rescue. Devin manipulation tactics never worked on me, though not once he stopped on his brutal assault. It sound weird, so I'm afraid something is wrong with the picture." She draped her eyes across the floor. "Maybe, I'm overreacting..."

He sighed, "You're doing it, again. Tori stop worrying over single details." Rei promised, leaning over to kiss her. "Trust me, I won't allow anyone to hurt you."

Tori nodded relaxing her muscles relax from her tense panic. "Sorry-" Instantly, she stopped herself when before Rei told she didn't need to apologize over everything. "Thanks, I'm really glad you came today." Tori quietly said.

Rei nodded, allowing her to rest against him until she had falling asleep. Giving a small smiled, he placed her in bed. "Good night, Tori," he pulled the comforter around her. Positive she wouldn't awaken, he kissed her on the forehead before leaving. He exhaled walking down the railway, two things his mind ponder over was the strange presence he felt earlier and Tori sudden anxiety on questioning him about his vampire hypnosis.

Light indie with the beat of alternate music echo from the radio across the room, Tori energetic made breakfast, at the same time; she wrote an entry in her journal.

Dear Diary,

I'm feeling excited today, I have no idea but I just feel like my life will bring something new. Today is my first day back at school since I been in the hospital. I'm glad. The most unexpected thing happens in my life. I started a relationship with Rei who's a vampire. That part takes a while just to get use since he cleverly scare me with his speed and mind reading.

Well, I still have my smart-ass comments on him. I guess, love pop up in the strangest place.

Right now, I'm finishing my breakfast. Moment ago, I received a message from my friends. We're all going to walk together for school. So, I should hurry and finish everything before they arrive.

Tori placed her diary along with her lunch inside her bag. She munch on the toast and cereal inside her bowl, after that she cleaned the bowl and placed in the sink. Hearing the door bell, "Just a minute," she yelled. Going back to her room, she checked her summer uniform look somewhat decent the same time. She walked over to her bed and straightens the sheets before heading to the door. Tori said cheerfully. "Sorry about the long wait." She closed the door, tossing her bag over her shoulder.

"It's okay Tori. Glad you could make it," Kameyo sincerely said.

"Yeah, I miss hanging out with you guys." Tori said, looking around for other friend. "Where's Yuuta?"

"He's waiting downstairs." Kameyo replied. Tori looked over the rail, right below she saw her friend playing a game on his phone. "Yuuta," she lively waved, heading downstairs with her friend.

"Hey Tori," Yuuta energetic said, looking from his phone, he gave a happy and relief expression across his face. "I'm glad to see you're joining us today."

"Well yeah, I'm glad being out the hospital." Tori contented. "I need to catch up on my school work again. Hopefully, I won't have too many assignments to complete."

"I'm sure that won't be a problem, just remember not over push your body while still recovering." Yuuta said seriously.

"Right, I won't forget..." Tori nervously laughed. She figure Yuuta would know she try overworking even if she's stress. "If we don't hurry to the station we'll miss the train." Softly grinning, Tori glance at the clear blue sky given a warm breeze through her hair. After everything she had been through her mind wanted nothing much than to have a carefree life without stress worrying. It's so wonderful that nothing can go wrong. Once arriving on time, the announcement was made for line 4 train pulled into the station. The friends paid for the train before stepping aboard.

"The annual firework festival is coming next week. We all should go." Kameyo said pulling out a flyer to give them.

"Oh cool. That sound like fun to me. Do you think so, Yuuta?" Tori beam thinking about the yukata she would wear.

Yuuta nodded agreeable, happy to see a smile across her face. "Of course, I bet there will be a good spot for finding stars."

After the day seem to past by slowly at school, the bell had finally rung signal everyone that lunch period had arrive. All the students started moving around or walking with their friends. Tori and her friend got together on the roof to enjoy their lunch on a peaceful day.

The next day, Tori restful day had turned into a sulky mood. She nearly finish her shift at White Rainbow. Throughout her entire day, she was panicking yet covered the pain with a smile. Every time, someone asked if she was okay. Tori lightly smiles giving automatic yes. She had finally convinced Mr. Kuramoto allowing her to leave early since she wasn't feeling well. A sigh escape her lips when she leaned against her locker, Tori grabbed her journal and wrote a brief entry.

I'm nervous about tonight. I can't seem to relax and I get the idea Rei happen to notice. The smiles I give when he asked if I'm okay seem unrealistically. Maybe, I should tell him despite my worried.

Ever since the forecast was shown over her phone screen, Tori mood wouldn't lighten to her energetic self. Checking over and over, the weather clearly had been right. Tori left the cafe and wanted to find someplace that would ease her fear, "Tori." She jumped upon hearing her name, noticing the person who called her name was Rei.. "Damnit, Rei, why must you appear out of nowhere?" She irritated asked.

Rei raised an eyebrow and gave a mischievous smirk, "First, I didn't appear from nowhere when I had been waiting. Is something wrong? You have been unease recently. Oh, please don't give me another yes because I wasn't buying the word from your mouth last time."

Oh sorry, I was distracted about something." Tori calmly replied. "I'm probably just worried about semester finals coming up." She partially truthful yet the finals weren't her issues that made her unease. My mind wasn't fooling me. Rei already notice I'm not being my usual self. She blankly stares at him. "

"You never cease to amaze me, you know that? Tori, I don't understand you'll lie knowing I'm aware." Rei amused, looking in her eyes. "I can scent you're more worried about something beside exams." He expressed with a serious manner.

Tori looked at the ground, forgetting her lies can easy be detected from Rei. She involuntarily came closer to him when her ears heard the thunder rumbling over the sky. "Um Rei, can I stay with you tonight? I'll explain, later. I'm asking a favor. Can you please get me from outside?"

Strangely, Rei gently smile with her unexpected request because Tori always complained about his inhuman speed. "Sure, if that what you wish," He brought her closer, afterward he picked up his speed. The wind pressed against her skin from the speed Rei had been traveling. Afraid to glimpse at her surrounding, Tori kept her eyes closed. Two sounds caught her ears, loud hail falling on the ground, and the banging of thunder and lightning.

Rei quickly landed on the porch, closing the door behind him before either got drench. "Tori, it's okay to open your eyes." When he placed her down, she whisper thanks. He noticed the way she hesitated, wanting to ask about earlier but decided to wait until she told him.

Quietly, she follows him upstairs not wanting to spend the night home alone. The silence was suiting her mind, though she never stops trembling over the loud boom of thunder crash. Rei slightly glanced at her and frown, knowing if he left Tori by herself tonight. She probably would be terrified and find it hard to admit everything was okay.

"Tori," Rei sighed, hesitantly, "Do you want to sleep in my room? I'm asking since you clearly hate thunderstorm." He watched her expression carefully not to over step boundaries. Gradually, Tori relaxed and nodded. He lightly took her hand. "Well, right this way. My room isn't much yet I'm sure it's comfortable. Also, I'm glad you took my offer. I'm worried about leaving you alone since the storm is making you jumpy."

Tori looked at him astounding and the other half of her couldn't believe he saw her fear like an open book. "You notice without me saying a word."

"Sure but I didn't want you to get mad, so I just gave you some time." He answered, opening his door.

"Okay." Tori sheepishly said, glancing at his all black bedroom. Everything from the comforter across his bed, toward the sofa was decor in black. Recalling, he mention black was his favorite color and went into signal life style. "Oh wow. Rei your room is rather unique with the all black. It really does suit your style."

"I'm glad you find my room interesting, but I just placed items together so I'd feel somewhat modern." He said, picking some of his books and paper from the floor. "I'm not sure how long the storm going to last. However, you're more than welcome to have my bed. Just in case you get scare, I'll be right on the couch." Rei pointed out.

Tori glanced at the median size black couch with lined pillows. "Oh, I don't want to impose my stay. The anxious in my mind hasn't disappeared because of the storm. Rei, I'm fine just sleeping on the couch." She frantically waved her hands in front of her.

"No," He said, without considering the idea.

Stubbornly, Tori refused by using all her will power when she plops down on the sofa. Rei gave a sly facial expression, walking over and pulled her away in seconds. "I am not allowing you to sleep on the couch." He told clearly. "I would not feel right over you sleeping on the couch."

Tori protested against his idea, at the same time Rei motion her toward his bed. She heard him grumbling over her resistance to follow his order. Instantly, Rei continued to decline her answer about her sleep arrangement. "Are you sure it's okay? I mean I don't want to be rude-" Tori cut off by her feet being swept off the floor. She yelped, "Put me down, Rei. I don't need to be carried when I can walk. Are you listening to me? Rei stop ignoring my every word. Seriously...I can't just take your bed so freely." She persist complain while Rei hardly listen to a word. "I'm fine with sleeping on the couch, plus I'm smaller than you. So, the size would match perfectly."

Ignoring all of her complaints, Rei lifted Tori into his bed. "Tori, I don't want to hear no more objections. It's already been settled your sleeping in my bed while I rest on the couch." Rei said, pulling the covers near her. The last complaint she didn't say out loud, although Rei had clearly heard her thoughts. "Yes, it is fine about staying over. Good night," he added.

Tori blinked her eyes; she couldn't believe herself insisted to stay after he ignored all her protests. The light switch turned off, leaving her in the dark. Playing with her locket to occupy her mind, Tori hope for a nice sleep. The storm continued making her restless throughout the night. She fidgety every seconds thunder and lightning roar the sky. I've to calm down... I've to calm down... She repeated over in her mind, placing her hands over her ears; staring into open space. Everything time she thought her ideas would help, the focus became burdensome. Small tears crawl out of her tightly shut eyes, reminding she hated being paralyzed during a storm.

Just at the moment she was about to breakdown. Suddenly, the bed weight shifted; opening her eyes and gasped. Tori found Rei beside her. Concern written over his face, he swept tears from her cheeks. "It's oblivious you won't sleep peaceful. So, I plan to stay here until you fall asleep." He sighed and popped against his free arm.

"Huh?" Tori became rather shock with a hint red across her face. "Oh no, I'm fine. I was just a little cold. I wasn't shivering because of the storm." She lied. Though, she knew that wasn't going to work. More thunders overtook the sky, causing her fear of to display over Rei. Desperately, Tori wrappedher arms around his waist. She buried her head into his chest, breathing.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Rei questioned, pushing strands of hair away from her eyes. "I said don't be afraid to say anything on your mind, including things you hate."

Tori remained silence, no way of explaining her abnormal fear. After so many years, she never shows her fear around no one. She tried the best in her heart to desperately hide the anxiety.

"I don't understand a lot of time. I find this hard to believe the girl beside me is afraid of a trivial thunderstorm but not me, or speaking your mind." He said, softly laughing over the distant rumble.

"It's not funny!" Tori exclaimed, hating she embarrass herself around him. The room illuminated with a flash of lightning only made the uneasy feeling inside her continued. "I didn't know a way to express my phobia which you clearly compared to vampires."

"I know, but you're able to say a lot of things on your mind especially to me." he sincerely said.

Wishing today never happen with the storm, Tori dreadfully pouted over the situation. She wanted to be with him even if her fear kept showing. "Rei, it comes naturally I speak my opinions. Also, I had to find some damn way to tell numerous people to stop spreading rumors about my family issues. Plus, the process of you being a vampire wasn't to bewildering. I brought the situation upon my own point of view." She told point on with no hesitation in her answer.

Rei smirked wanting to scare her. "I don't understand a thunderstorm easily scares you, but I'm a vampire. Did you forget? Tori, I smell your scent all around me which have me craving for your blood. I questioned if you wanted to be with me. Of course, you had already made up your mind." He glared at her, allowing his bangs to dip over his eyes.

"So what?" Tori simply retorted. "I had already made the assumption you were different, because I knew something was off. Rei, I'm not afraid, and I want to stay with you."

Rather taken off with her straightforwardness, Rei started laughing already he knew she was being stubborn. If he gone any further into their argument, he realize they would never get anywhere. "All right, I'll let you win that one. So, what I can do so you can sleep?" He saw her shrugging her shoulders, uncertain about the response. He clearly saw no answer would process if he didn't find the cause of her fear. "Okay, I hate asking a personal question. Tori, why do you hate thunderstorm? You can tell me, and I promised I won't laugh." he reassured.

Tori skeptically glared at him, wondering if she should explain her fear; since she was always strong even when despair was drown over her. "You promise no laughing," she wanted to reassure herself Rei wouldn't laugh even if she overreacted on the assumption.

Rei only raised an eyebrow, he wasn't quite surprise about hearing such a response. Since he already made an early statement she disagreed. "Yes," he clarifies. "Honestly, I'm concern and remember what I told you. It's okay to say you're afraid."

"Okay..." she widens her eyes and sighed. "I guess it happen when I was nine, also the day my parents' divorce was finalized. When I came home from school, I started my homework like usual. I kept having this uneasy feeling. It was getting rather late and dark outside, the phone rang which made me anxious. I heard my mom say over the phone she would be home rather late. I should double check the door was lock, and stay away from the windows because of storm was approaching the city." Tori explained at the same moment she frowns. "I had no idea the storm would be frighten alone. It was rather nerve racking I had spent the night without my mother. Sadly, I couldn't stop the tense emotions running inside me from being helpless. The storm had lasted for a long time and I felt the merge of my strength fading." Tori hiccupped against her words, while she hated the way her uncontrollable tears begin spilling her pain that was bottled up.

"Ever since that day, I hated being alone during a storm because I'm become frighten someone going to leave me. That why I became uncertain about telling you because I was scare." She cried.

"All right, I understand but trust me, I'm not going to leave you in this condition." Rei wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled Tori closer to his side. "You don't always have to say everything well. When you can say I'm not okay to someone. However, I'm glad you told me. Maybe this song will help you feel at rest." Rei sincerely said before starting right away he hum a light song.

Tori listened closely, unfamiliar with the song and word he added into the song. Oblivious, the song had given her calm and ease feeling than earlier. The storm became part of the background in Tori's ears, listening over the smooth song by Rei. Gradually, Tori closed her eyes the second a yawn escape her lips. Maybe, today wasn't bad like I had assumed. Tori reassured herself before her heavy eyes lid gave into a peaceful sleep. "Thank you." She softly whispered

Rei gave a smile in return, brushing strands of hair away and kiss the top of her forehead. The last thing she heard from him before Tori drifted into peaceful dreams. "Sweet dream, Tori," He said seeing her eyes opened once again before completely shutting.