i have a lot of crying to do
A lot has gone unsaid
I have a lot i want to scream at you
These feelings are not dead

These tears have soaked my pillow
I'm going out of my head
All of this i need to say
And lay my fears to bed

I;m going to suck it uo; i have to
And be a girl too
I have to wipe away these true tears
And put on a fake smile for you

Crying gets me nowhere
The world just makes me madder
No reason to live without you
Your name alone makes all the sadder

This is what i must say to you
Mikey, I hate your guts
May you rest in piece as you burn in hell
When i get there i'm kicking your butt


And until that day
I'm gonna smile
And try to make this ugly world
Just a little less vile
..'Cause i know that's what you wanted all along
--(be it you alive or dead)--