Death is not what bothers me
what bothers me is you're gone
I miss you dearly
I want you back

The music of life
is a broken disc
the repeat button's broken
scratches cause it to skip

but we all get through it
buffer through to you
and we all keep dancing
under the sun, below the moon

some are dressed in elegance
others nothing at all
they are not all smiling
some dance alone

don't go away from me
don't leave me here alone
i don't like this music
don't know the steps for this song

you threw things into shuffle
and turned it up too loud
we have different drummers
belong to different crowds

I'm not strong enough to do this
Baby, can't you see
What i fear most is your departure
Please don't go away

the song is not over
Now i see your face
We fall into rhythm
Please, dance with me