Dawn over a new horizon

A solid sky of gray

The scene sets along the trees

Here comes a new day

Last night's pain sets in

It's dried upon my cheek

I stand tall over most

Yet I feel so meek

My stare stays in the sky

The solid cloud so dreary

Among the breezy leaves

Entering winter so weary

Back and forth they move

Branches sway in the wind

Dark yet peaceful morn it seems

The night will rescind

A sudden splash and slide

The sounds of pouring rain

Rising flood along the walk

And running through the lane

A storm has come so strong

And made its presence felt

Yet from my obstructed view

I wasn't able to tell

And so it seems through life

And all the world around me

I was encompassed by a storm

Before I knew it found me

Seasons come and they go

The storms shall come to pass

Now I must get through the rain

And hope it doesn't last

Weather me from hardship

And please bring back the sun

Next time I'll see the storm

Before it has begun

Nothing will change the past

But I shall hope for peace

So the heavy storms in my soul

May finally come to cease

Bring me love and maybe joy

And when I feel again

I will know I've learned

And bring a raincoat if I can

For the sun to one day shine

The rain must make things grow

I may go through this yet again

But at least then I will know