"Stupid Bitch forgot to take the spare key."

I fumbled with the key. I was shaking, with excitement. She deserves this so much. I am the fucking best she'll ever have. Stupid Bitch must not be home. She has to be sleeping with that fucking bastard Kenny. She's thinking about me. I can tell things like that. I managed to get the key into the lock. Which way do it turn it? Fuck. I am so goddamn stupid. Right? Left? I turned it right, and the door unlocked. That goody-two shoes bitch would also choose something that's "right." I chuckled at my own stupid pun. I open the glass door and step inside. I took my shoes off. She always made me take my shoes off.

"A neat freak. That's what she is." I mumbled to myself. I hope I didn't forget the lighter fluid. I felt around in my pockets. There it's in my left pocket.

"Hello?" A shrill voice called out. Shit! It's Meredith. I mean Stupid Bitch. Where's the duct tape? Where is the fucking duct tape? I quickly surveyed the nearby rooms. It's there. on the living room table. I lunged towards the table. Pain exploded on the left side on my face. I soon felt the warm, sticky feeling of blood slowly making its way down my face. At least I got the duct tape.

"Hello, Meredith." I said as I rose off of the blood-stained carpet. Meredith jogged into the living room. She looked the same. The same mousy brown hair, and wide brown eyes. But she's not pretty anymore.

"Oh....it's only you Max." A smart person would have asked me why they were in my house or to get out. But that was the Stupid Bitch. She automatically trusted everyone. I smiled at her. With the wound on my cheek, I supposed it would look menacing. I walked towards her.

"Meredith come with me." I whispered in her ear. I grabbed her hand and led her into the bedroom. As, soon as we entered the bedroom, I continued to lead her on to the bed. She sat down and I sat down with her.

" So...Max. What do you want?"

"I want you." I kissed her forcefully on the lips. She was stiff at first but then proceeded to relax. I took the duct tape out of my pocket and quietly ripped a piece off. I broke away from Meredith.

"You have the most beautiful lips. She was about to blush and say thank you, but I stopped her by putting the duct tape over her lips. The look in her eyes was frantic. She started beating her fists against my chest. I grabbed her wrists.

"Enough." I duct taped her wrists. The ankles was the hardest. She started to kick me. I had to sit down on her chest and then duct tape her ankles. I picked her up bridal style and put her into the bathtub.

"Do you remember when we used to shower together? Do you remeber how nice that felt?" Stupid Bitch started to sob uncontrollably. Her whole body was shaking with the effort. Ha. She thinks this was going to make me have regrets. She shouldn't have cheated.

" ou brought this upon yourself, Meridith. Now there is nothing you could do to stop it. Think before you act, Merdith. I have nothing more to say to you." I started to pour the lighter fluid on her. She tried to wriggle out of the tub. I put my had on her chest and pushed down. I leaned in close, and put my mouth next to her ear. "I said enough." She went limp. Good, she didn't disobey. She wouldn't like what I would do to her then. I continued to pour the foul liquid on her. I took the matches out of my pocket. I struck the match and a flame erupted to life on the red tip. I threw it into the bathtub. As much as I wanted to watch, I had to leave. I didn't want to die.

I ran through the halls. I slowed down and walked calmly out the front door. Which was hard because I wanted to run up the street and click my heels and scream. But I couldn't. I walked up the street. I wish I could see her face right now. I wanted to see the flames lick her fair skin, anf burn her hair. I wanted to hear her screams pain. That would be so nice. But I will hear about it tommorrow. And the glory will be all mine. I took out the small peice of paper in my back pocket. I crossed out Meredith's name from the top of the list. This is only the beggining of the List. And now that bastard Kenny is next.