I've always done stupid things with my heart.

I should have known this right from the start.

I used to be on the top of the world,

But now to the bottom I have been hurled.

I believed in the love he promised me,

But then he said we weren't meant to be.

I was naïve; I let myself be fooled,

But the end of that love was way overdue.

Then you came along and made me fly high,

My friendship with you let my heart touch the sky.

But you turned around and broke my poor heart;

You never loved me from the very start.

I can't seem to stop the stupid thins that I do,

I was broken by him, and by you.

I used to be on top of it all,

But because of you two, I've let myself fall.


a/n: I really should learn when to stop falling in love. It never works out in the end anyway.