a friend of mine fell in love a year ago.
well, he's still in love, but she's moved on.
no matter what she does, what she says,
he's in love and nothing can change that.
he says, "life's so empty since she left."
he says, "maybe if i wait long enough, she'll take me back,"
and breaks my heart without knowing it.
you're so much more than this, i want to say,
you're so much more than what she makes you.
believe me, believe in yourself.
but he can't, and so i cry the tears he won't shed
because he's hoping, always goddamn hoping for something.
"it doesn't exist anymore," i screamed once,
but what i saw behind the painful hope only broke
something i didn't know i had in me. why, why
do people hurt themselves over others?
your friends are watching you tear yourself apart, you know,
and every scar is mirrored in their eyes.
you're more, you're so much more -
but he can't hear me, and he can't move on:
he's in love.