Chapter 26: Rodeo

"Zella, get up and get ready you only have a hour to get ready before Nashua gets here!" Belle yelled at Zella's closed door.

Zella groaned and got up. She barely started to get ready when Nashua started to throw pebbles at her window.

"Nashua!" Zella yelled, opening her window. A pebble hit her in the head. "Ow, Nashua, what was that for?!" she yelped, forehead throbbing.

"Oops!" Nashua yelled, seeing her firery eyes.

"You're gonna pay for that, hun!" Zella said, hurrying to get ready so she could get her payback.

When she got outside Nashua had already got Cupid in the trailer.

"He sure doesn't like trailers," Nashua mused.

Zella walked up to him and smacked him on the arm.

"Now, now that's not nice. Act like a lady. You know I didn't throw that at you on purpose, Zellie," Nashua laughed, rubbing his arm.

"How do I know you didn't do it on purpose?" Zella asked.

"Because I love you. That's why," Nashua kissed her, then smiled.

"I love you too," Zella hugged him.

"Now it's time for my revenge!" Nashua started tickling her.

Zella screamed, trying to make him stop.

He had her trapped against the dodge ram so she couldn't get away.

"I'm sorry for hitting you in the arm!" Zella tryed to squirm away but it was hopeless, "Are you happy now?"

"Nope, that's not good enough, sweetcakes," Nashua gave her a grin.

"Please, Nashua, stop," she pleaded giving her best puppy dog look, trying not to gasp from being tickled so much. When that didn't work she stared into his eyes hard.

Nashua stared right back. Finally he stopped tickling her. Her pleading look was enough for him.

"Thank you," Zella exhaled.

"Your welcome, Zellie," he dangled the keys at her, "You drive this time. You need to gett better at driving before you trade in your permit for a license," Nashua said, opening the driver's door for her.

"No," Zella protested, not moving.

Nashua wiggled his fingers at her playfully threatening her.

"Alright, alright, i'll drive. Gee," Zella hopped in and Nashua got in.

"I hope we can keep Cupid," Zella sighed as she pulled out the drive-way.

"Yeah, but if he's a good horse for the wild horse race they will keep him," Nashua sat back in the truck seat.

"I know," Zella said sadly. She felt a tear roll down her face as they got thto the rodeo and parked.

"Hey Zellie, don't cry," Nashua said as he saw her tear.

"I'm not it's just seems like the things you love the most always get taken away," she wipped her face.

"You'll never lose me, Zella," Nashua hugged her.

"Promise me?" Zella said, into his shoulder.

"Promise," Nashua held her closer.

If only she was able to keep Cupid her life would be perfect.

Cupid whinnied in the trailer.

"Time to get Cupid out of there," Nashua said, letting Zella go.

Cupid kicked the trailer wall ready to get out of that little jail cell.

"C'mon buddy. Time to get out," Nashua unlatched the trailer door.

Zella sighed, climbing out the truck.

A man in his 30's walked up to them. "Hey there. I'm wilson Mills," he said to them as Nashua and Zella lead Cupid out.

"Hello, i'm Zella and this is Nashua," Zella said to him.

As soon as Cupid saw Wilson he laid his ears back, showing his teeth.

"Whoa Roger, don't you remember me?" Wilson withdrew his hand.

Cupid snapped his teeth.

Wilson janked his hand away quickly.

"He doesn't seem to be very happy to see you," Nashua said flatly.

"Well that isn't what matters right now. What matters is to see if he makes a good horse for the wild horse race," Wilson took Cupid's lead rope.

"And if he doesn't make a good horse for the race?" Zella dared to ask.

"I'm putting him down," Wilson said, without any expression in his voice.

"No, you can't put him down. Let us keep him," Zella protested.

How could anyone think of putting such a beautiful animal down?!

"We'll see," Wilson said, "I'll call you tomorrow," he called, leading Cupid to the corral.

Zella and Nashua got back in the truck.

"I hope--," Zella started then stopped.

"You hope what?" Nashua asked, steering the truck toward home.

"I sure hope we can keep him," Zella finished.

"I know, Zellie" Nashua smiled.