A/N: Please be warned: This story contains explicit sexual content. Thank you.

"Damn, I'm horny."

"Ethan, please. We just left my parents' house. Can't you just hold that in until we at least get in a taxi?"

Donna pressed the button for the elevator repeatedly with her thumb, anxious to leave the building and to get away from the prying questions of her nosy parents. She hated the way they stared down Ethan like he was the enemy, just because he was their only daughter's boyfriend. They could never just be happy for her. They always had to fear that she was somehow making a bad choice, even though Ethan had been the perfect gentleman tonight.

"I don't know if I can. You look so hot tonight in that little black dress. Imagine how awkward it was trying to keep my eyes on off your chest while your father was interrogating me." He chuckled, and placed his palm on the small of her back, allowing his fingers to toy with the tips of her waist-length hair that was cascading behind her.

She rolled her eyes and glared at the numbers over the elevator door. "That's ridiculous, Ethan. I know you can hold it in. Just for right now, anyway, can't you? Wait until we get home. Then you can tell me all you want about the things you want to do to me. Not now, though; not this near to my parents' apartment." She glanced nervously behind them at the locked door whose 12C plaque looked rusty in the bright overhead hall lights.

He sighed, his fists clenching and unclenching at his sides. "Alright, alright, alright," he grumbled. "I'll hold it in as best as I can, baby."

"Thank you, honey." Donna smiled at him. "You're too good."

His fingertips traced delicate circles on her lower back, and the lightness of his touch made her feel drowsy and comfortable. She could barely wait to get home and wrap her arms around her dear Ethan, cuddle in bed and fall asleep on his warm chest. She wanted to listen to his heartbeat strumming against her cheek and let the wonderful rhythm engulf her. She breathed deeply, feeling woozy just imagining it. "I love you, baby. You know you're so beautiful, don't you?"

She closed her eyes, hoping the elevator would come soon so she could have a wall to lean against in her current state. "Mmm," she mumbled. "Sure. I love you, too, Ethan. You're wonderful."

As his hand travelled downward, a shiver passed through her that shot a delightful surge of fluttering desire to the place between her legs. Somehow he seemed to know. "Am I making you horny, too, sweetheart? When I do this…" His fingers ran gently over the curve of her ass. "…Am I turning you on?"


"Whoa. Are you not wearing panties?"

Donna blushed. "In this dress, any panty line is blatantly obvious." She gave him a suggestive sideways glance. "Is that a problem?"

He scoffed and ran his other hand through his dark curly hair. "Oh god, no," he said, his low, strained voice betraying his lust. "It's hot. You should go commando more often, you sexy fucking bitch."

At that, she slapped his hand away. "Ethan!" she exclaimed in a hushed voice, looking nervously around them in the empty hallway. "Please! Not here!"

A high-pitched ding! struck the air suddenly, and she perked up. She stared eagerly at the elevator door just as it rolled slowly open, offering its empty compartment to them. She shuffled in, feeling rather uncomfortable as she grew steadily wetter beneath her dress. She feared staining the black fabric, but there was nothing she could do about it right now. They had to get home.

The doors closed behind them with another obnoxious ding! and with a heavy sigh she pressed the button for the bottom floor. The elevator began to move. Donna leaned against the wall, and the very next moment, Ethan's hands had her pinned there. "Ethan! I thought you said you'd hold it in!"

He growled against her hair, his breath warm on her neck. "Oh god," he snarled. "I can't."

"Stop! Not now!" She meant to be serious, but her words escaped her in a moan, and she figured she didn't sound all that convincing. "Ah… sto—" He cut her off with his lips on hers, and she squealed against his prying tongue. She kissed him back, but tensely, worried of being seen, even though they were in an elevator. She was a very private person.

His hand slid from around her neck down the front of her body—between her heaving breasts and over her stomach. He passed over her hips and tickled down her thigh, fingering the hem of her soft black dress. He pulled his mouth away from her. "I love you," he breathed, staring directly into her eyes so her insides turned to liquid. His gaze was so intense that it was almost painful to hold it, but she did, even as his palm slipped upward, bunching the skirt of her dress as he pressed himself between her thighs. His fingers pressed against her clit, and she swooned, clutching his upper arms to keep from collapsing.

She glanced at the glowing number 8 changing swiftly into a 7. They were running out of floors. "Damn it, Ethan, really? In a fucking elevator? Shit."

"Shut up," he hissed, and she did. Her heart was hammering with nerves. This was so public. What if this elevator had cameras? Her eyes glanced upward to check the ceiling, but before she could scan each corner, his finger impaled her violently, completely encasing itself in her warm folds. An involuntary squeak of pleasure escaped her as he touched her expertly in all the right ways, making her squirm.

A second later, though, he withdrew his hand, and roughly tugged her dress back down. She looked around them, bewildered by the sudden cease of ecstasy between her legs. "Wha—?" She blinked. The little black screen read 3… 2…

That irksome ding! announced their arrival on the first floor. Ethan pushed his fingers into her mouth for a moment, making her taste her own juices, before grabbing her by the hand and dragging her through the waiting doors.

With that taste lingering in her mouth and the feel of his sticky fingers clutching hers, Donna could barely stand upright on her weak knees, but she did what she could as they passed by the building's doorman awkwardly. He had no idea what had just taken place in that elevator back there, and a smug feeling of power rushed through her because of it.

The sun was just going down. The sidewalk was bathed in gold, and the sky was something of a hypnotic with its gorgeous yellows, purples, and blues. The warmth of the evening swept her away, while the city atmosphere coddled her and made her feel right at home. Oh, how she missed the city. It was always so nice to be back here.

She barely had time to bask before Ethan steered her towards the street corner to hail a taxi. She was weak on his arm, and found herself staring up at him more eagerly than she ever had. "I want you so badly," she mumbled. Her eyes were ablaze with a fierce lust that would not dissipate, no matter how hard she tried. She wanted to wait, but even out here in the open, she could not control her hands. Her trembling fingers fumbled at his waistband, teasing him, suggestively nudging their way inside. He had to grab hold of her wrists to make her stop, but she could hear him groaning, and see a growing bulge in his pants that proved he wanted her just as badly as she wanted him now.

"Now who's the horny one?" he asked her, his shaking arm still raised for a cab. "Did you like that, you dirty little slut?" he glanced at her and she shivered, leaning against him, pressing her chest to his side so he could feel how hard her nipples were. "Being touched like that out in the open, where anyone could have come in and seen what I was doing to you?"

Donna moaned at the thought. "Yes," she squeaked ashamedly. "I loved it. I love you. I want you." Her hand slid to the front of his pants just as a yellow taxi pulled up in front of them. She knew someone must have seen, and that invigorated her. She groped at the erection straining beneath the fabric of his pants and heard his breath catch. Giggling suggestively, she pulled suddenly away and stepped up to the cab alone. "Actually," she told the grumpy looking taxi driver, "I don't think we will be needing a cab. Thanks anyway." He drove off in a huff, and Donna slinked back to Ethan still standing dumbfounded on the street corner. "I can't wait anymore, either," she told him insistently. "I need you inside me. Now."

"Good god, you're so sexy," he whispered to her, taking her by the hips and leading her down the street while one of his hands wandered over her ass. Her arm slinked around his thin, slender body, feeling the heat emanating from him and longing desperately to feel that heat around her. "Shit, I've got to have you. Right now." He shuffled her around the corner and swung her against a small impression in a nearby wall. It was a good thing the street was fairly empty. A few pedestrians were still visible passing them by, and each and every one of them gave Ethan and Donna very disapproving looks. Neither of them cared. The little hollow part of this side of the building seemed perfectly made for two bodies to cram in, and they fit well, only slightly cramped.

For the first time, Donna was unconcerned with publicity. She began to undo his belt, completely unaware of the passers-by who might catch a glimpse of their nakedness. They were positioned excellently so that his back faced the street, and she was pressed against the wall—perfectly poised so any nudity would be difficult to see in passing. She unzipped him eagerly while his palms roamed her breasts like a hungry animal. Passion was making them clumsy and unceasing. She let his magnificent cock spring free, and he emitted a small gasp as the open air caressed him. She stroked it gently, pulling him closer to her in the process. He was flush up against her, the head of his cock nudging her pelvic area through her dress. One of his hands moved up to her shoulder, and as he slid her sleeve down, she let out a soft sigh of excitement. His tongue found the nape of her neck, and he began to lick and suck her skin lightly. She moaned against him, running the fingers of one through his soft, dark hair and pulling his head closer. With her other hand, she pumped his hard cock in her fist more wildly, increasing his desire so he would unleash his passion on her at last.

Indeed, with a snarl like a wounded beast, he suddenly bit down hard, and she let out a cry that she felt certain the entire street must have heard. A shiver of terror and excitement ran through her at the thought. "Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," she squealed. "Fucking shit… holy fucking shit…" The pain was shooting through her from its starting point at her neck, and it felt like sweet bliss all over. It provoked a kind of frenzy within her, and she could not stop herself anymore. She reached down and started to hike up her skirt, squirming against Ethan's strong body,

"Watch your dirty mouth, you slut," he ordered pulling his face away from her and leaving her neck delightfully sore His palm flew to her mouth. He covered it, preventing her from speaking any more, though muffled moans continued to make their escape. He clutched her face roughly as the head of his cock pressed anxiously against the slippery opening to her soaked pussy.

She tried to cry, "Please! Yes! I need you! Fuck me!" but all that she managed with his hand clamped over her mouth were several high-pitched strangled whimpers. Her eyes were rolling back as the desire washed over her, and her pussy convulsed greedily. He took the time to guide the very tip of his delicious cock inside her with his hand before letting it crawl back up her body. It curled around her wrist, and pinned it against the brick wall behind her. It was the perfect amount of restraint to frustrate her and drive her crazy. Her free hand clawed passionately at his back, desperate for him. "Please!" she tried to say again. "Come on! Fuck me!"

Thankfully, he seemed to understand. He thrust deeply within her in a single, fluid motion, and with a high squeak of satisfaction, she was slammed violently against the wall. She lifted one knee into the air, trying to create an easier angle for him, but it was difficult to keep it raised, for his rhythm had already began. He shoved himself wildly inside her again and again, and he didn't seem able to stop. "Donna," he hissed through clenched teeth. "I love you. I love you. I love you." He let go of her mouth, and she gasped.

"I love you, too," she said on a relieved exhale. His free hand found her thigh, and he lifted it as high as it would go. Her hip cracked, and she winced, but did not resist him as he took control of her body. His fingernails dug into her skin, and she tensed around him, loving the exciting combination of pleasure and pain. "Yes," she sighed. "I love you. Fuck. I love you so much. So fucking much. Ah!" she cried out as his grip tightened, and her skin pinched under his nails. She knew she would be bruised there later.

He fucked her wildly, his control apparently gone as he ravaged her body greedily. His mouth attacked her neck again, and his grip at her thigh and wrist were so tight she was in serious pain. It was wonderful. She wanted him never to stop. The pleasure built, the heat between them rose, and several moments later, pure ecstasy found her. She moaned against his shoulder, trying to muffle herself as she shuddered around him repeatedly. It would not stop. Bliss overwhelmed her again and again, and she didn't think she could handle any more. If he didn't finish soon, she would surely pass out.

"Say my name, slut," he commanded, and with a deep shiver, she obliged.

"Oh god… Ethan! Please, Ethan, please! I love you! Oh god, I love you!" Her voice was quaking, her body was writhing, and her head was spinning. It was too much.

But then, with a grunt, he tensed, and she felt him cum inside her. The warmth of him filled her up entirely, and she felt complete.

When he finished, they slumped against the hard brick wall, worn out from their spontaneous lovemaking, panting heavily. He made a sound that indicated he was trying to speak, but it seemed he didn't have the strength yet. Neither did she. They stood weakly together for a good long couple of minutes before the sounds of the surrounding city became suddenly evident to them again. He laughed breathily and slipped out of her. "Thank you," he told her, straightening her dress for her like a gentleman before zipping up his own pants and buckling his belt again.

She smiled, and touched his face lovingly. "No, no, thank you," she corrected. "That was…."




"That, too," she admitted. "I never thought it could be… but it was." She bit her lip, gazing innocently up at him. "I feel so dirty."

Ethan chuckled, and cradled her in his arms. "You are dirty," he growled in her ear. His warm breath made her shiver again, and she hit him unenergetically.

"Oh," she groaned, "you have to stop it, now. It's completely dark out, and we've got to get home, y'know."

He sighed. "I know. I just love you so much."

She took his hand in hers, linking their fingers. "I love you, too, baby. I always will." For a moment, they could not tear their eyes away from one another, and they each smiled warmly at the sight of the other. But Donna was quick to regain her senses, as she always was. She shook her head, and nodded towards the street. "Okay, come on," she told him. "Let's get out of here and get a cab home."

Ethan nodded compliantly without saying a word, and led her out onto the street again. They stood on the corner feeling far more relaxed, now, and Donna knew that this time, they would actually take the taxi they hailed. She looked around at the dark street while Ethan stood beside her with his arm out for the cab barely a block away. In the time it took for the taxi to pull over to the curb for them, Donna received a number of disapproving glares and amused giggles from the few pedestrians passing them. Ethan opened the car door for her, and she smiled. She took his offered hand with a girly titter and a curtsy, and then slipped onto the squeaky seat inside. Ethan slid in after her and gave their address to the taxi driver. As he took her hand, Donna realized that she was feeling prouder and more satisfied than she ever thought she could.

Exhausted, she leaned her head on Ethan's warm shoulder. "Rest, baby," he told her. "You deserve it. I love you."

She wanted to mumble that she loved him, too, but by the time she managed to open her mouth, a quiet snore escaped her. She was already asleep.