The slick road stretches ahead of us,
Reflecting the night sky and the yellow trees beneath our feet
Like a glistening sea of loose tiles.
I'm wrapped up in his sweet arms,
His palms soft and warm on my face.
I inhale him. We breathe together,
Breathe in each other.
His heart beats steadily and the moon pulses overhead,
Bathing us in the delicate sensations of love.
I observe every plane of his face in the dark,
And the softness of his eyes and mouth
Cause my joints and lungs to fail.
My soul implodes, overwhelmed by his wild nature
That fills me like a beautiful flood I'll keep with me forever.
He holds me up while I hold him on a thread,
Desperate to keep him alive, to keep him near me,
To keep the way he makes me feel.
I need the heat of his gasping breath on my neck,
The taste of his tongue in my mouth.
I feel needed when he touches me,
And I need his touch to feel safe.
Embracing him, I can feel only his skin,
While all else fades to unimportance around us.
He kisses me and my insides swell.
I overflow with adoration and desire when his lips brush mine,
My vision spins, my sanity flees and I crumble.
Tell us we are young, we are naïve, we are hopeless, and we will shrug.
We will smile, look to the sky and be glad in each other's arms.
Lost and dazed in the bewildering light of our new love,
We sigh and rest, our relaxed states of mind linked as we drift to sleep.
When we wake, we'll watch the golden ocean of leaves sparkle outside,
And we'll never move again.