Every one of my family members was here at the family reunion and some were yet to come. Most of my uncles, aunts, cousins, and even my grandparents were already here and enjoying the reunion. People from all sides of the family tree came. They were all chatting, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. The children were all outside playing games. They all liked one game best of all which was sword playing.

This time the reunion was held at my house. They hold the reunion every year, but the location changes for it every year. Everyone had to come to them. My house was small but with a huge backyard. Which was great because everyone in my family spends most of their time outside in the back fighting each other. But it wasn't "argue" fighting, but it was physical fighting. All of my family members had to know how to fight. Which was any type of martial arts from Japanese Karate Style to street fighting. They also had to know how to wield a sword or any type of weapon, mostly swords though.

Not only did the older kids have to do it but the little ones as well. At the age of 5 and 6 the lessons began. They were mostly shown how to defend themselves. Both with a sword and through martial arts. It all had to do with the family business. My parents haven't told me yet but I've been training long and hard until the day comes that they will soon tell me. Now the day has come when the reunion is over all of those who have proven themselves in their studies will get to know what it is.

I glanced around and saw everyone's face. My mother was holding my hand as she talked to my grandmother. She was smiling which was like spring again. She looked beautiful. When she smiled she looked very young. The bright colors she wore made her skin glow like the morning sun. The silk blue ribbon in her dark black hair made her even more noticeable. And her blue eyes were like the afternoon blue skies. As the summer sun touched her skin it seemed as the whole world stopped to look at her.

I looked out into the backyard and I saw two of my cousins sword fighting. I went closer to them as I let go of my mother's hand and watched intently. Both of them moved gracefully towards each other avoiding each other's blows. They were experts at this. With poise they both blocked and attacked. Their blades moved quickly through the air. They were moving so fast that they were unable to seen. With the speed they used the more to tire each other out. The battle was drawing to an end. One was bound to slip and make a mistake. And the other with a slick move finishes the fight.


Smoke suddenly filled the living room. Everyone looked to see what had happened. As the smoke cleared no one moved.

"Help! My daughter is…"


Everyone ran toward my aunt. Everything suddenly slowed down for me. As I looked at her, no one seemed to get any close to her. Unexpectedly a line was visible and soon blood was coming out from it. Gradually her head was moving out of its place. Abruptly my mother hugged me to obscure what I was about to see.

Thump! Thump!

Even though I didn't see it I heard it very well. I knew to well that it was my aunt's head and body that fell to the ground.

Everyone just stood were they were as if spellbound by what had happened. Soon the smoke cleared and in the middle of many dead corpses a man stand. By this time my mom turned around to see what was happening. He just stood there on top of all the sliced up and decapitated bodies of my relatives. The floor was red but not because it was red but because of all the blood spilled from the dead corpses on the floor.

The man in the middle had a broadsword in his right hand. The broadsword was covered in blood as he was. He wore a hooded jacket that covered his face and was stained with blood. The hood covered his eyes but revealed a horrible grin in his face. He raised his hand, which had blood on them and licked it off. No one could believe that it was this one man that killed all of my relatives, not even I believed this.

I was afraid, because I felt that something about him wasn't right.

Everyone started to take out their swords and weapons. It was only one man they could kill him easily. My father ran out towards him with his Toledo in hand. The other man swiftly jumped up and came face to face with my father, and in the blink of an eye he punched him in the chest with his left elbow. My father fell back and dropped his sword.


Before even the Toledo even hit the floor the other man cut right though my father's stomach.


I froze in place not wanting to believe what happen just happened. My father had no time to defend himself yet was cut in half. My mother slowly stood up as she saw her husband in the floor dead. She squeezed my hand hard as she let her tears flow like a river down her beautiful face. I've never seen my mother cry so I just looked away at the floor.

I didn't look up at all not even to see what else was happening. All I did was listen. Listen to the bodies being sliced and cut without mercy. Listen to all of the pain my relatives were going through. Listen to my mother cry. And listened as my heart beats more with the more I heard.

Abruptly I was then pulled and I suddenly started to run. I looked up to see my mother looking back to check if anyone was following us. Then turned to keep running.

"Honey don't try to kill this man if he kills me just do your best to get out of here. No matter what happens just leave, A…"


We came to an unexpected stop, my mother's hand slipped away from mines, and blood all of a sudden splashed in my face. I looked up to see my mother's back and the tip of a broadsword jutting out from her back. I looked more up to see the man in the hooded jacket. My mother must have seen him coming and knew that he was going to do this to, so she warned me before it happened. Placing his foot on my mother's stomach he pushed my mother's dead body out from his broadsword. Blood spayed all over me.


I moved just in time before my mother's dead body would fall on me. I looked at my mother as if hoping nothing happened to her, but who was I kidding. She was dead and I couldn't do anything to bring her back. I was covered in my mother's blood from face to feet. I couldn't hear or see anything else except for my mother's body. I felt like nothing mattered anymore.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I looked up to see the man in the face as if not afraid of what he was going to do to me. I looked at him with anger, with despair, and with disgust. And all he did was grin at me as if telling me I didn't do enough for them.

How could I have helped them!? I'm just a kid! I wanted to scream at him, but instead I kept quiet. Holding my tears back knowing he'd laugh, as he would kill me screaming for my life. But I wasn't about to scream, not now and not ever!

He came closer to me. Griping the hilt as he flexed his fingers readying himself to kill me. He was going to kill me to finish the job in finishing our family.

All of a sudden I remembered my mothers voice, 'No matter what happens just leave.'

How could I mom I'm sorry I couldn't leave. I just hope I can see you in the other world.

As he raised his broadsword I closed my eyes tight and just hoped.