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Chapter 10:


"Are you doing anything today?" drake asked for the hundredth time today.

I was beginning to wonder why Drake always came to me. Girls were now even madder at that fact. Now they actually have the audacity to get the things in my locker and place them in other places. I didn't really place anything important in my locker, except textbooks and a few of my favorite mangas and books. I rarely placed inside it my manga so it was a good thing that I didn't when this started.

The bad thing was that I had to find the textbooks before class started. The janitor gave me one of my textbooks as he saw someone take it out of my locker and throw it away in the trashcan. He told me that I shouldn't let others push me around and that I should tell a teacher.

I was guessing that the janitor was new, because he really didn't know me. I was the one that picked fights with almost everyone not the way around. After that I placed inside my locker spiders. Sure they made their nest inside but they still protected my textbooks. Girls in this school were more afraid of spiders than to be seen with their ugly faces without make-up.

"So… are you doing something today?" Drake said as he took me out of my reverie.

"Doesn't really matter, since I'm no one's piece of shit." I said to Drake as I just passed him with no intention in talking to him or anyone in this school.

"Hey you… your name is Alana right?" someone said as a group came from behind me.

"So what if I am. I have no business with you… or your little group of cowards." I said as I stopped and looked back to see every one of their faces.

I was already heading home. I wasn't in the mood to be bothered by some of the football teams idiots. They all spread out so as to show me they had far more numbers than I could ever handle.

"You- what the hell did you do to my brother?" the captain said as he pointed at me as if I was just caught doing something wrong.

"Tch! How the hell am I suppose to know! I'm not his baby sitter and I had no business with your little brother." I said as I started to walk away.

"You little bitch! What did you do to him? I heard the rumors about how you were the one doing all the killing. If- if you don't tell me were my little brother is I will make your life at this school a living hell!" he screamed to the top of his lungs.

I laughed loudly so as to shut him up and to get his attention. Once done I said, "do you really… honestly think my life in this school isn't already a living hell?" I said as I walked slower towards him and his 'little crowd'. "Well if I'm the devils daughter don't you think I would love a little more hell added onto my daily life."

He backed away as soon as I was close to him. I practically whispered the last part into his ear, causing him to shiver. He was beyond scared of me. I could care less about what they saw me as and what they wanted to do to me.

"Please- my little bro means the world to me… tell me were he is… please…" he was close to whispers now.

"If he's that important to you then you better find yourself something else to make your world 'whole' again!" I said in a tone filled with nothing but hate and disgust.

In this world there is no sure thing as family bonds. If family means so much then you are weak. Cutting the ties with family is something we all most do. And he was no exception. Weak people shall always stay weak. If family bond are still attached to you it is nothing but making you weak and bring you down.

"You little bitch!" someone said they ran towards with a bat in hand ready to hit me.

Before his eyes I disappeared. I reappear right behind him. I stood there until I leaned down to whisper in his ear. "Do you really think you can take on something you can't even see?" I saw him blush just before I flung him toward all the kids that have already surrounded them.

Humans are so weak. I do need to concern myself for those who can't protect themselves and those of which they wish to protect.

I walked home without having another pest of a human bother me. I made sure to have them know me as a heartless person. Aside from that they don't need to know who I really was. I wasn't looking for friends and I definitely wasn't looking for their pity.

I was in my room after a long shower and dressed in my usual black clothes I was taking out the last page for homework I was only minutes to finish before the bell rang and made me stop. I finished the last few problems, trying to finish it quickly.

I left my room and started walking around the house. This house had a dark feel to it. As if the house itself didn't want anyone living here. I had a feeling that this house was filled with so many secrets. I looked around the part of the house that I have not yet looked at. As I looked about the house I found a room locked. It had 20 or more lock on it.

This striked me as odd since I haven't seen it since I came here and because it had so many locks on it. I placed a hand on the door but even before I could use the shadows to see what was in there I heard someone's voice.

Child… please… he… hel…lp…me… they have caught me… the man who claims to… know you… isn't who you might think he is… he's a fake…

I placed a hand on as many locks I could get a hold of and sent some magic into them making them unlock. Just as I did that something came at.

Of course I knew this wasn't going to be easy.

The something was Raven. "I see you are trying to get into a room that is locked and bolted. You made a big mistake in unlocking some of those locks."

I did the same again resulting in the entire locks opening. "As I told you once I am in control of my own life. I never let anything control what I can control myself."

He came at me with a broadsword. I moved out of the way as his sword shattered the second floors floor. I could see the first floor now. I sent a shadow ball in his direction. He easily dodged it and laughed at me for missing. "Boy do you have a lot to learn, Alana. To bad you won't have any time to become better."

I laughed at this see that he had not realized the shadow ball wasn't meant to hit him. "And you just fell for the oldest trick in the book." I said as I pointed at the now shattered doorframe.

From inside something came out and attacked him at full force. All that I saw was a black blur. Then it came at me. As it pounced on me and I fell into a shadow window, along with whatever was on top of me.

Once out of the window I found myself in my house, at least what use to be before everything that happened to me. It was empty now, but the smell of blood was coming from everywhere. I clutch onto my stomach as I tried to keep myself from vomiting.

Where there once was nothing but darkness in my mind now was starting to clear. First I remembered entering the house only to find both people who used to take care of me died and sliced up. I saw my brothers hurt and were about to get killed.

Besides that I remembered Raven's face very clearly. He was the one trying to kill me. He killed my parents and he was after everyone in my real family.

"Do you remember who you are now?" I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. "I couldn't help but notice that you were with Raven when he attacked us."

"Syaoran, I don't really care what exactly you saw. If you just came here to tell me that you really do have too much time in your hands." I said without turning and started to walk around as I slowly let all my memories come back to me.

Instantaneously I felt someone hug me from behind. "Alana… I'm so happy that you are okay. After you left us we never stopped looking for you. I'm so happy that you are okay."

"Now that you have cut all bonds that keep you here it's time for you to start with a life of which you were abruptly taken out of." Syaoran said as I held onto the hand that was hugging me.

It was Angel that was hugging me. He smiled at me as I started at his face. I knew far too well that I had no other choice but to go with them if I really want to know more about my past. The memories that I had lost of the time when I was young I have no clues as to how to retrieve those memories, but I was going to try.

"Well why are we standing here… shouldn't we get going?" I said as I turned around to smile at everyone that was here.

With my memory returning and having to leave my other life behind I simply forgot what brought me here in the first place. Whatever that black blur was I had a feeling that it wasn't the last time I had seen it.

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