There are people out there who scoff at miracles, there are some that don't believe in them, who would rather give up hope than yearn for something beautiful, but they don't understand. Beaten down by life they are cripples, bruised beyond measure, and, not wanting the world to know, they've given up hope on a way out. But I don't think anyone can truly give up hope, everyone, deep in their hearts wants that change, wants that one thing that they think will make their lives perfect. And they hope for that in that secret corner of their hearts, where you want something so badly you can't even admit it, not even to yourself.

A hope can be the most complicated thing in the world, it is nothing and yet it is everything because sometimes the most important thing about miracles is simply believing they can happen. Miracles are the work of dreams, when fantasy becomes reality and changes your perspective. It's when everything for the first time in a long time, in forever, feels right. When one event, one word, can make you feel so full that you want to share that happiness with others and believe it will never run dry. Some people spend their whole lives waiting for that sign, waiting for that one moment when life is complete. That one word, conversation, event, that one day, will be their miracle, and from then on it will be easy. But they spend the time waiting unhappy, with themselves, with their lives, drudging through and missing the little miracles happening around them, the way their hair curls in the morning or the way the light shines through a stained glass window onto the floor of the church. And they miss them. The everyday miracles that we don't call miracles because they're not enough today, they are luck and they are coincidences, not miracles. A miracle has to be something big, something that changes our perspective! But it doesn't, not always..

Sometimes, its easier to give up hope that to believe in something big. It'll never happen, no matter how many times you wish upon that star, you drop that penny in the fountain, or watch the seeds of a dandelion riding on the breeze with your wish, it will never happen. And it never will because they will never appreciate a miracle as a miracle, to them it will be luck, it will be coincidence because they haven't hoped for it, they haven't dreamed the dream into eternity and back again. So they will miss it, just like they miss the little ones.

I believe there is someone out there who gives us miracles when we need it most, when the time is right for that trick of fate, when our faith in dreams can finally be rewarded. Now's the chance for a wish, every second that ticks by can be a dream, every thought, every word, every glance can be a desire, a hope, a prayer or it can be a miracle in itself. You have to spend your whole life hoping for a miracle to understand them. Hoping the cancer could go away makes you appreciate every little recovery, buying you time. Praying for that little baby, who will never know love from its abusive parents, makes you welcome every moment you get to show that child what love can be. You appreciate the little miracles by looking for the big ones. You can't have one without the other, it is what it is and always will be.

It gets hard, and sometimes you want to give up, but giving up is missing out and if you look in that moment of truth, there will be a miracle waiting for you, to help spur you on. If you keep praying, if you keep hoping, keep dreaming, keep wishing, then miracles will happen. They always do.