Chapter 1: First Meeting

Fawn was a beautiful woman with long white blond hair and blue green eyes that looked like the Mediterranean Sea. Her beauty rivaled the evening sunset, simply breath taking. She was not very tall but had long legs. Her skin was a milky white that resembled the moon against the dark slate sky. She loved to read designer magazines and wear clothes that were very stylish. When she would walk around the town, people would stop and stare at her, thinking she must have been famous for the way she looked. By nature she is a very dominant woman, taking charge the minute she walks into a room. She may seem to be cocky and arrogant by the way she walks and carries herself but she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She prides herself on the way she has made herself look. Running everyday, eating right, sleeping right, and not over working herself. She is every woman's dream to be and every man's wish to have.

She lived in a little house that sat in front of a sacred shrine. Her house was not too small but was always very quiet. One could drop a pin at one end and hear it drop at the other. Though she lived with her mother, brother, and grandfather, she hardly saw them. They were always off doing as they pleased at God knows where. Constantly traveling and never being home. She loved it, loved the fact she could do whatever she pleased. It was as though she was living on her own in her own little house that she got to run and take care of. The shrine in back of her house was a well that supposedly held special powers. It was said that a long time ago a priestess used to be able to jump between dimensions from feudal era to present by that well. She often dreamed about jumping down the well just to see what happens. If she had a death wish, she would plummet herself over the well just to see what happened. But she very much enjoys life and would never throw herself on purpose over the edge.

One spring afternoon she was using her old broom to sweep the grey cobblestones around the ancient well. She looked down into the dark void wondering what adventures await her on the other end. Her waist long hair slid from her back to surround her face making her hair surround her eyes like horse blinders. She paid no attention to the black crow watching her, with coal black eyes that laughed at her. Suddenly, the crow flew off of the nearby willow tree branch and surprised Fawn. She flailed, screamed and shook her hands. Startled not knowing what it was that flew at her, she stumbled back and did a back flip into the well. Her heart caught into her throat as she feared for sudden death. But to her surprise a flash of neon pink light engulfed her. She felt like she was a firework soaring threw the sky watching the other fireworks pop around her. When all of the chaos settled she was at the bottom of the well. Relieved that her feet were on the ground she started the climb back up to surface. She figured that she probably had just hit her head on the wall and saw stars, thus why she saw the funky light show. But as she reached the top of the well and not so gracefully plopped over the top and landed on her butt, she turned an even more pail white. She was more white then a spill of ice cold milk on a black granite counter top. She was not in her era any longer, but traveled back to the feudal era. She felt sick and could not believe her eyes. Fields of wide open plains, with beautiful, long grass; swayed in tune to the graceful wind. The air was clear and crisp; it tasted like flowers and honey suckle. The trees around her stood proud and lush with vegetation. What was she going to do now? She just sat there at the opening of the well dumb founded to her discovery. The sun was starting to play peek-a-boo behind the mountain and a lush gold settled over the ocean blue sky. As the day bid itself good night, what will she do for fire and shelter? How is she going to eat? All she can do it grin and bare it.

She stood up, dusted off her clothes which she was glad she was wearing now. A tight fitting navy blue sweat shirt, white lace tank top underneath poking out under the sweat shirt, faded tight fitted low cut jeans, and boots with fur around the tops with her jeans tucked in them. This was one of her warmer outfits and as the breeze nipped at her cheeks, she was glad she wore them. She trudged through the thick forest trying not to draw attention to herself. If she remembered the story correctly then she could be in grave danger, for demons lived in forests like this one. She carefully begins her trip to find a local village, which she hopes is nearby. The air in the forest is thick and there is a fog that sweeps by her feet as she ascends deeper into the misty forest. The fog is like shackles on her ankles and the thickness of it fills her lungs like smoke. Making her body feel like it has to use every bit of energy to walk and breathe at the same time. Hours are rolling by and it is as if she has been walking in circles. Everything is the same. The trees stand there laughing at her, swaying as they belly laugh at every wrong step she takes. There are no animals around her, shouldn't there be a bird or two in a forest like this one? Unless they know something she doesn't, like the danger she has just walked into.

She has been walking for hours and there is no light at the end of this colossal forest. But she comes to a clearing. Short bright green grass blankets her shoes and feels like she's walking on down pillows. There is a crystal blue hot spring in front of her. The steam rising from the hot bubbling water, reminded her of a pot ready for noodles. It called to her and her body could not resist the soothing water that was before her. She looked around and not hearing anything or seeing anything, she removed her clothing and placed it in a neat little pile on top of a large rock next to the spring. She touched the soothing water with her slender fingers and comfortable with the temperature, she slowly slid herself in. Immediately her muscles relaxed and the pain in her feet instantly evaporated and she felt like she was walking on air. She floated in the water and just relaxed, what a wonderful oasis that hides buried in this thick grove of trees. She looked up into the night sky and there staring back at her was the full moon. So white that it was almost a light tint of blue. She couldn't take her eyes off it, she felt so relaxed and the scenery was so beautiful she didn't pay any attention to the footsteps approaching the spring.

There he sat amongst the thick brush, hiding him from being seen. He was a jet black wolf with fur darker then the black hole of a well. He had ice blue eyes that looked like they could see into your soul. His nose uncontrollably twitched and he sucked in her sweet scent; it was everywhere, suffocating him. The steam from the hot spring dispersed her scent through the dense forest and he caught it from over five miles away. There he sat, camouflaged in the dark brush, panting at the sight before him, trying to get control over his feral instincts as he watched her. She was running her long slender fingers through her long blond hair. He watched the steam flow up around her cream white skin. Water dripped from her eye lashes like she was crying diamond and all he could think of was that this woman must be his. Though he knew that the full moon enhanced his want for her, he knew she was different. She looked like a human but he could sense she was more dominant and stronger than any human he had ever come across. She was already submerged when he found her but as she rose to dry off and put her clothes back on, he saw her. All of her and her body was unlike any he has ever seen. So thin that he could see her ribs playing peek a boo under her tight body glove. But she had ample breasts, large and full. Her hips were curved and her hip bones prominent and sloped down to her private skin. Not an ounce of hair on her except for her head. She was his ideal woman and if he let her get away now he would never be able to live with himself. This is the woman he sees in his dreams at night, the one he had wished to the Gods to bring him. It was that moment when he lost control of his feral wolf inside of him and he launched forward.