Chapter 4: Bartok

Bartok scurried as fast as his long muscular legs could take him away from his leader's den, tail wrapped tightly around him in submission. He knew the Gods must be smiling down on him today because he thought he was sure to be killed. He knew when his leader was frustrated that everyone should beware of him, fore he was like a bear demon wreaking havoc in a children's school, needless to say, not good. As Bartok finally reached the community den, where all the Western Tribe gathered he began to relax. He took in the sights of the ancient den as he made his way across it.

For centuries this den has stood, a colossal den in the heart of the Western Mountains. The Western Wolf Demon Tribe has been the number one demon tribe for centuries. Everything cowers to a wolf demon especially the Westerns. They are notorious for being short tempered but unprovoked are usually pretty nice demons. They have two rules that are of the up most importance and could cause death if not followed, do not trespass in their territory, and do not mess with one's intended/mate. The den that they reside in has grown much larger than it originally was; constantly being built upon, as new cubs are being born each year. It is nestled amongst the steep daggered rocks and next to a giant seven tear water fall. The harsh whoosh of the water is a great tool to hush the cubs to sleep at night. The water fall starts at the top of the den and works its way to the bottom, so one can tell how big the opening to this den is. On the opposite side of the water fall is a dense forest. The trees are so old that they tower above the skies from all the years of growing. Once one enters, there is no more light, only a canopy of green above you can be seen. The forest is so vast that one can walk for weeks and never find a village. All of the Western Mountains are considered Western Wolf Tribe territory and if one puts so much as a foot in without prior acknowledging the wolves, they'll be in grave danger.

Bartok strode through the community den he was passing through. He was on a mission to get as far away from his leader as possible. He went across the vast Community Den to a large opening in the wall with a pelt over it. He pulled open the pelt and saunter through the maze inside the rocks. His footsteps echoed through the passage, all you could hear was the trickling of water on the cave rocks and heavy stomps, like little earthquakes making their way through the uneven passage. Finally after a few minutes of walking he was faced with another pelt door. He flung it over him and stormed in glad to finally be back in his den. His den is by far, more plain than his leaders but is one of the nicer dens in the cave. He had a sitting room which was covered in miscellaneous demon and animal pelts littering the ground with many lit candles around for lighting. Off of the sitting room to the right was a moderate sized room that looked to be a kitchen. It had running water for a sink, a cabinet full of dishes, a stone oven/stove, an ice box and a little two person table in the middle. In another room off of the sitting room, was a washroom with a spacious bath and a vanity made of marble with a large ornate mirror on top. Through this room was his bedroom, which was dimly lit and had many grey pelts lining the floor. He had a couch in front of a large burning fire place and had an exceptionally soft furry pelt in front of the couch. And his bed was across from the fireplace and was very large and round. He too had some white and blue silks covering his bed, as well as fluffy pelts that seemed to be from very large rabbits.

He took a seat on his couch in front of the fire and took in a nice soothing breath. He snuggled into the back of the couch and stretched his long muscular legs out in front of himself towards the fire. The fire was crackling and releasing little red ambers through the air. The heat licked his skin and warmed his fur and it was a peaceful feeling compared to the utter fear he was previously feeling. This moment he allowed his mind to wander and wander it did. He imagined his leader's woman in front of him, long flowing hair around her face and the most breathtaking eyes he had ever seen. He could not help himself for he was not only a man but wolf as well and his feral wolf has needs and desires not even he can resist.

And with a heavy sigh he slowly unties his pelvic pelt and takes hold of his already stiffening member. He can imagine her looking into his dark brown eyes seductively as if she is the tempting fruit that will send him to hell. And slowly but skillfully takes her moist tongue and slides it from the base of his jewels to the head of his member. He imagines that it was he she was servicing and not his leader, it was he who now owned her and made her do as he pleased. His hand quickens its pace on his shaft, he applies more pressure and quickly glides up and down as his brow starts to moisten with sweat. She has all of him inside of her mouth now and is sucking harder than ever, he can feel she is trying to milk him and he tells her to quicken her pace. He starts to moan and buck underneath her hot sweet mouth. He can feel his member twitch with its coming release and he lets out a feral growl as he empties himself into her mouth, but actually onto the floor in front of him. Slowly his beautiful cream colored wolf fades away back into his memory to come forth when his is in need of her again. With a heavy sigh, he wraps himself back up and readies himself to take a quick nap to rejuvenate himself for the festivities that a sure to come from the meeting between the two leaders. He had almost forgotten that his leader was to be meeting with the new leader of the Northern Wolf Demon Tribe today. He shook his head as he thought of his cream wolf again and what she had done to him. If she did that to him he can't imagine what she will do to the other males. He thought himself one of the most loyal and strong willed of all of his wolves; let one can see what she did to him. His leader must be particularly careful with her, fore he would not want to see her snatched away.