The stars twinkled against the ebony black of the night sky. The moon illuminated all in its path with its radiance and beauty.

Everything was at peace, serene. No one dared to disturbed the picturesque beauty and the comely silence of the uninhabited realm.

No one that is, except her.

Her cheeks were alabaster in the pearlescent moonlight. Her hair was as black as the night itself.

Softly, she took a step towards the cliff that overlooked the massive ocean. The soft grass tickled her bare feet.

If anyone could have beheld this sight, it would be etched in their memory forever. But no one was here on this lonely night.

Only the shadows of the animals that lurked in the darkness witnessed her presence.

Time let her heal the her wounds but another encounter has reopened them once again. It hurt too much.

She was tired, too tired to continue on.

Maybe, she would be able to break free from the chains that bind.

She looked at the deep blue waters. It looked so inviting. She took a step forward.

Her eyes were blank as the tears streamed down her cheeks. She looked so much like a broken and forgotten doll that it would would have brought tears to the eyes.

No one cared about hr. She had been forsaken by the ones she loved and trusted.

She could end it all now and be at peace. But would they care?

The soft grass gave way to hard rocks. Her bare feet bled but she took notice.

The moon enticed her forward.

"I'm going home......," she whispered.


not another sound was heard as she plunged herself into the cool waters.

She was happy; she was free.

She was finally free.

The first rays of the day came out of hiding, it was dawn. The time of day when everything begins and starts anew.