"Move!" she shouted as she ran through the subway. Pushing through all of the compressed bodies she made her way towards the local hospital. Some of the people would stay out of her way, not because of the fire that could be seen in her eyes or the determination in her steps, but the fact that she was dressed in 'rags'. This was a rich person's world. Filthy people were like diseases, if you touched one you would get their disease. Using this to her advantage she started to move more rapidly towards her destination.

She pushed passed a man in a uniform, and in her rush knocked him over.

"Hey! Where's your ticket!" he called after her, but she was in to much of a hurry to stop now. "Hey! Come back!"

Making it to the front doors she slammed them open and ran up the stairs, ignoring the disgusted looks she was getting from the receptionist and having no patience to wait for the lift.

144, 143,142,141… there it was room 140; hesitantly she placed her 'dirty' hand upon the door and pushed. It wouldn't open, she tried pulling it. It wouldn't budge. The door to the most important room in the hospital was locked. She looked around seeing if any one was around no one was in the hallway. She stuffed her hand in to the pocket of her jeans and began digging around. After a moment she pulled her hand out of her pocket along with a paper clip. Standing up and hunching over the lock she looked around once more before stuffing the clip into the lock. After a minute there was a slight click and the door swung open.

At a snail's pace, she took step by step into the room. There were beeping sounds and quiet breathing through out the room. Making her way over to a bed she looked at the clip board;

Georgia Feting

Age: 36

Damage: in a coma and has internal bleeding. She will die in two days if a cure is not found.

A tear fell on to the clip board; unaware of her actions the girl felt her eyes they were wet from the fresh tears forming in her eyes. She looked over at the bed next to the unconscious women. It was a man and he was staring at the women. She looked at his clip board;

John Feting

Age: 38

Damage: severe blood loss and internal bleeding. No Hope.

She re-read the last words. No Hope, No Hope. They just kept stabbing at her frail, dispirited heart and nothing could stop the water fall that fell from her eyes.

"Darling," At the sound of the male voice, the girl's head shot up.

The voice was dry and cracked on words but it was defiantly a male's voice.

"Ye-Yes" she hiccupped.

"You must take up their offer. Or you will perish like me and Georgia." He said. Even though he was struggling to get his words out of his swollen, carved lips, there was still a hint of finality in his voice. The girl had no choice but to follow his orders.

"Yes s-sir." She said her head tilted down, the patterns in the carpet at her feet suddenly got awfully interesting.

"I don't want any… anything to happen to you, Evelyn… do what ever they say." He took in deep haggard breaths and after his last words he laid his head on his pillow, closed his eyes and became still. His hand slipped from hers and with a light thud hit the edge of the bed.

"Yes father." Evelyn said, tears welling up in her eyes.

She heard noises on the other side of the door and they sounded as if they were getting closer. She looked around the room for a place to hid but there was nothing, nothing but the two beds that now held the deceased.

"She better be in here!" Evelyn recognised the voice as the man from the train station. Panicking now she made her way towards the window on the far side of the room.

Climbing on to the ledge she looked down at the fall she would have to take.

There was a tent underneath her that would catch her when she fell.

From behind her she heard the door burst open with a loud bang!

She spun around almost falling out the window in the process.

"Get her!" the officer shouted.

With out a seconds thought she jumped out the window.

Evelyn fell, the wind whipping her body. Underneath her the tent got closer and closer. Unlike in the movies where they land on the top of tents gracefully and then slide off, Evelyn fell straight through and twisted her wrist. She clambered up and started running towards her home. She had to ignore the pain or if they catch up to her she will be in more pain then she can ever imagine.

She heard foot steps catching up to her so she turned in to a side path that was nearly invisible. When she was a safe distance away from the edge of the ally she turned and saw the officer run past. Evelyn let out a sigh of relief and kept running to the other end.

"Where do you think your going" said a cool stony voice.

Evelyn froze. She never thought she would hear that voice again.

She could sense some one behind her but she was to slow to stop them from obstructing her vision. She tried to scream but they shoved cloth into her mouth and then taped it in place.

Evelyn felt herself being shoved into a car and then heard the soft purr of the engine. The blindfold was ripped off her head, but she couldn't show weakness in front of them. No she had to be strong.

She was sitting in between two men in black suits; they were staring forward as if some sort entertainment was happening in front of them.

Evelyn lent forward, when her head passed the front seats she was staring into a pair of very familiar, very dangerous, eyes.

Without hesitation Evelyn said, "I accept the offer."

"Good." The man sneered.

And everything went black.