In the past, a man once

spent a week, at sea

casting a net into the cold dark water

retrieving his bounty hand over fist

setting the sails and navigating home

where he returned to his wife

briefly, then went back out to sea

A short time later, a thousand miles away

a different man finishes his tea

and finds his son, who has gathered the goats

stops to remove a rock from his shoe

slowly tilts his head zionward, and feels

both the warm sun and the cool breeze on his face

said farewell, and walked towards the village

Now, in the distant present, here

sits a third person, still foggy from slumber

concerned about the pixels in the vectors

skips the next track, pours another cup of coffee

idly ponders the mathematics problems

that he is required to do today

and silently curses the speed of time