Sometimes I just want to give up

Give in to the live in truck

The mental flash of pictures

Take away my hope

To the bat cave

To the spider web

To anything...I'm desperate

I want to....have to get away from here

Into the clean open air

Where thoughts can bloom

And take a stand in my mind

Growing roots deep enough to burn

The thoughts that have trapped me in this head

Words I wish that I had said

Come back to haunt me in this dead

of night

Visions of you blur my view

Oh I wish you could of knew

The magical effect you have

When I'm around you

'Beautiful...your beautiful' you whisper

Seducing me into your cave

Only to eat me whole

What happened to promises of good

Hopeful kisses and harmless hands

Roam about this forbidden land

And take head to the sea

and off into the land

I call my soul....oh I was a fool

Loveless I'm loveless

And that is a fact