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Alchemist's Creed: Part One

Chapter One: The Promise of Eternity


The rain fell from the heavens in a torn rage. Every rain drop was like a shard of glass to any moving object; it pierced the skin so sharply it felt like it. And two teenagers were running through all of this. They had their backpacks with them, now completely drenched with the possibility of everything inside of it also being drenched. Their feet clattered against the pavement, trying to run faster and go home after the school day. It was a Thursday afternoon, even if it didn't seem like it. The dark rain clouds shrouded the sunlight, so darkness overcame the land.

"How could we miss the bus?!" One of the teenagers yelled over the storm, "They left earlier than usual!" The teenage girl's usual light and long brown hair was now drenched completely turning her hair to dark brown. Her bangs were longer than usual, and now covering her hazel eyes.

"Well, maybe if you actually tried going to the bus instead of talking to everyone maybe we would have made it!" The other teenager screamed back. His dark brown hair was pretty much the same color, except it was dripping wet. His hair didn't go past his eyebrows, showing his brown eyes clearly.

"What?! I wasn't the only one talking! You were also, Kazuki!" The girl yelled back trying to argue.

"No way, Haruka, I was trying to get to the bus!" Kazuki yelled back trying to defend himself. "And besides, either way we're running through this storm."

Haruka looked over at Kazuki in defeat. He was right, there was no point in arguing if they're still running through the storm,. They're still stuck in the middle of it, "Fine…" She grumbled knowing that she was defeated.

Kazuki looked back for a mere second to see that Haruka didn't feel like talking anymore. She just wanted to get home and sit down in a warm house. He knew it, they've been friends since 6th grade, and now it was their freshman year in high school. It turned out that they lived about five minutes from each other by foot, and over the summer they hung out a lot. Kazuki started looking forward again, shaking his mind off of the past.

Then he heard a crackle of thunder and a shot of lightning and he was so shocked he stopped right in front of Haruka. Haruka didn't react in time, and toppled onto him. There was a grunt from Kazuki as Haruka plowed into him and she fell on top of him. They sat there a second surprised and then a nightmare occurred. The school bus that they had missed passed by them, and all of the teenagers were pointing and laughing at them. Even the bus driver was laughing, and after five seconds of complete torture the bus finally passed.

The two sat there a second with an annoyed look on their faces and then Haruka jumped off of Kazuki and pointed a finger at him, "Why the hell did you stop in front of me?!"

"Sorry, the thunder startled me." Kazuki said getting up knowing there was no possible way of getting out of this. He grabbed his backpack that had also fallen off, "Maybe if you just had good reflexes…" He mumbled under his breath.

Haruka stood there a second trying to process what he had just said and then she finally reacted, "What?! What does that mean?"

"Nothing, let's just get into this store until the storm passes." Kazuki said smiling as he knew that he had once again won over Haruka. He grinned at her as she stood there with an even more annoyed look across her face.

"You'll pay for this…" Haruka mumbled and then followed unwillingly. The two decided to stay in a store until the storm finally passes or until it would get lighter. The store they had chosen they had never seen, it was called The Alchemy.

The two friends walked in curiously, they have never seen or even heard of the store until now. Kazuki pushed open the glass door and a bell echoed through the store, which made in even creepier. It was odious, completely black, and all the two could see was shadowy tables with junk on them and then an empty center.

"Can we go in now? I would rather be in here than outside." Haruka said to Kazuki who wasn't moving at all.

"Yeah," Kazuki answered back getting out of his trance. The darkness was so menacing and malevolent that he was afraid to go in until Haruka talked. The two walked into the creepy store closely, Haruka was no more than an inch besides Kazuki. Both of them were scared, since the inside and outside were both completely dark and scary.

"I've never even seen this store before." Haruka said going a different way than Kazuki now in wonder. She went to a row of tables that were actually organized, showing jewelry, medals, and other trinkets. She was staring at them, like she was "attracted" to them. There was something about this store that made it that way.

"Yeah, I know. I've never even heard of it." Kazuki replied also in wonder. He trailed off to another table looking at old knives, swords, and ninja weapons. He wondered what this store sold exactly. There was such a wide variety of objects, from weapons to books. It was so mesmerizing that Kazuki couldn't stop staring. It was as if the store had called out to them.

"Hey Kazuki, come over here!" Haruka called over from the other side of the store. He shook his head trying to clear it; he was in a trance with the objects. He looked over to see the figure of his best friend on the opposite side of the store; she was leaned over a table looking at something. Kazuki walked over when he felt something behind him; he looked back quickly to see that the drape near the window had fluttered; As if something had went past it causing a gust of wind. He shook off the feeling of uneasiness and continued forward.

Haruka was holding an object as Kazuki walked over, "What is it?" He asked looking over her shoulder. He saw two metal objects, in an octagon shape with a series of designs running across them. They weren't painted on either, they were engraved onto. The designs were black and there was also what seemed like an ancient writing around the edges. It completely caught Kazuki's attention, and also Haruka's.

"Aren't these cool, let's take these with us before someone finds us," Haruka suggested to Kazuki's agreement. There was no one around to their happiness, and they could just walk out without anyone noticing. That is even if someone lived there, which is true. As both of them agreed to they didn't notice the dark figure behind them creeping up on them.

"That would be stealing, and besides I need the money!" The figure exclaimed behind the two teenagers who were completely startled. Haruka dropped the two metal objects and Kazuki jumped. They slowly turned around to see a man talking to them. They were so startled, that they couldn't find any words to say. The man started to reach downwards towards Haruka as he grabbed the two metal objects in his hands and grasped them firmly. "So, how about ten dollars each?" He said holding up the two metal objects that seemed in a way like badges. Kazuki and Haruka looked at him and saw him have black, shaggy hair and the resemblance of a goatee. He had on a kimono for some reason; it was completely black except for the white belt that went across at his hip.

"Who the hell are you?" Kazuki managed out from his fear. A lightning streak whipped outside and they could see the reflection from the two metal badges.

"I'm the owner of this store, Akashi Torisho," The man said smiling. There was something about him that striked Kazuki, like he had known him before. "So, do you want to buy these or are they mine?" He said waving the two badges in the air teasingly. Haruka and Kazuki's eyes widened as they searched for money in their pockets. Haruka brought out her wallet and Kazuki fished out a bunch of coins. Akashi's face suddenly turned to complete annoyance and disgrace.

"Uh…" Haruka began as she found some money, "How about five dollars?" She asked holding up a five dollar bill and grinning nervously.

"And how about 3 dollars and 69 cents?" Kazuki said nervously laughing as he held out in his hands a bunch of old coins. They looked up to Akashi to see his face in complete annoyance.

"This is pitiful…" He murmured to the two teen's dismay. They were holding out not even half of what he had wanted and he needed money desperately.

"Hey, you said you needed money, so do we!" Haruka exclaimed back crushing her five dollar bill as she turned her hands into fists. Kazuki nodded in agreement.

"At least I work for a living!" Akashi replied back purely irritated. He grabbed the money from their hands swiftly and then replaced them with the two metal badges that were glistening as the lightning screeched outside. "And here's your damn badges. You guys owe me one for letting you go this one time. But if you ever come back here, it's going to be what you want plus what you owe me got it?" Akashi said clearly wanting them to work their debt off.

The two teenagers were dazzling at their new found glory; the two objects were so fascinating that they just stared at them for awhile. They started for the door as they put their new possessions into their wet pockets, "Yeah whatever." Haruka said happily as she walked out. Akashi was still standing where the table was when he heard from Kazuki, "See you later, old man."

His eyes grew irritated as he yelled back to the door slamming shut, "I'm only twenty six you brats!" The door was already shut as he heard the constant pace of running footsteps leave his door. Another thunder crackled as lightning roared back in the distance, and a light struck the store for a short instance.

Akashi sighed as he leaned against the table where the two badges were once placed. He rubbed the back of his head as he said, "So, two more chosen ones were found." He heaved another heavy sigh as he pushed up against the table and started walking towards the back of the store, "The war is getting closer than I had anticipated," He murmured as he went past a desk with what seemed like a cashier and then through a curtain clearly showing another room beyond it, "but why do I always get the nut jobs?"


Haruka had made it home without getting struck by lightning as did Kazuki. They had said their good-byes and then got into their houses. Haruka had fallen asleep reading a book, Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers, and now her hand was hanging off of the bed with the book barely holding on. Her light brown hair was brushed and dry and her bangs were covering her jade eyes as she continued sleeping. The covers were over her, warming her comfortably. There was a small reading lamp still ablaze, and the metal badge was placed next to her glass of water.

All of a sudden, the badge started to twitch. It didn't awaken Haruka, she was too into her sleep. Then it twitched again and started to glow unexpectedly. The black ancient writing started to detach itself from the badge and scatter across the room quietly, and then the badge suddenly jumped from the night stand to Haruka's wrist where she was grasping the book. It still didn't wake her up surprisingly, and then the badge wrapped itself around Haruka's wrist into a grey wristband, and then the ancient writing submerged with the wristband, and then everything was quiet.


"Haruka Ichitaka!" The teacher screamed across the field. It was a Friday afternoon, and Haruka and Kazuki were stuck in gym class. The female gym teacher was seriously into exercise and had decided the two classes to run around the track for a half 'n hour until they either finished or died on the track.

Haruka stopped and walked over unwillingly. She had on her dorky gym uniform, bright red shorts with an even brighter yellow top that could have been seen from space. Her long, brown hair was tied back into a ponytail and sweat was dripping down her arms and legs. Her head was down, knowing she was in trouble for something. "Yes…"

"What is that?!" The gym teacher exclaimed and then pointed down to Haruka's wrist. Haruka looked down in surprise and saw the wristband that had surprised her that morning.

"A…wristband?" Haruka said surprised and unsure of her. It's not like it was hard to see, it was obvious that it was a wristband.

"Do you know the gym rules I had stated just five months ago? I said clearly that no jewelry is allowed to be worn during gym class, so either you take it off or I deduct five points from your grade." She said holding up her grade book with a pencil trying to intimidate Haruka. It didn't work; Haruka just looked at her annoyed.

"She always tries to be tough and cool…but now she's just a dork…" Haruka thought miserably in her head.

"I can't take it off, so just take five points from my grade." Haruka said turning around to go back running. She absolutely hated the gym teacher, and she would rather be running than standing no less than twenty feet near her. "It is just gym…" Haruka mumbled under her breath as she started to jog away.

"What did you say young lady?!" The gym teacher exclaimed surprised. She perked up her chin to see that Haruka was completely ignoring her as she started to run off, and she mumbled under her breath about stupid kids. Then she walked away completely furious and jotting down notes into her grade book.

Haruka caught up with the rest of the class as she saw Kazuki in view. She ran over next to him, and heard him huffing. They have been running for twenty minutes straight. "So, what was that all about?" Kazuki asked trying to start a conversation trying to get his mind off of running.

"Stupid Mrs. Yourika wanted me to take off my wristband," Haruka explained looking down at it, "But I can't take it off…" She said trying to pull it off ferociously, but it didn't even budge. It was as if it was laughing at her and torturing her from how weak she was. "And it's annoying the hell out of me!" She exclaimed flicking her wrist aimlessly trying to throw it off. Nothing worked though; it just stuck there like glue.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Kazuki said irritated as he looked down at his wristband that had attached to him. It was exactly like Haruka's except that it was attached to his left wrist and the ancient writing was completely different. It said something else, and neither Haruka nor Kazuki could read it. "I'm trying not to grab it or try to rip it off like I did this morning…which didn't work at all…" Kazuki said recalling what had happened this morning…

"What the hell?!" Kazuki exclaimed as he saw that the badge had disappeared and now was attached to his wrist. He fell out of his bed in his pajamas from the shock and a drop of sweat trickled down his face. "How did that get on me? And why won't it come off?!" Kazuki screamed as he tried at throwing it off, but nothing worked. It stayed attached no matter how hard he tried.

"Yeah..." Kazuki said sighing as he kept on running alongside Haruka who was still trying to rip off the wristband. Then, they heard paces behind them and then two arms wrapped around their necks surprisingly and clunked their heads together. Both of them stopped running and fell to the ground together. Haruka fell first and then Kazuki followed, their backs together and their expressions completely dead.

"Hello Haruka and Kazuki!!!" A boy yelled in their ears. Kazuki and Haruka looked at the boy wearily, their heads had just suffered from banging into each other's, and they were just getting their senses focused. He was smiling in the bright sun, and his eyes reflected pure clumsiness. "Hey, this is just like the scene from yesterday on the bus!! That was hilarious!!! You two on top of each other in the middle of the rain!!"

Kazuki regained his senses first and jumped up viciously, "Shut up Shiki!" His eyes showed pure rage and his right hand curled up into a shaking fist.

"Okay, just don't kill me alright?" Shiki said holding his hands up to defend himself. He had blonde hair along with bangs that covered some of the right side of his face. His bright blue eyes reflected in the sun's rays and Kazuki's anger, which represented how energetic he was. He was a faithful friend of Kazuki and Haruka, but sometimes annoyed them…a lot.

"No! You're the one that told the whole school about our mishap you dirty little!-" Haruka began jumping up from finally regaining her sense of surroundings and realizing what had just happened. She was about to attack Shiki purely when Kazuki came from behind holding her arms and screaming at her to calm down. She agreed with a annoyed, "Fine." Then the three continued running knowing that the teachers were near.

"So, I heard that you two got detentions for being tardy too many times." Shiki said looking at the two curiously.

"Oh yeah, we were tardy for three times and now we got detentions after school today…which completely suck." Kazuki replied clearly not wanting to go.

"Yeah, and you're stuck with Mr. Shuchiro." Shiki answered grinning.


Mr. Shuchiro was basically a fat, old, and grumpy man with no meaning to life. He had no wife or children, and his family was terrified of him for legit reasons. He was terrifying. He was plump, but had the muscles to make up for it. He had sharp, square glasses magnifying his darting black eyes, and he had a receding hair line that was turning completely gray. Unfortunately, he was the assistant principal, and he meant what his actions told.

"Hello you slackers!" Mr. Shuchiro yelled across the room. Besides Haruka and Kazuki sitting down besides one another, only three other teenagers were there. The one with black hair had his feet on his desk and was leaning back. The other one with long and blonde shaggy hair was sleeping on another desk. The last one sat in front of them, and he was so huge you could only see the top of Mr. Shuchiro's balding head.

"Now what twits do we have today?" He muttered to himself as he checked the attendance list, "Let's see the usual Ichijo Sansachi," He said looking over at the teenager with black hair and his feet on his desk. He was in trouble a lot, mostly for lack of respect for the teachers. Everyone knows that he lived by himself; his parents were dead for some unknown reason. He looked over and sighed. Nothing knew to him. "Then we have Yuri Hanubusa and then Haru Rikoto."

Then an evil smile terrified Haruka and Kazuki as he looked over towards them, "Then we have two new brats, Haruka Ichitaka and Kazuki Rukati," Mr. Shuchiro said smiling to himself. He hated them for always making fun of him, so now it was his time to get revenge on them, and the two new it as they sunk their heads trying to evade his glare. "So, I finally got you…" He said as his teeth showed even more in a sly grin etched across his face. The two friends shivered with fear as he started to walk towards them.

"We are so dead…" Haruka whispered to Kazuki who nodded in complete horror. They looked as Mr. Shuchiro neared them only to see him stop in his tracks. The two looked at him curiously as his footsteps stopped coming, and then they saw that he wasn't moving at all. He was just standing there looking at the two.

"What's going on?" Kazuki asked the shocked Haruka who only shrugged. They looked at Mr. Shuchiro to make sure they weren't seeing things, and he was still standing in the same place in the same position. Even his eyes had not blinked. Kazuki looked over to the clock on the left wall of the room and saw that the second hand had stopped moving as well. "It's like…" Kazuki began.

"Time froze." Haruka finished for him as she looked over to Ichijo whose feet were still propped onto the table and not moving at all. Haruka and Kazuki slowly got up from their seats and started to walk over to Mr. Shuchiro. Then a sudden gust of wind reached the room and the two best friends placed their arms over their faces. The wind was sharper and more lethal than usual, and they couldn't keep their instincts from getting the best of them. "What's going on?!" Haruka asked Kazuki screaming over the gust of wind.

"I don't know!" Kazuki screamed back just as clueless. Then the wind died down slowly and silence reached the room. Both teenagers lowered their arms and their eye's widened as a mysterious figure reached the room. There was a man, standing in front of Mr. Shuchiro with a long black cloak on. The cap of the cloak was down that showed his darkened face. He had ruby eyes that twinkled in the darkness, and his short and spiky silver hair showed his wisdom. He didn't look any older than thirty, forty being the oldest.

"Who are you?" Kazuki asked getting to his senses.

"What a direct question," The man said chuckling to himself while the two teenagers looked at him with fear and shock, "My name is Eden and I am here to inform you of the grave danger you two have just gotten yourself into."

"What are you talking about?!" Haruka yelled at Eden. She had no idea what was going on, and she didn't want to believe it.

"I'm talking about your badges you got yesterday from that man named Akashi." Eden replied calmly pointing to the two wristbands on each of their wrists. Haruka and Kazuki looked down in shock, how had he known that? "Those aren't normal badges or wristbands, they are called Alchemy, and only the chosen ones are allowed access to their immense power."

"Immense power?" Kazuki questioned curiously.

"Yes, you see many centuries ago Alchemy was the one thing every greedy man wanted. It was the power of unimaginable measures, and a secret organization hidden from the world discovered how to create it. That is what is connected to your spirit right now, and only the chosen ones are allowed access to gain that power." Eden explained clearing up things on a small scale.

"Wait, why should we trust you?" Haruka asked seething.

"Because I witnessed the creation of the Alchemy." Eden answered suddenly growing grim. "There are only sixteen stones in existence, and you two now have two of them. You have chosen your destiny, and now must go down its path." The man said as another great gust of wind appeared and clouded the whole room. "You two must fight to defend the world from evil as Alchemists."

"Wait, what evil and what do you mean by Alchemists?!" Kazuki yelled over the wind as he covered his head again with his arms.

"You will learn soon enough." Eden said showing that he was going to depart, "We will meet again, I promise you that." Then an even greater force of wind attacked the two teenagers as they embraced themselves, and then complete silence emerged from the room. They looked up from their coverage and saw that Eden was gone and Mr. Shuchiro was moving once again as if nothing had happened.

"What are you two doing?" Mr. Shuchiro asked as if nothing has happened. Haruka and Kazuki blinked for one second and then suddenly realized that they were standing up in the middle of the room. The two quickly sat down at their desks quietly and murmured nothing. "Great, now I have two more retards to deal with…" He said turning back towards the desk not recalling anything.

Kazuki looked over at Haruka with questioning eyes and an open mind, "What was Eden all about?"

Haruka looked down with a stern face, "I don't know," She said quietly, "But after what just happened now and my dream…" She looked over at Kazuki with a serious and desperate face, "I believe him, and all we can do is go over to Akashi right after this."

"Yeah, I agree…" Kazuki replied resting his chin on his left hand and looking bored at the assistant principal as a lecture began.

What Haruka and Kazuki didn't notice is Ichijo looking over towards them wearily and that his eyes met Kazuki's left hand. The Alchemy stone was reflecting from the ceiling lights and Ichijo looked at it with surprise. His eyes widened as he murmered, "Alchemy…"


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