A single shard of what used to be,

A single shard of you and me.

All that remains is just one shard,

Why does this have to be so hard?

There is no way I can move on

When I know he's never gone.

"Goodbye, my love," he said to me,

I cried to myself so quietly.

And now I see him once more, so I frown,

I should have known he'd let me down.

A single shard of what was true,

A single shard of me and you.

He let me go, left me to leave,

Never again will he say he loves me.

For this love is lost,

And it can't be returned for any cost.

A single shard of what used to be,

Nevermore is there you and me.


a/n: A followup to "A Single Shard". I wrote that two and a half years ago, the night my boyfriend (now ex) first kissed me. This is what I wrote today, thinking about how I'll never be totally over him because I lost a best friend through this whole ordeal, and I can never forgive myself for that.